DJ Hero Dev: "F*cking Mad" to Call Game a Failure

DJ Hero Dev: "F*cking Mad" to Call Game a Failure


As slow-burning rhythm game DJ Hero steams towards 2 million units sold, the title's creative director thinks anyone who calls it a failure is "f*cking mad."

Last fall, DJ Hero saw a less-than-stellar launch with consumer demand "well below" expectations. Though publisher Activision had originally said that it expected the game to be a slow starter, it seemed like the gaming public had written it off as a flop. As it turned out, the prediction that DJ Hero would be a slow burner turned out to be completely accurate: The disc-spinning rhythm title went on to sell over a million units.

With sales of the title now steadily creeping towards two million, developer FreeStyleGames' creative director Jamie Jackson thinks that they've had the last laugh. Speaking with Videogamer, Jackson gave his opinion on the game's perceived failure in no uncertain terms.

"We're at over 1.6 [million], pushing towards 2 [million] now, which is cool," he said. "If anyone had said me to me when I was starting my career in the industry that you'd work on a game that sells that many copies and it would be considered a failure I'd have said 'are you f*cking mad?' And I still probably stand by that now."

A common criticism of DJ Hero that Jackson does agree with involves the game's price point. The initial launch price of $120 was much too high, he thinks, and sales of the game rose whenever the price was slashed. "We definitely had spikes around when there were price drops," he admitted. "My own personal opinion is that it was too expensive when it was first released, and we're addressing that this year - it's going to be cheaper when it comes out this year."

It didn't help, of course, that the economic recession was in full swing during the game's launch. "So, you know, people were suddenly watching their pennies and then the game came out and 1) it was new and 2) it was expensive."

Given that DJ Hero was generally well-received by critics (including yours truly) and most everyone who actually played it, I think that Jackson is well within his rights to be frustrated that people think his game was a failure, don't you?

DJ Hero 2 is slated for release October 22nd with a fairly awesome-looking lineup of musicians under its belt.



Ultimately, it was discounting that is accountable for most of DJ Hero's sales.

I'll stop calling it a failure when he includes Run DMC to the game.

It doesn't matter how much money you make, if your turntable rhythm game doesn't have Run DMC I will never regard it as a success!

Though the game does have Grandmaster Flash, so it deserves a little love at least

EDIT: This thread needs more awesome!

Daft Punk = win.

DJ Hero = win.

Have yet to buy it though.

Great game but I won't be buying the second unless I hear that the turntable has been made more reliable (I'm on my second and it's playing up).

well i'm glad to see the game sold well enough to warent a sequal. I haven't played the thing my self but its nice to see them continue the hero franchise into other genres and while i'm not a big fan of hip-hop or rap, i do enjoy techno so i may one day pick this up.

DJ Hero will never be as successful as the other big music-game franchises, simply because it does not have the novelty that Guitar Hero and Rock Band have. Everybody wants to be a musician and play an instrument, even more so when other people are doing it around them, and everybody wants to play manic solos to some classic songs, but the amount of people wanting to be a DJ or are sufficiently interested in the genre of music DJ Hero specialises in is minuscule in comparison. 1.6 million units is still impressive for a game which targets a fairly niche market though.

Dance music/electronica/rap/hip hop are niche genres are they?

I really enjoyed DJ Hero, and thought it was something fresh compared to Guitar Hero 51. The music was interesting and new and the game is challanging without making you feel bad about playing it. I personally hope they keep the no failing thing in the next one.

Dosnt help its hip hop...wont touch that with a barge poll!

I find it surprising at all that they want to continue to make newer versions of these instrument games. I would have thought by now that everyone had their fill of them and it isn't like they are bringing anything new to the forefront to encourage people to want to re-invest in the game/equipment.
Really, I think the only thing that DJ Hero really has going for it from a marketing standpoint is that there isn't a clone of it out there yet. As long as they learned their lesson about pricing it to match interest, then the second game should do as well as the first one.

like hearing abou success, I really had heard that this game had sold very poorly, but a slow burn is still a burn. GO BURNING!!

Oh, I thought it totally bombed. Good to know it's sold 2 million...

The weird thing is I just bought two copies of the game yesterday and I'm having fun with it... I might tell my friends to buy it just in spite of the people who jumped to conclusions and badmouthed this game.

The game wasn't too bad, actually, playing "Another One Bites The Funk" (Queen and Daft Punk) at Wal-Mart wasn't too bad, and it certainly felt less embarrassing playing a giant record player in public than a guitar (I don't know why, considering I am a guitarist in real life).

Oh well, I would have put down money for it if I had the cash. I still might.

Oh yeah??...Well you're..fucking ugly

Niche or not niche, it was actually fun. That's the difference. I considered it Guitar Hero without skill, but playing more of it, well it's deeper than that. it's more about technique than anything, and I enjoyed the novelty of it. I would be interested in getting the second one and trying out the dual turn table idea.

IT's not so much about Dj's being niche, more that pretty much everyone who's heard rock music has air guitared along to it, whereas DJ stuff, it just doesn't have the mass appeal, there's not the 'front man of the band' thing.

However, for the 1.6 million who could get past that, I'm pleased to hear how much fun it is, if they'd released for PS2 I'd have bought it, but I can't justify a new console for it.

EDIT: before I'm lept on and people go 'lol PS2 why would they waste their time', it's got a far larger user base than the 3 current consoles, music games aren't really stretching the hardware, and so many of the more recent PS2 sales have been to buy games like GH and Singstar, Buzz, and other party games, so I think it would have sold well for this ancient format.

*Waits patiently for Kotick to comment on this*

Sorry devs....but ANY of the "Hero" games are horrible. May as well just kill the franchise.

I have seen a friend try DJ Hero at his house. It was bad....REALLY bad.

I prefer my real decks and mixer, Mr DJ Hero Dev. Thanks anyway though.

it's got a far larger user base than the 3 current consoles

Ehh... I'd argue not really. The Wii has probably sold more in the 3.75 years it's been out than the PS2 in it's first 3.75, and is still selling faster than the PS2 ever did. Plus it was by far the weakest of the last generation of consoles. Sure, the difference isn't a distinct as the Wii is to this generation of consoles, but it was definitely present.

I loved the original and can't wait for the sequel. Lady Gaga and Deadmau5 in one place? I'm fine with that.

I doubt that DJ Hero was a "horrible" game, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was at least decent. But it just doesn't seem like my kind of game, I don't really have that taste in music, but who knows.

Regardless if DJ Hero 2 is a good game or not, I will not buy it due to it being published by Activision. I will not support Acti-Kotick for any reason, I don't care if DJ Hero is a godsend to music games or whatever, I just cannot support Activision. I may be missing out on something grand, but that's my stance on this.

However, that won't stop me from potentially playing it (borrow it if a friend gets it or something).


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