Furry Action-RPG Going for TV Commercial World Record

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I always suspected Squall was a closet furry.

I support this idea. As long as it's not the same commercial shown every few minutes, it sounds like a clever grasp at publicity. I'm all for variety in advertising.

As for the game itself, I've heard nothing so I can't judge. Although the premise sounds interesting enough.

Lies! I've heard of Tail Concerto. Never played it though. I'll probably get this game now that I know it exists though, I love RPGs when they don't try (and always, ALWAYS fail) to be all serious and deep.

Also, ARG! You always write such good stuff, why does everyone like the new Fallout games? >_< Not even comparing to 1+2, just on their own they're so unbelievably bad and uninteresting. Maybe some Marvel vs Capcom 3, Kirby's Epic Yarn, or MHF3 commercials would be cool.

Why, God, why?

It's funny - If the headline wasn't "Furry action-RPG..." and the word was otherwise not mentioned in the article, even with the image remaining, not one person would have said a single thing about furries. When you see a game (or cartoon for that matter) featuring a non-human character, the first that comes to mind isn't likely to be that anything is out of the ordinary. Probably because it isn't out of the ordinary at all.

Humorous observation; not meant to be good or bad.

God I wouldn't mind that too much, for nothing else but kicking out most commercials that are overdone every other commercial break. Hell, it's sad when I see the same exact commercial in the same break. And living in Cali now...I'm just getting punked with elections...

..not that 8 hours of said commercial every 4.5 mins really hels, but yeah...

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