Square Enix Offers Mercenaries RPG Rewards

Square Enix Offers Mercenaries RPG Rewards


To promote Tactics Ogre's upcoming remake, Square Enix is asking gamers to complete missions to win some sweet JRPG prizes.

Killing a bear in a tactical JRPG like Tactics Ogre might earn players a special item, but in real life all you would get is a big, gross mess. Square Enix is thankfully bringing some of that mission-based gameplay into the real world with a promotion that awards players with something less disgusting for completing specific tasks.

The Tactics Ogre mission headquarters was created to promote Square Enix's upcoming PSP remake of SNES tactical RPG classic Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. The game won't be out in North America until sometime in early 2011, so completing Square Enix's missions will have to help tide you over.

The first mission runs until October 25 and asks people to fill in the captions of four screenshots. My captions involved fried pickles, so yours may not. The winner will get two surprisingly cool prizes including one copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the PSP and one copy of the original Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation.

The image provided of the prizes from Square Enix indicates that this will be a sealed copy of the PS1 game, and not a ticket to download the version currently available on the PlayStation Network. It's a bit odd to give away a game in the original format released nearly 13 years ago, but at the same time it's kind of awesome in a retro way. There are slots on Tactics Ogre's HQ for 11 more missions, so hopefully the prizes will get even better as time goes on, and the missions will become even more fun.

Source: Tactics Ogre Mission HQ


That game never seemed very good to me, I.E. lots of restarts from your soldiers dieing, and being completely unrevivable. At least in Final Fantasy you had a few turns to save them.

Never understood the appeal, myself.

I'd rather pick up a copy of Disgaea or something.

Lol. Ahh Sqeenix, will you ever learn?

"Let's completely revamp our SECOND most critically acclaimed and cult-classic Tactics Ogre.....and market it by dangling about the corpse of our MOST successful RTS!."

So... They are giving away a remake and a game that probably half of America can't play anymore... smart.

So... They are giving away a remake and a game that probably half of America can't play anymore... smart.

At least America got to play FFT. It didn't get a European release at all. Now that I hear it is also on the American PS store (it's not in the EU) I am even more annoyed.

I'm going to go ahead and assume this is America only?

What's that? Europeans and Australians likev tactical games too? Pull the other one, it has got bells on.


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