Blizzard Confirms Cataclysm Release Date

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A day which will live in infamy...

And 3 days before my B-day. :)

Onyx Oblivion:
Getting to level 85. That's more impressive than a degree, easily!


I've never seen no frilly-dilly-pants-wearing learner boy down Trial of the Grand Crusader.

God Damnit, I guessed and booked the last 2 weeks of November off, go back to work on the 6th.

Fucks sake.

holy crap blizzard actually has a release date!

wait Blizzard told us the release date of a video game?
well that's a first

Wow... I'm a casual WoW player but found this news to be rather exciting... Guess I'm more infested than I thought...

No such thing as a casual player. It islike an STD, you either have it or you don't.

I think I'd better put in for my time off tomorrow; I know I'm not the only WoW player where I work....

Also, there's a minor (and hilarious, depending on your mindset) controversy brewing around Blizzard's decision to release Cataclysm on the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. It's like you can't get away from controversy hitting video games anymore.

I was going to put in a metaphor regarding the Sears Tower, an elephant, intestinal problems and an umbrella shortage, but then I thought better of it. You're welcome.

Isn't that Pearl Harbor Day here in the US?

Not that it's on purpose or significant, but, wow, a day of infamy indeed (at least if we are describing what me and my guild will get up to that day)!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, since we are tangentially on the subject: Pearl Harbor sucked, babe, and I love you.

Yes, it is Pearl Harbor Day. I imagine that was not a coincidental decision, considering the nature of this expansion.

Time to stock my supplies for attempting Realm First: Level 85 Paladin.

Comes about a week and a half after my final assessments will be done. Then 3 months of holidays to get my WoW nerd on.

Maybe a week earlier and it would have been perfect timing, but I guess I will just chill with Fable III/Black Ops/TFUII until then. I'll live :P

edit: actually, not Fable III because there's still no PC release date..

yes, but blizzard claims they aren't doing anything on heart of the swarm until cataclysm is released. I believe that is why nothing of it is shown at blizzcon.

They're not showing it at Blizzcon because there is nothing to show, it's as simple as that. They said they'll talk about the story but they won't show anything.


Wow... I'm a casual WoW player but found this news to be rather exciting... Guess I'm more infested than I thought...

I'm not even a WoW player and I find this news exciting :) As much as I may dislike the game I must admit, for all its faults and evil corporate massiveness (haha) it's still an impressive feat.

I kinda got stuck on the word 'fault', not sure what you ment

What faults does wow have, compared to other MMOs?
Sure its not perfect, but WoW is still miles ahead of all other MMOs.

A friend asked me why it sounded like I wanted every MMO to be like wow.
My reply was simple:
"If you are going to give me a wow clone, you better make it as good as wow, or it won't matter. But if you can give me something that is totally different, then more power to you"

Thats the biggest "fault" with wow, it does almost everything better than any other MMO, because most other MMO makers have no idea what they are doing.

ph and PS:
Cataclysm will put wow even further ahead of the competition... its a bit scary actually.

Does anyone else think the world would be a better place if there was a law brought in that 2 days a year, you're allowed to call in ... not 'sick', but just 'I've got better shit to do than come to work'?

So many people do it, for sports events, big game or movie releases, hell, I've heard of people taking days off to get the new Harry Potter book, so, instead of just lying and phoning work with your 'sick' voice, which you seeming have to put on even if you say you've done your back in, just make everyone honest and say, can't come in today, I want to play games all day.

The world is more honest, staff are happier, and nothing else really changes, as they were gonna skip work anyways.

As for Pearl Harbour's anniversary, by now has not something bad happened on EVERY day in the year?

could we not pin almost any day as showing a 'sickening lack of disrespect to the dead' if we worked for Fox? :D

still, woo! Goblins!

Harsh move on Blizz's part! Finals are going to suffer unfortunately :(((

Time to stock my supplies for attempting Realm First: Level 85 Paladin.

Heh, i'm going for Realm First worgen, using RAF. I'm still tossing it up between doing it on my server where my 80s are and I can get the heirloom items, and a new server. I have a feeling my current server is going to be unplayable for a few hours, as it's really high population.

Right, so if I reactivate my account around my birthday I've got nearly 2 weeks to do the pre-expansion events and get back in the swing of things.

Blizzard, I love you.

Meh. Rift: Planes of Telara is out in january or february, there is no reason why anyone should log in for this regurgitation of old oldyness with crusted shame on top.

Move on, people.

I'm honestly looking more forward to having both a Tauren Pally and Priest.

So long as the additional class options are still coming before Cata, I'll be happy.

I'm jaded my most MMOs out there. I played WoW since beta, and thought I was done with it. But I honestly felt a bit of a thrill in thinking about playing that old game again.

Could this be a rekindling of an old love/hate relationship? I think it just might. I'm actually looking forward to this now.

I won't lie, I'm looking forward to seeing the Barrens blown to hell. I always hated trying to level there back before the No Noon Left Behind policy they put in place. (WoW veterans know what I'm talking about)

I hate this release date, damn you Blizzard.

Ugh... i won't be able to play it until the 11th... :( damn... i wanted to spend a couple of all nighters on it :(

December is our busy time. I will not be taking any time off for this release, and I expect to be fulfilling social obligations during my Christmas holiday. And, since I have received guilt trips from parental units and one sister for skipping out on family New Years fun time last year, doing the same this year will be even more difficult. Yet, for some reason, "I want to spend New Years with friends instead of family, since you know, I keep having to tell my friends that I cannot spend Thanksgiving or Christmas anywhere near them since I have not one, but two sets of parental units to please on both of these holidays," is hard to get out of my mouth.

Getting to level 85? Not difficult. Getting time to get to 85? Bring on February, because the yearly I-hate-people-and-spending-time-with-family-when-all-I-want-to-do-is-curl-up-into-a-little-ball-and-get-away-from-everyone season is just about to start.

I hear they are changing many parts of the game with Cataclysm.....what if you don't buy the expansion does everything stay the way it was?

I havn't played since the game was originally released (was in the beta and then played a few months after it released). I was never that interested in going through the same part of the game I already played through (got 4 characters to max level and every other class to at least 40 back then). I might consider getting the cataclysm expansion if it changed the areas I had to fight in etc.

Still curious if the changes are universal without buying the expansion though.

I hear they are changing many parts of the game with Cataclysm.....what if you don't buy the expansion does everything stay the way it was?

Yeah, as far as I know, all changes happen to all players, expansion owners will get the new 80+ content, the new class/race combinations and the two new classes and starter zones (troll/goblin and gnome/worgen).

Sounds good

Lucky for me I will be very free by December, and I mean totally free, as in "get a freaking job" free. But damn it, getting myself to lvl 85 is much more important, and I'm sure much more fun.

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