NBA Jam Is On Fire for PS3 and Xbox

NBA Jam Is On Fire for PS3 and Xbox


EA has announced that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of NBA Jam will be in stores on November 17th.

Boom shaka laka! The Wii version of the NBA Jam remake has been out for a while and has garnered generally positive reception, but so far Xbox 360 and PS3 owners couldn't get their hands on the cartoony basketball goodness. Jam was originally supposed to available for download if you bought EA's NBA Elite but when that game was delayed, EA announced a standalone SKU for Jam. Now EA has dated the release of NBA Jam: it will be in stores on November 17th for $49.99.

The PS3 and 360 version will be in full HD and offer multiplayer support over PSN and Xbox Live. At first, you can play in 2-on-2 matches but EA promises to add more multiplayer modes in the coming months including streetball favorites like Backboard Smash, Domination Free-for-All, Elimination, and 21.

And if that's not enough to get you pumped, NBA Jam features all kinds of unlockable characters like Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. Personally, I hope that George Clinton will be a playable character. His multi-color dreads would frighten and confuse any opponent!


I have been playing the hell outta this on the Wii.
PS3 and 360 owners, you are in for a treat.

As fun as this game sounds i'm just not willing to pay $50 for a sports game.

Does anyone know if the PS3 version will support local multiplayer? This game's over the top style is really the sort of thing you'd get friends over to enjoy as a group.

NBA JAM HALFTIME REPORT! ALTITUDE WITH AN ATTITUDE!, that brings me back. And didn't the SNES version have George Clinton as a secret character? I remember playing some two-on-two with George and Bill Clinton (no relation) way back in the day.

Seriously, though. Fifty bucks? This game had better bring a lot more than retro coolness for that price.

Ive never played many sports games, apart from if skate 3 counts, but I do like the look of this
Hmmmmmff theres too many other games that I want more, but I may give this a try later on in the year

I remember sinking many a pocket full of quaters in the original arcade version of this game. $50 seems a bit steep so I pick it up the second it hits $40.

I loved NBA Jam back in the day and had countless hours of dorm room tournaments. However, that was many years ago and I don't think my future wife will find it as fun as I did. Hmmm...50/50 on purchase at the moment.

I'm not feeling these realistic graphics.

Welcome to. NBA JAM-JAM-Jam-Jam!

I'm gonna keep a lookout for this, had no idea they made a remake.

This game is partly brought to you by my Texturing class teacher, who worked first hand on this game.

No I can't score you a copy.

That screenshot shows LeBron with Cleveland. I take it they're fixing that.

So freaking glad. I was not willing to shell out for NBA Elite to get a half-worked copy. Might wait for a price drop is a bit steep since EA are still working on multiplayer modes.


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