Atari Founder Dismissive of Nintendo DS

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I'm 23 years old and I'll be buying a 3DS ^_^

btw what's an N-Gage?

You don't want to know. Honest.

I'm cutting him a bit of a break: He is saying what he thinks WILL happen, not that Nintendo is not on top right now. Phones are becoming very powerful, and have Digital Distribution right from the get go, not to mention the consumer, "One device to do it all" mentality. The more people rely on phones, the less likely they are to make an investment in a hand held to play games that, even if they were higher quality, might not be higher enough quality to merit an entire investment. People replace their phones more often then handhelds as well, so Phones will likely outpace handhelds in terms of power. He also didn't so much say that Nintendo handholds will die, just that they won't be the leader. It's not crazy, but I think there is a few possible flaws in his reasoning.

Look at the Kindle, and to a lesser extent, other E Readers. They predicted that the iPhone and iPad would make it a flop. But then, they became a staple. How did this happen? For one, E Readers became super cheap, comparatively. Even if you need a new phone anyways, the cheapness removes that nagging doubt that for the same price, you could just get a new phone that can also function as a reader. Secondly, the Kindle offers something that fundamentally, the iPhone can't do: E Ink. That is a boon for a specialized reading product that the phones can't do without making it worse as a phone. And so, the Kindle carved out a niche. What does this show Nintendo?

Well, it shows that if they create a cheaper, specialized alternative, that has a capacity as a dedicated gaming device that it's competition just can't emulate on a more general use machine, you can get your demographic. Can Nintendo make a cheaper product that has a gimmick that pulls in the consumers? Well, history says that that is their specialty. I think Nintendo has a fight on their hands. But whether Phones cut into Nintendos share of the pie, or if people just start playing more games in general without cutting back on there Nintendo handheld consumption, is going to be an interesting fight to watch.

isn't that more or less the sentiment some people had about the playstation & xbox?

Commander Breetai:

I'm 23 years old and I'll be buying a 3DS ^_^

btw what's an N-Gage?

You don't want to know. Honest.

kek, I know what one is =P. Just making a dull reference to how unpopular they were.

Nintendo handheld gaming devices are here to stay.

I'm 23 years old and I'll be buying a 3DS ^_^

btw what's an N-Gage?

Nokia looked at the handheld market, and the phone market. They decided that making a hand held capable of being a phone, satisfying 2 needs in one machine, would be a great idea. The problem here is that it ended up being a terrible handheld AND a terrible cell phone, for a price that was greater then a good phone and a good handheld. Gamers tend to talk, and talk quickly. It got bad press, and ended up a total flop.

too bad they got rid of the GBA slot. Could have made an accessory that turned a DS into a phone.

Ironic, isn't it, that this man doesn't know what he's talking about.

All respect to Mr. Bushnell, but he really needs to get someone in touch with gaming to start proofreading his press releases. Even the most casual exercise in Google-Fu would have proven how fundamentally stupid that statement was.

too bad they got rid of the GBA slot. Could have made an accessory that turned a DS into a phone.

kek, I don't want my DS to be a dang phone!

Well, seeing as Atari hasn't made anything good since The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, this comment really doesn't carry all that much weight.

In twenty years, this may be true, but I doubt Daigo will be playing Super Street Fighter IV on the iPhone anytime soon.

Another fool underestimating the power of neckbearded manchildren.

OT: I like my DS. I like Pokemon. I like Scibblenauts. I do NOT like shitty mini games like Bejeweled and Hexic. And I have a feeling the majority are with me on this.

Edit: Although, Atari is one of the top video game makers and overall heavyweights in the entire industry, so of course this guy knows better than those small time losers like Nintendo.

Coming from ATARI, a company that hasn't made anything worthwhile for God knows how long, I think Bushnell should keep his petulant mouth shut.

The last time Nolan Bushnell said something relevant or interesting about gaming and the industry, I was in diapers. He can go pack to his pizza place with his animatronic rat as far as I'm concerned.

Nolan do we need to bring up the Lynx? Or should we just "Do the math." and look at the DS's profit margins.

God I love nerd humor.

I'm going to disagree with the guy in the article because the most fun I've had with anything on an iphone or something similar has been "Pocket Frogs" and other games of similar design. Simple time wasters to mess with while waiting in line, something that doesn't require any attention at all with quality just above a flash game found free on the internet. While the DS has, you know, real games.

Is.. is he an idiot? The DS is a 5 year old patform that is WILDLY sucessful. I mean everyone has a DS. I have a DS and i have no idea where it came from! For a dedicated gaming platform it's sold unthinkable numbers.

It's like saying back in 1995 that PCs would replace consoles becuase they are so much more flexable and everyone would have one soon. Mildly Logical but wrong.

Alternate headline: "Nolan Bushnell is a Fucking Idiot"

Nobody who actually cares about playing games on a more serious level than Farmville or Bejeweled is going to want to play on a crappy iPhone, iPad, or any cell phone. 1, none of the games are all that great. Sure you can play breakout or tetris or whatever, but when it comes to them trying to make portable versions of stuff like Assassin's Creed, you get a nice nasty mess that people wish they hadn't bothered with in the first place. And why do all these games suck? Because they're dumbed down messes to fit on these stupid touch screen only phones that have NO BUTTONS. <-- Relevant to more than just Move VS Kinect

I have no interest in playing a phone instead of a ds, no good games for one that are more then really just flash games

You could flip those around and as many people would buy it.

Logan Westbrook:
Not only does Nintendo have a really big head start and a lot more third-party support, it's got the 3DS coming out next year, which does everything the DS does, but in glasses-free 3D.

Not as huge advantage as you'd think, a few months ago a chip manufacturer announced it had a glasses free 3d display chip and screens available for android manufacturers.
And this is about
(not sure if this is the same system) so android 7 - 10inch tablets with the same sort of 3D as the 3DS could\will be around soon. With better hardware behind them and hardware costs hidden in phone contracts or heavily subsidised the 3DS could be the first of Nintendo's portable lovelies to struggle .

With several big names waving their latest engines running in some form or another on the iphone and android being an open platform it's hard not see a PC style games market on portable hardware. Just need to persuade phone and tablet owners that it's worth paying for and get some big games out there.

That said you think portable gaming you think Nintendo. The DS has physical buttons nicely laid out for gaming which does mean a lot and no special OS means game makers can really push the hardware that bit more. While this guy has been wrong a lot of times before it's interesting times in portable computing.

I'm 23 years old and I'll be buying a 3DS ^_^

btw what's an N-Gage?

Just look up taco phone

I can see where he is coming from. I own a DS Lite and an iPod Touch. In a year or so I will have to choose between the 3DS and a Touch 4G when the batteries on these two go south (and DS games become unavailable). The 3DS adds 3D and will be $250 to $300. The $300 iPod Touch has 32 GB of storage, a browser, good music and video playback, apps outside of gaming (e-mail, weather, news, skype) and id Software as well as Epic Games have been showing off game demos on the platform.

Meanwhile Nintendo has added 3D, which is hard to comment on until I can get one in my hands. 3DS has very little storage which means it won't replace the iPod for apps, music, video, etc. Finally, the highpoint of the DS is the games and I have not seen anything that I haven't played four times already coming out for this(I own Ocarina for N64 and WiiWare, have like a billion Marios, am tired of Metal Gear, etc.).

Part of the appeal of the original DS, at least in my case, was the gap between its price and that of an iPod Touch or iPhone when it first came out. But since getting an iPod Touch it has won the battle for the spot in my pant pocket.

Well if he's the founder of Atari he must know what he's talking about, now I'm going to go and throw away my DS and play with my Atari Conso... oh.

too bad they got rid of the GBA slot. Could have made an accessory that turned a DS into a phone.

Yeah, i'm a little miffed that they got rid of the GBA slot, since my GBA has no charge and I can't find the charger. :( That is why I am keeping my trusty DS lite. I have no intention to buy a phone to play games, while my DS is alive and well.

I have a phone. I use it to make calls. I use it to receive calls. I can do neither if the phone is dead because I was playing games on it. I think I'll keep my DS.

The founder of Atari...

When was the last time they were even relevent to video games? The last big thing I remember is their attempt to bring back Alone in the Dark, and that was only really mentionable for how badly is used its great ideas.

Dosnt surprise me- I do play my iphone more often commuting than my DS

The future likely does hold more hope for phone-based gaming, but then your standard handheld systems will likely evolve to do more as well. It's just like how it was thought no one would want a console because PCs could play games--and so much more! Not only have consoles stuck around, they've made themselves more into PCs as well. Everything evolves.

I'm 23 years old and I'll be buying a 3DS ^_^

btw what's an N-Gage?

are you sarcastic or is that an actual question?

Sounds like a lot of whining from someone that's mad because compilation did well.
That's kinda low

He might have some basis to his claims if Iphone games didn't control like total shit due to the hardware and the game themselves weren't all gimmick/mild distraction.

I wonder if Nolan knows it's Atari he's in charge of, and by that virtue he's destined to be completely wrong about everything everywhere.
I mean, even though his statement makes complete sense from every angle, it's his fate to be proven wrong simply because he's him.
I pity that man, in a way.

Hmm pay a one time fee to buy the game system.
Or buy an overpriced cellphone that requires an internet connection (which costs more more) to buy a game that will give me 20 minutes of fun.

Oh and said game system has buttons along with a touch screen...yah...I'll pass on the whole games on phone is future.

I'm going on 21 and I play my DS more then I use, talk on or even look at my Cell. I WILL buy a 3DS before I even think of getting an iPhone and I honestly don't care about whatever 5 dollar app or watered down version of a mainstream game that Apple is trying to pass off as a legitimate game experience.

Also I'm inclined to ignore the opinion of the man who came up with Chuck E. Cheese (I think that rat traumatized me when I was younger)

He has a slight point, but by that mentality, smartphones should already be replacing current portables and even music players/iPods. And that's just not happening.

He's just trying to prove a trend that doesn't exist.

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