Stunning Sonic Fan Game Gets Demo

Stunning Sonic Fan Game Gets Demo

The Sonic fan game that gives Sonic 4 something to worry about is now playable.

The two-man programmer/designer team behind the Sonic Fan Remix, a spruced up remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, has released a short playable demo for people to download and try out.

Anyone who saw the video when we reported on this project a few weeks ago - and for those who haven't seen it, it's just there to your right - will know that the game was a rather pleasing to the eye, and I'm happy to say that it looks just as good when you play it. It's got a decent feeling of speed too, which should make fans of the classic Sonic games happy.

Besides the graphical update, the team has added things that the original game never had, like weather effects and nighttime levels, along with neat little touches like Buzz Bombers with searchlights and a huge sign for "Robotland" - which looks quite a bit like the famous Hollywood sign - in the background. In some ways, it's a shame the game moves along so quickly, as there's a lot of things that the team has put that you might miss when you're racing past at full speed.

You can grab the demo either from the official site, or from a download mirror that was set up to handle the number of people wanting to give it a try. It's certainly worth a few minutes of your time, whether you're a long-time Sonic fan or not.



They need to get a torrent up of this, I can't even get on the site.

Edit: As I type that I the site shows me a torrent. Lovely!

To hell with the demo, all I want is that badass mix of the Sonic 2 Boss music that plays at the start of the video :D

thats friggin awesome, someone should do this with Super Mario Bros. the original

thats friggin awesome, someone should do this with Super Mario Bros. the original

What would they do with the cloudbushes?

So they haven't been shut down yet?

That is pretty awesome....might have to get that demo.

wow... Sega must be shitting a brick over how great this is in comparison to their sonic 4 which is made by professionals

edit: holy balls i just played it and its amazing the visuals tho a bit distracting are gorgeous and feel alive , the gameplay is spot on , music is marvelous its just amazing how 2 guys (i think its majorly just 2) made this. major props to them.

my only grip with the demo i that its rather heavy on the hardware i get like 15-25 fps on avg which is bad, i can play games like bioshock and valve games on max with decent fps but a 100 mb demo....

Holy...! Amazing quality, visually stunning, great nostalgic gameplay once you adjust for it, and I even like the character design a lot more than the other post-2d Sonics. These guys should be very proud, and I hope Sega learns from this. This is what I want out of a Sonic sequel!

This looks so much better than Sonic 4 it's actually ridiculous. I just hope I can get home and download it before Sega pull the plug.

OMG! This looks so much better then any Sonic gamae realeasd this year.

This is how a Sonic game should be like.

That looks amazing. The kind of thing they would sell on xbl for 20 quid and people would call it a bargain.

It looks great, but it's just a re-make of Sonic 2, isn't it? So it's not much on an overall creative level, regardless of the very nice detailing.

Sonic 4, from the small bit I played of it, was not that bad. It reminded me a lot of the old sonic, and the lock on made the game have some aspects BETTER then the original.

THAT BEING SAID, I only played the demo. So the rest of the game could be a dog shit bullet. As for a remake of SOnic 2, it looks pretty nice. But I still have Sonic 2. Its just as great as ever, why throw a fresh coat of paint on it if you didnt need to?

This game is VERY impressive, and it makes me want to play Sonic 2... But why not go for an original sonic adventure? Just to show off your technology and whatnot. Still, very impressive.

So they haven't been shut down yet?

Bah. SEGA isn't Nintendo. They're not THAT heartless with their fans.


If SEGA listens to Extra Credits at all, I hope they do just that.

The demo looks great, although I had to run it on the lowest settings, and there are only three levels so far. Still, for around 110 Mb, that's a lot of beautiful detail.

Sonic 4 isn't bad either. I've finished the game and enjoyed every second I played, but the recycled bosses were a bit lazy. Seeing the redesigns of the old Zones is always nice, however.

I hope they get the time to release Sonic 2 in full.

EDIT: Just played it, Max settings easy, and it looks fantastic. I can't wait to see the finished game.

It's pretty, but it's awfully busy too. I can't really make out Sonic half of the time against the exact-same-shade background. A little contrast wouldn't go amiss there.

Bah, Sonic 4 has bigger things to worry about than a Sonic 2 fan remix. Like, say, it's completely terrible physics engine shitting all over SEGA's promises to make a game like the old Genesis titles.

I'm downloading this demo though; maybe if I squint hard enough I can pretend it's the real Sonic 4 and that SEGA succeeded for the first time since the 90's.

To hell with the demo, all I want is that badass mix of the Sonic 2 Boss music that plays at the start of the video :D

same here...anyone knows where to find it...

Let it die, people.

Never has such rabid fanboy-ism infected a gaming series like this before.

I can't wait for the full game to be released! It's a great work in progress so far, though the physics could use some work. I also look forward to seeing the special stages, and hearing the rest of the soundtrack.

On first impressions, it impressed me more than Sonic 4, however both are still works in progress (Sonic 4 being episodic and all), so until we see a full version of this, and all Sonic 4 episodes released, I can't really compare.

Off topic in regards to Sonic 4: What the holy fuck were they thinking with the special stage design and the boss music? They were awful!

The Escapist's on fairly shaky legal ground assisting the free distribution of what is essentially, Sega's property.  No, you're not hosting it, but if certain members were to be especially litigious, it would be pretty easy to get caught up in the storm.  IMHO this is way beyond fair use.  The disclaimer that they use on the linked site is pretty laughable too. Remember, it was not so long ago that all of those LittleBigPlanet 'remake' levels were taken down, and those didn't even use propriety code.

I'm all for the people and not so much for large corporations, but this stuff (as much as I wish it were) is not public domain.  Hopefully Sega will sign off on all of this, but until then I think the moral and legal advice for this would be to stay away.

P.S. I think LBP's and MineCraft's community content should lie under fair use, so you have my full support as far as that goes.

what should happen is sega should hire them, they did this off their own backs and have the skills.

Best sonic game Ive played in years...and its not from Sega?

Two dudes show the entire Sega team how it's done, hilarious :D
Top props to the guys, the game is amazing, it's the first proper Sonic in... must be about 10 years now.

But they will probably be sued to starvation for this :(

Well the title screen looks cool. Pity no controls will work for me though.

edit: had to rebind "Enter" to "Return"..weird..

Very cool so far, and that whale made me shit a brick.

Okay wow. I can't comment on the level design because I only played the demo of Sonic 4 (although I played it many times to see if I could get myself to like the physics [and no I couldn't]), plus this is mostly just a straight copy/paste of Sonic 2 levels, although I did like the few twists they through in to keep players on their toes (okay this is where the boss is WHOA there is a loop here now).

But looking at everything else... It's amazing how 2 guys made a game that is better in every way than Sonic 4. First of all, it actually plays like a Sonic game. The graphics are much better, especially the Sonic model. I don't care so much that Sonic 4 went with "new style" Sonic with the longer legs and whatnot, but the model just looks off for some reason the entire time. But this one in the fan version, it's just awesome! And the music is better too, even though it is just the old music (which was always great) remixed. But compared to that track they had in the Sonic 4 demo, which was awful... Sorry, still have to comment on how the music is better.

I know I said in another thread that I no longer care about anything new involving Sonic, but if these guys actually come up with a complete version of this, I'll probably check it out.

The guys did a fantastic job making the gameplay feel like a Sonic game and creating really detailed backgrounds and environments. I'm proud to have my music in the game and it's great to see it getting the recognition it deserves! You can find the other Sonic 2 music I created on my youtube channel,

They did do a fantastic game.

Preparing for Sega C&D in 3, 2...

I downloaded the demo, but for some reason I can't get any picture. The game starts up fine, music playing in the background, controls work (I actually started the game once), but it's just a black screen. Anyone have any input?

This is amazing. It may just be a remake of Sonic 2, but it works very well, and it looks ten times better than Sonic 4. The physics also feel like the old games, as opposed to Sonic 4, which feels like Sonic has the inertia of a whale.


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