Do You Think You Know Videogame Music? Try Our Quiz!

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Do You Think You Know Videogame Music? Try Our Quiz!

If you think you know all there is to know about videogame soundtracks, our quiz may well prove you wrong.

For some people, a well-done soundtrack may be the most memorable part of a videogame. How many of you can whistle the Super Mario Bros. theme at the drop of a hat? What about the Zelda overworld tune, or the Final Fantasy prelude? There are even entire fan groups dedicated to the sole art of remixing videogame music.

This week's issue of The Escapist magazine, "Symphony of Destruction," is all about how music affects and changes the way we game. So we thought we'd take the opportunity to test you guys: How much do you know about videogame music?

This isn't like our normal quizzes, either. We took 25 excellent tunes from videogames new and classic alike, and chopped them down into ~10-second-long bits. How many songs can you successfully match to their respective games? Just knowing the big hitters won't help, either: While all these songs are great in their own rights, we decided to take out any of the most well-known soundtracks you might commonly find in a quiz like this. This means no Mario, no Zelda, no Mega Man - you get the idea.

Now, since this quiz is a toughie, we'll be awarding you a badge depending on how well you do - but unlike our normal personality quizzes, you only get one! You can take the quiz as many times as you want to try to get all of the answers right, but the badge you get your first time through is the badge you're stuck with - so be careful.

You can take as long as you want to ensure perfection, but your time will show up on our leaderboards. Does haste make waste? It's your choice, and yours alone!

If you think your auditory sensors (also known as "ears") are up to the challenge, then you can take The Escapist's Music Madness quiz here! Good luck, since you'll probably need it.

The Music Madness Quiz!


I'm 3rd place for now! I would like to underline now at the precise time.

One of the entries made me so nostalgic that I have to plug one of my old consoles.

Note* I don't want to give away any answers.

I'm betting I missed most of the JRPG and old Western RPG ones.

Definitely some iconic tunes in there! Very nostalgic.

That was hard since i hadnt played almost any of those games and you carnt really work it out from sound clips, but i was suprised that all the games i have played im sure i got right

Great song choices, you now have me looking up old favorites. I once had a music appreciation class where half the test was being able to remember a song by it's first 10 seconds.

Woo 3rd out of 35... I'd say that's pretty good with an 80%

The Red Alert and Battlefield 1942 themes really got the nostalgia going =)

Some great music choices in there for sure!!

64% - Section Leader =D

2nd out of 59, with only one wrong (and the guy above me being a member of the escapist). Damn I know too many of those, Although I smiled when I heard some of the clips :)

Also, is there any way to keep track of the scoreboard? Just curious to see how everyone else does.

Bah, too many games I have never played. I failed on all of the games that are PS exclusive, and every piece of JRPG. The rest I got pretty fast. This does show that iconic game music sticks with you forever :D

Just under 50% but the ones I knew, damnit I knew them.

Yay! I got loads of them!

It's just the Japanese ones I couldn't do...

67%. There were alot of those odd japanese titles I hadn't played.

Wow, I haven't played half of those games and I still managed to get 20/25. I mean, I love certain OST for certain franchises, but otherwise don't listen to a lot of video game music. Currently at 6th place! Kinda feels good.

I really liked how To Zanarkand was chosen too... one of my favourite piano pieces. Now time to listen to some Nobuo Uematsu.

Holy crap, I'm in 3rd out of 101, with 88%!

Those were some good tunes, found myself saying "F*** yeah!" On ones I knew and loved.

Tough. 80%.


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Nobuo Uematsu, Jeremy Soule, Yasunori Mitsuda - not only do you know who these names are, they're practically your idols, man!


Indeed. I love all of their work...Although, I'm a bigger fan of Iwadare than any of those 3.

I got most of them except for the PC ones.

Now...I have to go play 2 of my favorite PS1 JRPGs now. Sorry, New Vegas.

Seriously, you can't talk about great game music without JRPGs.

Now, I might have known very little of those, but that was some kickass damn music. Fantastic.

And, going by the general logic, not by knowledge, I actually got 17 out of 25.

Seriously though, want all of these, on a CD, now!

EDIT: Retook it, now 19.

Also, might speak volumes about me, but my favorite one was the military one (not to spoil from which game).

Holy crap, that was awesome... I'm surprised how many I instantly knew O_o I'm kinda proud of myself.

72%.... I'll take it.

52% I dont play that many Jrpg's (exept for ffx with to zanarkand that still makes tear role out of my eyes)

44%...pretty bad, I ended up guessing a lot, lots of games I don't play, like JRPGs.

I call BS on anyone getting high scores in less than 3 minutes, that's not even enough time to listen to the tracks let alone click next and wait for the page to load.
OT: i was waiting for the game represented in the last track to show up on this list, It would be a disappointment if it wasn't

5th so far, with 84 %.

Best quiz in a while.

48% Damn, I haven't even heard of half those games, let alone the music.

mm, 19/25, not bad given I did have to guess alot of the them though.

I got 60%... (Section Leader - That's certainly true... ;O) ) quite proud of that, given I haven't played most of the games in the quiz!

Now if someone could PM me the answer to #17, I'd be eternally grateful, because I was sure I had that right...

Love love LOVE that you chose To Zanarkand. I love that piece of music and I love that game.

Got a 64% I didn't know a lot of those weird Japanese ones and I definitely messed up on a couple of PS3 games.


I think it often boiled down to which was the most famous of the bunch. Nice little injection of nostalgia (has BF 1942 theme running in background now). I suspect that most of the ones I got wrong were from the JRPGS.

Also wierd how you'd pick songs with the title of the game in it (like Loco Roco or Daytona). I mean I knew these tracks but it's still pretty easy.

XD, sorry I had to.

I call BS on anyone getting high scores in less than 3 minutes, that's not even enough time to listen to the tracks let alone click next and wait for the page to load.
OT: i was waiting for the game represented in the last track to show up on this list, It would be a disappointment if it wasn't

There were a few where I only needed to hear the first second and I knew what it was. I'm sure those with blisteringly fast times were just even better at doing that then I was.

Oddly enough I was listening to one of them AS I was answering the question it was involved in.

I scored 67%. Many goosebumps were had, so I'm happy anyway. :3

Section Leader
Section Leader

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I'm pretty pleased with my 72%. And yes, I have indeed thought about buying a ticket for a videogame music concert.

Onyx Oblivion:
Seriously, you can't talk about great game music without JRPGs.

And that's exactly why I only got 72%, all the JRPG questions left me with a "Holy crap I haven't played a single one of these games! Ahhhh!" Pretty tunes for sure though.

Aiyaaaaaa! Thank you very much. That's 80%.

I think this quiz found a nice balance between iconic tunes, good stuff, and ridiculously obscure stuff. I'm 18th for now.

Hmmmm... being primarily a PC gamer has its disadvantages... although I would like to note that the only correct answers I got were those in which the games were available for PC.

Well, got the ones that are from games i played, mostly, the one with the diablo/torchlight options was tricky because they are so similar. Very sneaky! Considering in how many instances ive never heard of any of the 4 offered games, 10/25 is pretty good.

Very fun quiz!

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