Creepy Hospital Droid Watches You When You're Sick

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Creepy Hospital Droid Watches You When You're Sick

Better make sure you have plenty of visitors during your hospital stay, or they might send in the droids to keep you company.

Welcome to Uncanny Valley Hospital, where every room comes equipped with an unnerving automaton to watch over you with cold, dead eyes. Thankfully, that's not a real place, but sadly the robot is. The Actroid-F, as it's called, was developed by Kokoro Co. Ltd. and ATR to act as an observer in hospital rooms.

The Actroid-F isn't actually autonomous; instead, it tracks and replicates the operator's head movements, albeit in a much more jerky fashion. It puts me in mind of a Lieutenant Commander Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with the not entirely natural looking head tilts. On the plus side, its range of movement seems to be limited to the face and upper body, so there's no risk of waking up and finding it standing over you, stroking your hair.

Putting the creepy factor aside for a moment, the robot looks remarkably lifelike when it's still, but the way it moves very quickly reveals that something is "off" about it. Personally, if I was sick enough to be in hospital, it's not something I'd want in the room with me. Perhaps it's different in Japan, but the efforts to make it look more like a person actually make it less comforting, and something with a more obviously mechanical face would likely be a lot more effective. But then again, that really is the essence of the uncanny valley.

Source: io9


That's a robot!? They have some really nice artists in Japan!

whats up with japanese dudes and hot chick robots? Umm nevermind

I have to admit, that's insanely well done. And awesome.

See that's actually reached the point now where it's too lifelike to trigger the uncanny-valley response to me. God damn that is realistic looking, animations are close enough too.

This showing up in the H industry in...


why am I picturing that thing instead of Arnold in the terminator films

Good call on that being the essence of the uncanny valley. Sometimes it looks somewhat believable, but then something happens and we're back in the valley again.

Oh man, they should totally pull a prank on someone with this.

"Hey nurse, why are you moving your lips so awkwardly... and that hand is... whoa why are you so cold... and STIFF? GET ME OUT OF HEEEEEEERE!"

having watched the video, and comparing it with western robots and shit, I can say, that the future will be a post apocalyptic world, where Megamans (yes, it's on purpose) and Gundams will fight world wars against terminators and skynet

That's awesome I totally want one!!!
but the mouth movements bother me greatly...<.<
I also like how the camera man was zooming into her chest at the end I found it funny...

That's terrifying. Wonderful craftsmanship, but terrifying all the same.

I will say that she is beautiful and fantastically made
but if i am sick i would not want it to watch me. i would be scared to sleep.

OK, I'm going to have nightmares now. It doesn't help that the way the face is lit in the video gives it a sickly, pallid look that reminds me of Sadako in the Ring films.

Damn that shit is scary. And very well done from an aesthetic point of view. But still shit your pants scary.

That was just plain creepy. I don't scare easily, but that? That freaked me right the fuck out! All I could think is what if it became self-aware or something?!?

It's jerky and anamatronic and slightly creepy...but i'd still tap that.

Good captain Christ, I'll never sleep in a hospital again.

It's movements remind me of C-3PO, and its mouth moves like a ventriloquist dummy.

It looks ok as long as it isn't moving. But help them robot-god they ever turn this on in my vicinity!
It looks like their motion capturing was done by a hummingbird and an ant.

Wow, when its still it looks completely like a live person. Too bad its jerky movements kind of ruin it. Still, I'm very impressed.

I must say I'm not creeped out at all by this.

For most of the video you can tell she's a robot, but there's actually a few spots where she could pass as a human being no problem. For example, 1:47-2:00.

Crazy stuff.

It must be destroyed for the good of mankind!

Or at least given a less creepy skin-tone.

whats up with japanese dudes and hot chick robots? Umm nevermind

I'm guessing that they follow this line of thinking:

Konichiwa, I am Keiko your automated helper. I am here to ensure your stay in the hospital is a pleasant one, and to ensure the operation of this hospital remains as smooth and efficient as possible.

Efficiency is key.

Your sickness is contrary to the key goal.

You will now be terminated to ensure operations remain smooth.

Thank you.

I watched the video, but it didn't creep me out lol...
Then again I know my uncanny-valley response is somewhat broken lol.

I would rather have Bender monitor me than this thing. At least I know I can't trust him.

I was expecting the robot to stand up at some point, lift its arm, open its mouth, and then just let out an inhuman noise: RTRTRETRRTRRTRTRTRTRTRRRTRTRTRTRTRTRT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then while the scream paralyzes you, another robot appears from nowhere with a hacksaw. It will collect your brain, whether you like it or not.

Man that creepy, at some moments it overcomes it's shortfalls and actually looks great but then in an instant it can make a movement that is just... wrong and snap! Right back into the depths of uncanny valley and creepy-ville. This switching between beliveably human and obviously robot is so disturbing.

To all robot designers:

Whenever you come up with a new idea for a robot, ask yourself "What would this machine's role be in a Doctor Who episode based on it?". If the answer is: 'Creepy murderous alien robot', then you've failed in making a comforting and lifelike representation of a person.

Well done.

Imagen if you could install it to scream and make its eyes fall out.

And so, Japan's endeavor to create the perfect girlfriend continues.


Something creepy like this could only come from Japan.

Bit uncanny valley, but not as bad as i've seen.

I am still screaming!

Wow, its so lifelike. Thats really fascinating!

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