Wii Predicted to Outsell PS3 and Xbox 360 This Christmas

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as the core audience has long been satisfied, and the more casual audience comprises the much larger portion of the addressable market.

Are you kidding me?! This is how you treat your hardcore fans? The core audience has been "Satisfied"? I feel like I've been stabbed in the back ever since Brawl!!

Don't get me wrong it puts out some good games, I did like brawl as well as some of the other titles that came out and other M (contrary to most people) still, but half the releases that come out for the other consoles make me cry when I see what Nintendo puts out...

I also know that Nintendo wants the Wii (or at least their consoles) to be used more practically, but... what about us huh?! WHAT ABOUT US?!

Dear heavens...Pachter actually predicting a positive outcome for Nintendo? Why I never! :P

It's hilarious, really. Pacther has been wrong about Nintendo so many times that this time, he appears to have just resigned himself to saying that Nintendo will do well just to avoid it. Of course, he is just predicting the obvious here.

On the topic at hand, I don't expect the Wii to do as well as it did last holiday season. Afterall, they don't have a killer app like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii was this time around. That said, their software lineup for this holiday season is nothing to scoff at, so it should still far outsell the PS3 and 360.

I disagree with the stance that "anyone who wanted a Wii already has one". The Wii and it's software was designed to fight disinterest, to expand into untapped and ignored markets. Even if it has been doing so successfully so far, there are still plenty of people not actively gaming...meaning plenty of opportunity to drive Wii momentum further. Besides, with the economic situation being what it is, it is entirely possible that there are still plenty of people that would buy a Wii, but that hesitate to do so. A holiday season is the perfect time to obtain such potential customers.

A new colour helps too. :P

Oh fun. More "predictions" from an "analyst".

You give me a giggle Mr Pachter.

Onyx Oblivion:

Mr. Pachter... you say the Wii has a "slew of great games."


Sin & Punishment 2
Mario Galaxy 1 + 2
Twilight Princess
Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
Super Paper Mario
Metroid Prime 3
Metroid Prime Trilogy Collection

All of which were mediocre at best and marred by the Wii's terrible controller. Your point?

"and the new XL and regular DSi models haven't really captured anyone's imagination,"

No F***ING duh!


Always A Fez:
Is this really important?

In my opinion, no.

*Fucks off back to S.T.A.L.K.E.R*

Thank you for playing one of the greatest survival horror games in recent memory.

You're very welcome, my friend.

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