Nathan Fillion Wants to Be Nathan Drake

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Well, after Nolan North's voice work, Nathan's version of Nathan (whoa...) would be a little more nasal than I recall... Besides, Nate Drake would become less of an ambitious cocky do-gooder and more of an ambitious lovable prick.

Then again, hell, I'm all for it. You get 'em, Mal Reynolds! Show us how Drake would do it on the silver screen.

I would love this.

But still...the thought of them trying to create a film out of an already very cinematic game. It just kinda feels like it'll be really really bad. Do we want to watch a film that merely recreates exactly the moments of the game? Anyone remember how weird the first person scene was in Doom?

But I do hope they prove me wrong. Fillion could probably make me like Drake, to be honest - thought he was a bit of a dick in the games.


No Fillion as Drake. Why? He's too fucking old, and well...

That is a BRILLIANT argument aside from the part where Joe Flanigan is older than Nathan Fillion.



No Fillion as Drake. Why? He's too fucking old, and well...

That is a BRILLIANT argument aside from the part where Joe Flanigan is older than Nathan Fillion.

At least Flanigan looks like he's 39 instead of 50. Flaningan looks a hella lot closer to drake anywho.

I'm guessing that more than a few Playstation 3 fans instantly ejaculated when they read the headline.

Minor correction; despite some weird internet hype Nathan Fillion has repeatedly said he's not in the Avengers movie and if he were to be in it he would not want to be Ant Man.

But; whoo hooo hopefully another movie with Nathan Fillion!!! Go Captain!

I'm sorry, I just thought of Nathan and Claudia in the same movie and had a minor aneurysm. Either the universe would collapse in on itself or a chunk pure awesomium would result.

BAM!! said the lady,that would be a total double rainbow!! :D

Nathan Fillion is above the role
buuut it'd be nice to see him on screen again

Great, so who's the director gonna be?

I love Firefly and Castle, and I am in full support of this.

For some reason, Nathan Fillion seems to me like a "new" Harrison Ford. Not that you can replace Ford, but Nathan Fillion seems able to perform the same characters.
Am I the only one who thinks this?

Well actually it's been postulated that he already is.

Well actually it's been postulated that he already is.

Edit: *seppuku*

Firefly? Let me think about it....


An Uncharted Movie has a lot of potential because the games are already give a rather cinematic, stylish, and smooth presentation. It has a fun premise of world travel, mystery, and treasure that is not overdone, either. I think Nathan Fillion could make a great Nathan Drake, although age would certainly be a factor. At least he has the talent to fair a lot better than many other action stars called to the big screen these days.

I am all for Fillion to play Drake ... and not just because he is from my home town.

And yes, almost all of the men here really are ruggedly handsome ... unfortunately, so are a few of the women.

Wasn't Fillion a major inspiration for the character of Nathan Drake? Pretty sure he was...well, if so, that really sells this to me. I loved him in Firefly/Serenity and Dr. Horrible, and I'm sad to say I've never seen Castle. I think he could use another big-screen appearance, so I'm just gonna throw in my hat and say "I fully endorse this."

it seems like as good a choice as any to play him

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Nathan Drake BASED off of Nathan Fillion's Firefly character Malcolm Reynolds?

... Hell yeah, it's a good choice! Aside from the fact that he's one of the best actors ever, he would be perfect for the role! Go for it. :D

This is a fantastic idea. I don't know the Uncharted games, but regardless, Fillion should be involved. He's excellent.

I'm with Nathan, too! I want Nathan Fillion for Nathan Drake! Dear God, it's time for Nathan Fillion to be the powerful A-List movie star he deserves to be! I feel he will be the next big movie star, and it's my joy to help him achieve this in any way I can, because I believe in him!

As a Browncoat and Castillion, I strive to be worthy of the titles I bear. When Nathan Fillion commands us to rise, I RISE! He'd be stunning as Nathan Drake, and it must be him all the way; there can be NO "dub voicing" by any other actor. Nathan's voice is an integral part of his every performance.

Go Nathan! I've got your back!


Perfect man. He looks like him, talks like him, acts like him, played a lot of characters similar to him, I don't see how he could go wrong.

Also, the writing has been compared to Joss Whedon quite a bit, so actually having someone from some of Joss Whedon's projects should fit like a glove.

Who the f*ck else are they going to get? He's a nerd icon, he looks just like the guy, and there will be riots in the streets if he's not.

But hey, if they want someone who has a little bit of dramatic competence to him they should. You know. Get someone else.

Stop these film adaptations. Stop them now.

Also this. Has anyone else noticed that these projects have a disproportionately large chance of being scrapped halfway through preproduction?

:D nathan fillion is possibly the best actor ever in my opinion(and not just becaus I have a huge man crush on him) I approve of this notion

i support this fully

I think Nathan Fillion would be awesome as Drake! They also wouldn't need to call him anything other than his real name so there would be no confusion on the set (or there would be more confusion..hmmm)

I'm in favor, and it's not for the fact that he's Canadiangeekjesus but because he's actually a really good actor.

Erm, no? Why would I want this guy when Nolan North is still available? From my understanding after interviews and stuff with the voice cast of the Uncharted games, a lot of the best lines from Drake in the games comes from North just deciding to improvise or throw something extra in there.

Plus North also already looks a hell of a lot like Drake in his own right. Sorry Mr. Fillion, you do not get my vote, and this time it's not just because I don't have Twitter.

Well he seems right for the part.

Captain Hammer, as Nathan Drake?

Hell. Yeah.

This will be amazing!

But...But Nathan Fillion has character. How could he pull off the 2D Drake?

"So Hawkeye16, who do you want to do the role, Nathan Filion or Nolan North?" I am asked.

"Yes" I reply.

This, basically.

I'm going to go against the grain and say no. I don't want Nathan Fillion to be Drake.

I want Nathan Drake to be played by Stargate Atlantis' Joe Flannigan. He isn't in enough things and is perfect playing the hero adventure loving type, but also the more serious moments. When he scaled the side of Atlantis in Season 4's "Quarantine" I immediately thought of all those wall climbing platforming sections. I love Nathan Fillion, but Flannigan is even better. Plus he really wants to do it too. Claudia Black could reprise her role as well and then that would be AWESOME!

This could work too.

Obvious solution is to splice all their genes together. IT MUST BE DONE.

Nathan and Nathan. How does this not make sense.

Why doesn't Naughty Dog's Jak 2 get a film adaptation
it would be a fuck of a lot more interesting than an Uncharted movie
and it wouldn't be a shit knock off of National Treasure, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider

Nathan Fillion is awesome, he's a good actor too ;P

I think he'd be great playing Drake, He'd fit right in (Y)

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