Mother 4 Coming Without Nintendo's Help

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Keep flying under that radar guys!

I want this to be released sooooo badly.

But with Nintnedo being the thick-skulled lawyer-happy twats that they have been as of late (see: Japanese Pokemon Black and White being pulled from the internet) I suspect this'll be killed and we will be pissed.

Yeah...perhaps a game "inspired" by Mother would be better. Nintendo will probably shut this down.

Any reason the mother games aren't on VC yet? I mean, how much does it cost to distribute the games digitally?

At least you guys actually got any of the Earthbound games.. Stupid PAL region. I'd like to see this come out, as I've heard so many great things about the series.

This. I want me some Giygas but I'm reluctant to pirate a copy of it.

That is awesome! Hopefully it'll actually be released.

At least you guys actually got any of the Earthbound games.. Stupid PAL region. I'd like to see this come out, as I've heard so many great things about the series.

Indeed, Nintendo's policy towards one of it's best remembered and most different titles is just baffling. It's a testiement to how much more they could actually do to improve their line-up instead of just re-making their earlier titles over and over. I love nintendo and thay make great games but with a few little touches they could be so much better.

Won't Nintendo just shut them down? It's what they seem to do with just about everyone else.

if its done with mother 3s engine then they cant do anything as the game was never sold in america. this isnt crimson echoes people

yeah, if there's something nintendo hates is free publicity

Nintendo had better not shut them down and instead lend some support to Azure Studios to help bring this game to full fruition.

I wish these guys the greatest luck. I hope they're almost finished and release it long enough for it to get out before facing Nintendo's wrath.

I'm a little late to the party here, but a thought or three:

Why the heck do the folks who work so hard on these well-intentioned fan projects destined to be shot out of the sky ONLY think like hopelessly starry-eyeballed fanboys and girls and NOT like true game creators? Put yourself in any game company's shoes for a minute and you'll see that they've every right to stop anyone from reworking an IP they own into a new game, even if it's a series that's been dead for some time.

If you're going to spend hundreds or thousands of hours (and I'm gathering some of your own money) making unofficial "sequels", parodies or any work that pays homage to ANY already existing game series whether it's currently being published or out of production for ages, why not get the proper legal clearances FIRST? If you get a big, fat NO, no worries as long as you go do something completely ORIGINAL and release it down the road.

It's ridiculous for any of the otherwise fine folks tinkering away on their "homage"-packed projects to whine about how Nintendo (or any other company with an IP they're using without proper permission) is shutting them down if they haven't done all their homework before they put in those years of programming (or drag & dropping, in the case of RPG Maker games). Legally, they have no leg to stand on when that cease and desist order hits them in the forehead. Especially if they're using the unofficial OK of a creator as the "final" word in deciding to go forward with the project.

Obviously, these folks are quite talented, but so what? As noted earlier, at the end of the day, they'd be MUCH better off using those talents to create an ORIGINAL game and possibly trying to get it released over WiiWare or perhaps Xbox Live or PSN if it meets their standards. I'd rather see them get PAID and get happy, not get shut down and pissed off because they didn't understand how things work from a legal standpoint.

I'd imagine some of the team on this project wants work in the industry, right? Somehow, I don't think a resume with "Nintendo shut down our game's website and made us destroy the code once it was released because we didn't know they still owned the rights to the franchise" would get your foot in too many doors.

As for The Escapist running this story, they've every right to - that's games journalism, folks...


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