Crytek Outs Secret Military Studio

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This will just make me appreciate their games more.

Americas Army is pretty awesome, if you have not played it, btw.

How exactly is this really that surprising to anyone? Simulation software is just a much more refined, specified version of a standard game, with the addition that it's a hell of a lot more boring than games. It's (to me) a little bit of a "Duh" statement to say that a video-game company also handles military simulation programs and the like. It's just a question of which company. Doesn't change my views on the games, I still like 'em even if I can't play them on my computer.

Indeed. A game developer that makes quality games could reasonably adjust a standard game base so that it is of a closer nature to realistic levels. Considering the level of detail, artificial intelligence, and possibility for more complex scenarios, now is a time where such technology can be of great value in military application.

Naturally the game company in question makes a world of difference. Crytek making military simulation software? Okay. Southpeak games, the makers of Two Worlds? Hahahahahahaha!


Terminator got it wrong.

It's not Skynet we have to worry about... It's Crytek...................... They're... self aware. D:

I think google will become self-aware first... but thats my view.

making simulators for the military or oil industry, hmm, there's a lot of money to be had there. So, my question is, was Crytek the lowest bidder?

Why is the phrase "the military" being used to describe what is likely several different national and private military organizations throughout the world? Does Earth actually have a single united military?

That actually makes a lot of sense. They have a very distinct reason for pushing realism, and it shows in their games. I just wish they would stop copying Halo, though.

hmmm i guess once you choose to join the army its all a moot point. im a avid fps fan... but id never join an army. so non of this is an issue. its stuff like the % of new recruits they get from games like call of duty etc that disturb me. fake representation of war in video games is far more dangerous imo...

You won't be as famous, but it's pretty common. Look at VBS, made by a second Bohemia Studios. And a personal edition for Steel Beasts.

While the military will be a lot more demanding than your average costumer, they pay good money.. really, really good money. Even the personal edition for consumers of VBS1 were about .. 150 dollars? I think? And then there were a ton of content packs to buy.

I'd almost say you'd be crazy to let up on an offer from a government, even if it required you to put extra effort in to make it the shiniest simulator out there. Maybe check out JCOVE; it's VBS2 lite (and free).



Terminator got it wrong.

It's not Skynet we have to worry about... It's Crytek...................... They're... self aware. D:

I think google will become self-aware first... but thats my view.

Google already is self aware. And it's sick of making the tea!



as i've said many times before this kinda thing makes the whole "games psychologically train people in killing" "debate" a lot less black and white and therefore more uncomfortable than most gamers would like to admit.

Perhaps, but I draw a distinction; the simulators used by the military are, to my knowledge, not just used to teach killing and they are far different to a standard computer game. The ones I've heard of have actual rifles firing blanks for the recoil and mounted with special targeting equipment, and the trainee stands in front of a very large screen that has the relevant images displayed. Not to mention it would me more to teach various tactical situations in environments that won't kill you if you make a mistake.

I'd say the 'games = murder simulator' thing is still quite a big stretch.

well here's one and its a HL2 mod...

i've seen others too (can't find link to the best page i have which was a defense contractors website atm. damn me for having millions of bookmarks) anyway imo they are not all as comfortably far away from retail games as you might care to think.

lol, they are n00bs

Was he supposed to be outside the house near the end or was it because the other guy closed the door right in front of him? It seems that the simulator doenst help anyone if they cant control themselfs very well

It's not like scary things like this
Magically come out of nowhere,, is it?

Dosnt surprise me - They have to make the money from somewhere and releasing those 3 games certainly wasnt going to cut it for the number of studios they have...wonder what kind of products they make

Logan Westbrook:
Games like Full Spectrum Warrior and SWAT 4 have been used as training tools by various forces around the world

Yeah...I hardly doubt it. They have zero value as military simulation.

On the other hand, the better example would be Bohemia Software, creators of first and only true Operation Flashpoint, and later Armed Assault. They made virtuall battlefield simulators VBS1 and VBS2 which are indeed used by military.

And now you realize...

Will Wright used to do that...probably still does.

It's like people have been saying, games are great tools... shame that means anyone can use them for any purpose.

...Actually, as a out-spoken pacifist, this has actually kiiinda made me less impressed by Crytek...

Eh, whatever, so long as they make good games :P

I'm not a massive fan of violence either, and I'm very highly against it almost to the point of pacifism (sadly I'm a bit of an angry person, so pacifism isn't really attainable with my temper).

My father works at CAE, they make aviation simulators for all kinds of planes, but they also make flight simulators for the Military. It's one of those necessary evils. Sure, Crytek makes army simulators, but if we didn't train and prepare and use similators, our soldiers might not be prepared. THen again I'm Canadiana so we just have a peace keeping force XD

To me, it sounds pretty reasonable that they develope military-software as well. I see nothing wrong with that...

I thought Bohemia Interactive was the one who should be known for doing this? At least since the games from Bohemia have more focus on realism, and less focus on one-man armies with shining bumpmaps.
See VBS2

Interviewer: "To which countries have you sold these simulators?"

Crytek: "Uhh, you know, countries."

Interviewer: "Democratic countries, right?"

Crytek: "We, uhh, ummm... I don't like where this interview is going."

I forget where it was, but I remember reading something about the US army's psychological training in target practice over the years. During WW2, they found that a surprisingly large majority of their soldiers in combat never actually fired their rifles. There's a certain mental block that when you point your gun at another human being can you pull the trigger and end their life. Coincidently, at the time the army at the time used round targets for shooting practice. So this was when they switched from round targets to human shaped ones, to better simulate shooting an actual person, and by Vietnam the problem completely dissapeared.

That study was exposed to be bullshit propaganda mongering. They counted ALL armed forces, including those that were very unlikely to see any combat like ship repair crews, of which only about 150 ever got attacked, all of them on Pearl Harbor and counted the loader, driver and commander of a tank crew as "non shooting" as well.

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