Pokemon Writer Passes Away

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Pokemon Writer Passes Away


The scribe behind many of the early Pokemon television episodes is no longer with us.

Reports coming out of Japan are saying that Takeshi Shudo, an anime creator and the writer for a significant chunk of the Pokemon franchise, has suddenly passed away. He was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after collapsing at a train station.

The hospital determined that Shudo, 61, suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Though he was given emergency surgery, Shudo wasn't able to recover and passed away on October 29.

Shudo worked on various anime franchises but was probably best known for the Pokemon series. He was the chief writer for the first few arcs of the Pokemon television show from 1997 to 2002, and also wrote the first three full-length Pokemon films.

To me, the most charming episodes of Pokemon were definitely those developed while Shudo was in charge. They were no War and Peace, but I never got tired of seeing Team Rocket blast off, or of Ash defeating arch-nemesis Gary. This is truly a sad day for any Pokemon fan.

Source: ANN


I say in memory to him, we all sing the original theme song, and compile a group song or something like that.

That's a shame, good memories enjoying the early Pokémon episodes.

NOOO! You will be remembered, great sir.


Good-night, sweet poke-prince; and flights of gardevoir sing thee to thy rest.

This seems appropriate:

(cookie for reference as well)

Rest in peace, my friend.

You brought my childhood more joy than I could ever explain.

So that's why the Pokémon anime started sucking later on...
The pokémon anime was my favorite thing ever when I was younger, he'll definitely be missed by me and everyone else who loved his writing.


I had all of the original 151 memorized better than the alphabet. :(

I promise to become the very best, like no-one ever was. In his honor.


This sucks. Those old Pokémon episodes were fucking awesome.

You know what, I'm gonna go and watch the entire first series now. RIP.

Rest in peace creator of my favourite series ever, only the first (and maybe the second) season .

Truly a sad day...blasted off too soon.

I recently began watching the entire original series, from start to finish (so, first five seasons), and find it to be as great as I remembered. We can only thank him for bringing much joy into our childhoods that will last beyond adolescence and continue in the form of franchise.

His legacy will last generations, I believe...I don't see Pokémon going away soon.

Sad thing to hear. The Pokemon anime, along with Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon, is what got me into anime today.

RIP, Shudo-san.

I loved the series, shame he's passed on. he will remain a legend

I say we honor his passing with the longest running joke he started: Cue Jigglypuff singing Amazing Grace. Hide the markers.

Must... not... cry... must... not...


EDIT: In honor of his passing, I shall slay thousands of Chinese people in Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires, in hope that he may find pease. In chaos mode.

There goes my childhood.

May you too rest in Lavender Town's Pokemon Tower.


I grew up watching the first season of Pokemon, and I loved them. Been a Pokemon fan for about 11 years or so, so it's quite sad for me to see the writer of the episodes I watched die.

May he catch them all in heaven. *Sob*

Someone heeds to make a slow, piano and vocals version of the theme tune in memory.

Gotta Catch 'Em All *sniff*

Hopefully they have Pokemon in heaven.

Takeshi Shudo, alas he could not catch them all! DAMN YOU 5TH GEN!!!

BTW Takeshi Shudo is trending on twitter in the uk! is it trending anywhere else?

Rest in peace, you badass motherfucker.

This guy shaped a good chunk my childhood, and I never even knew his name up until now. Goodnight, Mr. Shudo.


Goodbye, you amazing person. I loved the anime when I was a kid. This guy made my childhood happy. Well him and others, but still.

Goodbye sweet prince, and thanks for all the fish.

Rest in peace, you badass motherfucker.

This guy shaped a good chunk my childhood, and I never even knew his name up until now. Goodnight, Mr. Shudo.

You took the words right out of my mouth...

Catch em all in the afterlife will ya!

He will be missed I love pokemon it was my first anime/cartoon that I watched I even have the first movie that I got when it first came out on VHS heh.

Wow. I grew up watching the episodes he wrote. Just, wow.

You won't be forgotten, Mr. Shudo. Rest in peace.


Man, that is a depressing picture.

Awww...there goes a huge part of my childhood
RIP, you magnificent man

*SNIFF* To think that one of the people responsible for writing one of my favorite animes (back when it was any good) is gone, is just... depressing.

(Hugs Pikachu plushie)

I'm not a big pokemon fan, but undoubtedly his work was the best of the series. I still get nostalgic every now and then, especially for the first movie. It's sad to see anyone pass away, but more-so for such a creative man.

Rest in peace, I remember getting the videos when I was younger and watching them for days on end! Loved every single one! Wish this man and his family the best.

...my childhood just took a huge blow.

RIP Takeshi Shudo. Your work is forever in our memories.

Damn I liked that show. I hope that dude is happy in the afterlife.

I hope he died a peaceful death. Sleep well oh great one.

Rest in peace. I will never forget the TV series I could never stop watching. May your fantastic series live long in out hearts.

Ahh man.
This is sad.
I remember watching Pokemon early in the morning all the time as a kid.

And even today when i watch it every now and thin, some of my favorite episodes are the early ones.

My heart goes out to his family, and may he rest in peace.

:(. Damn it. Why do the good have to die?

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