Glasses-Free 3D Coming to TV Next Week

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Please let the fucking 3D thing go already, guys. The 3ds will sell well because it has a good game lineup and looks awesome, not because it has 3D. People aren't not buying 3D tv's because of the glasses, they're not buying it because they're retarded, overpriced, and a stupid gimmick.

Why do you hate 3D so much?

It's just a part of the future.

Like Virtual Reality. ...Oh, wait...

I'm seeing that scene from Paycheck where he lifts off the back end of the monitor any day now.

The Bandit:

That's not what happened at all. I still have a standard definition TV, and I know a lot of other people who as well.

And, I'm pretty sure 3D TV is a lot more impressive to the casual consumer than "higher definition." I'm pretty sure the casual consumer doesn't even know what higher definition means, actually.

Actually you did pay for it in your cable/satellite bills, they made the transition for you. I pretty sure the normal consumer can tell you that HD is better quality picture even they can't understand it just a jump in screen resolution.

Dick Tracy saw this coming.


Also, the problem with 3D TV is that it's fundamentally unimmersive. It tries to be all realistic and "Oh-it's-like-I'm-right-there", but it doesn't work, because (A) you've still got this camera jumping around from shot to shot, unlike if you really were there, and (B) the screen is still small enough that you can see the edges and everything around it in your peripheral vision. So it's not like you're inside the movie at all.

I think we're heading towards another VHS/Betamax or DVD-HD/Blu-Ray format scuffle. I very much doubt that different vendors' products will work on different types of 3D.

I see no reason why this would be the case; that'd be like if Blu-Ray discs worked on LCD TV's but not plasmas. The player would be reading two full screens, one for the left eye and one for the right, and sending that as a signal to the TV. It wouldn't matter how the TV displays it.


Holo-tv is next... followed by holo-decks... kill me now.

Hey I just got the Sony HX800 3D and it is owsome!!!!! Playing games and movies in 3D is great!!! What you guys should do is save!! and buy a 3D HDTV!!! IT is TOOOOOOOO FUCKEN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont regret buying it at all and the glasses are really cool too, they dont bug me at all!!!

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