Second Life CEO Steps Down

Second Life CEO Steps Down


Eleven years after he created Second Life, Philip Rosedale is abdicating his position as CEO of Linden Lab in order to work on a new venture, "LoveMachine."

Philip Rosedale, the man who founded Linden Lab and created Second Life, has revealed that he's moving on for something new. Rosedale has announced that he's instead going to focus on his new startup: LoveMachine. In order to do this, the man is stepping down from his position as CEO.

Even though he's been a member of Linden's board since 1999, Rosedale's only functioned as CEO for the past four months, since Mark Kingdon wound up stepping down from the position.

According to Rosedale (via the LoveMachine blog), though, he'll still be involved with Second Life and Linden Lab: "I'll be leaving day-to-day management of the company and continuing in my role on the board, including helping in the search to find a great CEO."

Despite the fact that LoveMachine sounds more like the name of a skeevy dating site than a legitimate company, it's apparently working on a number of ambiguous projects dealing with virtual currency and AI technologies. Whether or not it will deal with flying penis attacks remains to be seen.



"Love Machine"? 0_O Sounds...interesting.

I'm sure there will be at least 10 or 20 flying penis attacks though....

Despite the fact that Second Life is more like a skeevy dating site than a legitimate game, it's apparently working on a number of ambiguous player-made projects dealing with virtual dongs and AI sexbots. Whether or not it will deal with flying penis attacks is obvious.

Second Life has a CEO?

I've always kind of assumed that it was some form of anarchy. Also, pseudoresignation note copy-pasted from Bill Gates much?

Finally realized how boring that over hyped life sim is?

Finally realized how boring that over hyped life sim is?

Well it's not really a game.

OT: It's been around for 11 years? I only heard about it 3 years ago at most.

Second Life prime example of how a good idea that was brought down by not strongly enforcing community standards. I don't see this new company being very successful.

Well, Anon should be busting a nut about this.

Love Machine 2 love boat

I thought second life died years ago

Second Life is still around? The only place I ever hear about it is in business-school textbooks alongside all the other hilariously dated references (including one in my IS textbook about the innovative genius of Robert Nardelli, who has since run two companies---Home Depot and Chrysler---into the ground.)

this experiment really failed hard ! and i'm glad it did.

I'm slightly terrified aboutt LoveMachine, I can only imagine what it could be.

My guess? E-strip clubs, including the whole "tipping" thing.

I remember using Second Life for autism treatment programs and cancer models.

But I suppose it's all floating penises now.

Sounds like robot love companions to me.

The world is not ready!

Love Machine? That's me! I could make millions off the trademark. To the copyrightmobile!

I kid.

flying penis attacks...where did that come from???

haha but eh I only touched Second Life cuz my [ex]girlfriend wanted me to try it out with her


Speaking as an occasional resident of Second Life, this won't change much. "Philip Linden" as the community knows him rarely interacted directly with the grid and its residents anyway. Virtual life will go on for the citizens of that strange, glitchy world. I do miss it occasionally, but most of the people who've posted so far in this thread really don't understand it or have any conception of what it's good for... I only stopped using it because it stopped being useful to me.

I'm still a SLer from time to time... I don't see Philip's stepping down affecting.... anything at all, really. Well, I'm sure some anti-Linden groups will go nuts, and sections of the community will all have their opinions and be at war over it, but that's about par for the course on SL. =/ I'll care when they [Linden Labs] start to.

Love machine?

Love the machine?

All glory to the Omnissiah!

Second Life pretty much was a "Love Machine" last I heard, so I guess the CEO is just feeling an urge to call a spade a spade (with a penis attached).


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