NHL Player Apologizes for Blowing It in NHL 11

NHL Player Apologizes for Blowing It in NHL 11


Dallas Stars agitator Adam Burish apologized to a gamer for blowing a play in NHL 11 but maintained that it wasn't really his fault at all.

On October 16, an unhappy hockey fan named Alex sent the following email to the Dallas Stars:

I was recently playing a game of EA Sports NHL 11. I was down by one goal against my friend, I was on a 2 on 0 and was impeded by #16 Adam Burish, and was unable to achieve a scoring opportunity, I ask that Adam Burish publicly apologizes to me for he had cost me that game of NHL 11. Thank you for you cooperation during this crisis.



It's the sort of thing that annoyed gamers toss out into the ether all the time, venting their frustration with whatever passing irritant has most recently ruffled their feathers. Alex was probably pretty surprised, then, when Burish not only responded to the email, but actually gave him the apology he demanded.

"Sorry I ruined your game," he said in a video posted to the Dallas Stars website. "You know what, though, when your guys are that slow, they get in my way, so whoever's controlling them, I don't know if it's you or the computer, maybe you should have a talk with them."

"They're just in my way, their passes are in my skates, it was a mess out there. Get your guys going, get your guys skating a little bit so they get out of my way, alright?" he continued. "Sorry I ruined the game, but talk to your guys next time."

Burish, who came to the Stars for the 2010-2011 season after spending four years with the Chicago Blackhawks, told NHL On the Fly that he's actually not a gamer himself. "I'm not much of a video game guy. I haven't played it," he said. "But I think I gotta do it now."

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Well, whoever sent that letter in the first place couldn't have been serious, could they? Funny that he replies, and manages to keep it all tongue-in-cheek.

that guy is awesome (the hockey player not alex)

That's....a bit exagerated...

haha, very cool indeed. going to see the dallas stars november 20th, CANNOT WAIT. got front row seats :D

Well, that sure brightened my day. Nice to see hockey players have a sense of humor.

Whoever sent that E-Mail is a little bitch.

That is awesome. Thumbs up to Burish for being a good sport.

You can tell that the e-mail was a joke, so it's really nice to see Burish keep the joke going

ok i dont know anything about hockey but that dude is awsome!!

Even if the email was a joke, that alex kid has to be feeling like a jerk like now... which he should.

And this is why hockey rocks. Burish isn't the exception, he's the rule. You don't get many overblown egos or gangstas in the NHL.

Not being able to watch Stars games is bar far my biggest complaint about not having cable anymore. Sigh.....my resistances are breaking down.

Ah thats a class act! Apologizing for bad AI XD

the Devs for the game should pay him for apologizing for their failings! hehe


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