Jack Thompson Claims Victory in MOH Taliban Removal

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Jack Thompson Claims Victory in MOH Taliban Removal


Jack Thompson says that he was the reason that EA removed the Taliban in Medal of Honor, and if you don't believe that you can "go to hell."

Back when the world first heard that some players in Medal of Honor multiplayer modes would be referred to as Taliban, Jack Thompson wrote a letter to Robert Gates, the U.S. Secretary of Defense beseeching him to do something. Thompson's plea was largely ignored, possibly because everyone has grown tired of hearing from the disgracefully disbarred Florida attorney. But when a games journalist decided to test the waters to see if the former lawyer had any comment on EA pulling back on mentioning Taliban in MOH, Thompson was happy to claim credit for EA's flipflop.

"I win again, as usual," Thompson wrote. "Any gamers who don't think so and who don't appreciate what I do to protect our culture can go to Hell."

Wow. I'm not sure if that was necessary. I mean, Thompson didn't even give us a chance to respond before he just blatantly said we were all jerks for not appreciating him.

But that's not all, he followed up with explicit instructions on how to get to lower depths.

"Any gamers that don't know how to get to Hell on an expedited basis, let me know, and I'll send along the cheat code to get there more quickly."

Oh, Jack Thompson. You slay me. And send me to hell, all in fell swoop. My hat's off to you.

Source: Ripten


*goes to hell*

I can't believe this guy...

This is hilarious and stupid in equal measures...

Some people in this world are so insecure that the only way that they can verify their existence is by jerking other people around.

Healthy societies ignore such persons.

By the Gods, do people take him seriously?

Can we please just fire him into the sun? In the end, the only difference is the name. He's just being an egotistical prick who could kindly have a porcupine shoved into his pants.

And to think I gave this guy some credit after seeing the debate he had at SGC a while ago.

Then again, it makes it easier for my hired ninja to kill the person responsible.

Why haven't we gamers have gone insane by this and....

No. We are all better than him, which isn't saying much, really.

What an ass...

Someone should go round to his house, ring his doorbell, and when he answers... slap him. Right in the face.

OH LAWDY LAWDY THANK YA MISTAH JACK THOMPSONAH YOU AREAH HELPING US UNCULTURED SUB-GROUP COMBAT THE ... fuck it, your stupid jack, no one likes you. Even the people who are on "your side" don't like you. You were disbarred, shut the hell up. -love the world.

And i would like to note that didn't he lose both of his lawsuits against Nintendo and Sony?

"I win like always" my ass

He's like a child. A child with a well undeserved degree in law.

Already on my way Jack, but thanks for the encouragement!

We already have BEEN to Hell. It's called "Doom".

"Dear Mr Thompson,

I need the cheat code to beat Cleopatra in the Tower of Lust, I've tried everything but Dante controls so poorly I just can't figure it out. Any chance you could tell me how to beat Mark Antony too?

With regards

You see EA? See what you've done? You've given this guy's ego a boost.

"I win like always"

Can we please put a muzzle on him?

I honestly don't care what the heck Thompson has to say anymore. If he thinks he won, big deal, let him live in his fantasy world and when Novemeber comes around and we (hopefully) win the supreme court case, he can just sit in his Florida house and pout.

Let's face it, he's a troll, why give him the attention?

On one hand, this guy's full of shit. One the other hand, EA is a laughable excuse for a game company that hasn't made a decent game in years and has survived SOLELY through shameless milking of its past franchises.

Tolls trolling trolls. 4chan has finally hit reality.

Can I e-mail him? I don't like snail mail.

Is that really anything to be proud of?
"Look everyone, I made them censor something in a game!"
I'm sure there are teenage single mothers that have gotten more censored.

Cheat code to send us to hell more quickly? Replace cheat code with bullet and what the hell no need for violent threats now lol.

Go to hell? Is he inviting us over for dinner? God, this guy is so uptight you could shove a lump of coal up his ass and in three weeks you'd have a diamond. Thank you, John Hughes.

I shudder to think what this guy's childhood must have been like...

I'll see you there Jack, me and Lucifer go waaaaaaayyyyyyyy back.

open topic

eyes immediately go to "I won, as usual"

rage ensued

monitor destroyed

mankind is doomed

We already have BEEN to Hell. It's called "Doom".

We even killed Satan.

Wow, a reverse spoiler. Huh.

So yeah, we basically made hell our bitch.

Your move Thompson.

What an ass...

Someone should go round to his house, ring his doorbell, and when he answers... slap him. Right in the face.


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Just an amusing, deluded troll yet again, Thompson. Deluded and amusing.

Wow I had completely forgotten about this lunatic. Since I hadn't heard his nutty banter in months I honestly thought he'd run off to be the Vice President of Al Gore's basement.

Haha what a putz. Man always has that one picture, of looking like he just wet himself. As if that nuisance had anything to do with EA's decision.


We already have BEEN to Hell. It's called "Doom".

We even killed Satan.

Wow, a reverse spoiler. Huh.

So yeah, we basically made hell our bitch.

Your move Thompson.

Let us not forget that we've walked in and out of it several times in God of War, been traipsing about it's ceilings and walls in Bayonetta, and smacked both Angels and Demons around in Darksiders. And, you know, the fifty other games where we do such things on a regular basis.

Anybody else get the feeling that Jack Thompson has just been trolling us for all these years? Because it definitely looks that way from here. I mean, no one can be that self-deluded right?

Is he seriously that delusional and self-centered. It kind of sounds like he has narcissistic personality disorder.

...Thompson seems to become more and more like Al Gore every day.

To Mr. Thompson

You win as always?
This is the first time, and it wasn't even because of you! You had nothing to do with this.

Good to see you've at least abandoned the last shred of professionalism you had with the "go to hell" comment and are finally being yourself to the media: An immature, self-absorbed man-child throwing a temper tantrum.

I hope you're happy with this "win", because at the end of the day, MoH will still sell, gamers will be happy, and you'll still be a disbarred laughing stock who nobody takes seriously. Enjoy your fake "win", you have far more REAL loses.

Oh Jackie T. you so silly. Don't even know when you've lost, so you just ride the coattails of issues you happen to be standing next to.

No need to get so violent, now.

Oh, look everybody! Jack Tompson has something to say....

Yeah... Oh, really Jack? Go on... yeah... yeah... Yes, sometimes water falls from the sky, that's called raining... yeah... You don't say Jack... Ohoho, Okay Jack, I'll see you later lil' guy...

Nothing special, as usual.

He's gotten enough attention for now. He'll probably come back in a few months proclaiming that Mario is teaching children how to get high.

With all of his failures and embarrassments, he manages to dodge a shoe.

Just wonderful.

Haha, this guy is just great. I wish I was in such a position to troll so many people with so little effort. :D

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