Tim Schafer Honored as Indie Trailblazer

Tim Schafer Honored as Indie Trailblazer


The venerable Tim Schafer is soon to be awarded for his indie spirit.

IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games, has announced that Tim Schafer will be bestowed with the organization's first ever Honorary Trailblazer award. Tim Schafer is the founder of independent studio Double Fine Productions, but is probably best known for previous work as a designer on classic LucasArts adventure titles such as Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle.

Double Fine has released Brutal Legend and Psychonauts since being founded in 2000, though it has four new downloadable titles currently in the pipeline. Of the four, only Costume Quest has been revealed.

The Trailblazer award is new this year and intended to go to a recipient that has "displayed extraordinary vision and creativity in the field of game design, while serving as an inspiration to up-and-coming designers in the field," a press release reads. Stephanie Barish of IndieCade says: "Tim and his games embody the risk-taking, boundary pushing spirit at the heart of the independent gaming community, and he is a true role model to legions of up-and-coming game makers." Schafer has responded to the honor with: "Holy cow. I had no idea I was so old."

Every year, IndieCade holds an awards ceremony highlighting the best and brightest independent videogame creations, featuring categories such as gameplay innovation and aesthetics. Finalists in the past have included titles such as Braid, Machinarium, and Zeno Clash, while this year's show has nominated the likes of Limbo and VVVVVV.

The awards ceremony for IndieCade 2010 is sold out, but passes are still available for the other portions of the conference, which runs from October 8-10 in Culver City, CA. For those interested in upcoming indie titles, it might be worth the trip, and now you could even meet Tim Schafer in the bathroom.


makes sense, that guy has to be the coolest guy on gaming world, along with Gabe Newell and John Carmack

Awesome, he definitely deserves it. "Tim Schafer Games" is like a genre unto itself.

Well, he has done alot of work to push indie, so well deserved for him

Well done, Tim Schafer. The man is a gaming legend. He deserves as many props, kudos and awards as people are willing to give him.

Thank god there's still people like Tim Schafer around in the games industry. His games take pride of place as some of the best games I've ever played, and he's been nothing but a gift to gaming as a whole, from Day of the Tentacle to Brutal Legend, and hopefully beyond.

He deserves every award he gets.

Also, he's consistently hilarious, in games and real life.

I wouldn't let meeting him in the bathroom be left to chance, that's what spawn camping is for.

Sadly in the corporate age of gaming, money is thrown at the lowest common denominator instead of creativity.

Schafer... you just gotta love him

he is the coolest guy i want to know...

still BL was a failure but it was a success in "looking into" new genres.

Tim Schafer, truly, is the milkman, and he makes oh so delicious milk. Let us hope that he never makes his final delivery to this address, for his special deliveries are always fortified with what the world wants, what the world deserves.


Does the Escapist have exactly one picture of Tim Schafer?

OT: This is excellent. Props to the man for a wonderful, productive career.

no surprise here!
i can appreciate BL and P, but they arent really my kind of games. although i did only play the demos, so maybe i need to do a bit more research

The lack of Iji here saddens me. But nowhere near as much as the lack of DF/Tarn Adams winning some sort of award.

For an "Indie Trailblaizer", he is kinda main stream...

Grats to Schafer though!

He just needs to remember. All the Monkey Island, Psychonauts, and Grim Fandango in the world wont make up for Brutal Legend.



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