Piece of Gaming History for Sale on Ebay

Piece of Gaming History for Sale on Ebay

You can now buy the original painting of the cover art for Sega's Night Trap, the FMV title that sparked the 90s Congressional hearings on mature content in videogames.

The seller of the Night Trap painting doesn't know what game it depicts, but we certainly do. I don't have any way to authenticate the piece of art but all of the details seem to match up. The seller said it came from the Sega vaults and the air-brushed painting looks a bigger, more detailed version of the box art for the Sega CD copy of Night Trap. The painting is signed, and, as of press time, the winning bid is only $250. I don't know about you, but I'm seriously considering placing a bid, and it has nothing to do with the ladyparts clearly visible in the painting. The painting is part of our gaming heritage.

It's kind of laughable when you look at it now but Sega's Night Trap was once thought to be poisoning our youth. The full motion video title put you in a mansion in which you try to stop several scantily clad teenage girls from being attacked by vampires. Congressional hearings in the 90s cited Mortal Kombat, Doom and Night Trap as chief evidence of the moral depravity of videogame industry. Of course, the Congressmen got the plot of Night Trap all wrong and thought that the player was attacking naked girls instead of trying to save them but that's neither here nor there.

The hearings spawned the Entertainment Software Rating Board and the M for Mature or E for Everybody ratings we see on videogames today. Night Trap, and the nearly-nekkid young vixen depicted in this painting, began the discussion of mature content in videogames that will be finally decided by the Supreme Court on Nov. 2nd.

Owning that is worth a few hundred bucks, isn't it? Now, I just have to explain this to the wife...

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man I would do almost anything for that poster, that game marked my childhood by introducing me to consoles (and teaching me what to stay away from)

besides, it's 90s Sega, it's impossible to hate 90's Sega

If I had any sort of decent income, I'd seriously consider getting it.

If the painting had been the cover of Doom or Doom II, I'd have jumped at that bid button regardless.

Oh man, that is fantastic. My brother and I played this when it came out, and we couldn't believe how cheesy, campy and outrageously bad it was, but that just made it so very fun. That's great art, and I wonder who ended up with it after all this time.

Someone [richer than I] should buy it and give it to Joe Lieberman for his birthday.


And lest we forget this piece of fine digital story telling is/was one of Dana Plato's, actor and prescription forger, final few paying gigs before taking the ole Vicodin train out the world o' the living.

This was one of 3 titles that were the absolute high point of my video game testing career. It was beyond hilariously bad, and to think it could have ever seemed like a threat makes one wonder how people survived Kirk and Uhura kissing on national TV.

And they say Mass Effect was sketchy with its adult relationships and intimacy.

I'd buy it if there was money in my pocket and a space on my wall.

I'm expecting it to at least go higher than $600

It's already at $355.00 and it's got six days left to go... this is going way up past $1000 I reckon!

Want. So very want.

You guys could open an espacist-donation account at paypal.

That way we could all chip in 5$ or something like that to prevent that picture from landing in some wierdos garage. Probably would make a great addition to the Escapist's office.

Susan Arendt:
Want. So very want.

I would totally silkscreen a set of bed sheets and pillow cases with that sucker. Perhaps some jammies. Maybe a pair of Night Trap socks.

And if I still had the gold master of the game I once nicked from my testing lab, it would be yours.


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