WoW Lore Nerd Becomes WoW Character

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WoW Lore Nerd Becomes WoW Character


The "red shirt guy" who carved himself a slice of internet fame at Blizzcon last week has been rewarded with immortality as a character in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm.

A brief recap, in case you missed it: During a Q&A at the Quest and Lore panel at Blizzcon last weekend, a clearly nervous but nonetheless determined young chap stumped Blizzard Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen with a question about Falstad Wildhammer and the Council of Three Hammers. He then corrected Metzen's off-the-mark response with authority, leading Metzen to eventually throw Lead World Designer Alex Afrasiabi under the bus for the whole thing.

It was a classic awkward-funny moment and now Blizzard is using the Cataclysm expansion to make sure it'll never be forgotten. An image posted to the official WoW forums indicates a new addition to the staff of Falstad Wildhammer, the subject of the RSG's question: A diminuitive, red-shirted "Wildhammer Fact Checker."

Is it legit? It seems like the sort of thing Blizzard would do but the image was met with considerable doubt until the question was settled by none other than Afrasiabi himself, who silenced the debate with two simple words: "It's real." So congratulations, Red Shirt Guy, wherever you are. You've earned it.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm comes out on December 7.


Good old fact checker lol.

This is great. I don't play WoW anymore, nor any other Blizzard game, but I love them for doing stuff like this. Congrats, Red Shirt Guy.

Kudos to that guy. I am just not that cool to have read all the books and studied all the lore on WoW.

Nice to see Blizzard do something for that guy, it's one of the reason I still keep my WoW account.

This just in: Red Shirt Guy dies of massive nerdgasm.

That is awesome....

Seriously! Way to go Blizz!

Say what you will about WoW, you have to admit Blizzard treats it customers right by doing things awesomely.

SO I'm horde... Which means rather than saying congrats to him, I'll be seeing how often I can cleave his head in two XD

This will be interesting

SO I'm horde... Which means rather than saying congrats to him, I'll be seeing how often I can cleave his head in two XD

This will be interesting

Cheers for clearing that up :P!

I always *from the start of hearing this thing about the Red Shirt Guy* assumed it was located in the Throne Room of Black Rock Depths, but you mentioning Horde has made me realise its actually in Ironforge... serves me right for not following anything Spoiler related to Cataclysm then! :x

/salute Wildhammer Fact Checker

Its not currently in the Beta, as they haven't corrected the NPC in question, but its soon to be updated to beta. that's why a lot of people were unsure about it being genuine.

I dont care for Wow much anymore, but stuff like this always make me smile...

Epic Win! I may never play WoW, but you can't help but respect the way they treat their community.

Have to say, awesome move is awesome. Nice one, Blizzard. This is the kind of PR that just pays off.

I wonder if they specially add his voice in it. (ugh, that voice)

That was probably the happiest moment of his life. And that is kinda sad, really. But whatever floats his boat. We can't all love the same things and have the same aspirations. Overall if something makes a person happy it's good news. We would all like to be characters in a game or a movie or even a book I believe.

This just in: Red Shirt Guy dies of massive nerdgasm.

Na, he'd wonder where this guys place in lore was.

OT; Nice going. Wish I could have gaming immortality...

That's adorable...

... in a cringe-inducingly nerdy sort of way.

Fully awesome - congrats to Red Shirt Guy.
I don't play WoW, but this article filled me with nothing but cheer!

... was this the non-critical update that happened this morning? ¬¬

Or isn't he on the beta yet?

This is very awesome of Blizz.

And people wonder why folks hurle large quantities of cash at them every month.

This is why WoW is the best MMO. Because Blizzard cares about their fans, they aim to please and this is a great example of how they support the people who support them.

This is pretty cool, it's nice to see Activision didn't suck all the Blizzard sole away... yet

I enjoy it when developers recognize their fan base within their games. Whether its creating an Easter Egg, or referencing NPCs after them, it's something they didn't have to do, but did.
Nicely Done.

/salute Wildhammer Fact Checker


Off Topic: From what I've seen the guys voice must have been like one of the beggars from Oblivion?

OT: Good move Blizzard... Now get your facts straight.

lol so thats what it takes to be immortalized in a videogame! stump the guys behind the game!

Metzen throwing Alex Afrasiabi under the bus was so LOL worthy XD

Thats really funny. that was balsy of that kid to go up and ask that question

That guy really did win Blizzcon.

Chake up another win for all the WoW Nerds out there


+1 Awesomeness of Video Game Nerds

That is all.

Wheres my dragon hating Leeroy jenkins NPC?

I have to wonder what he says if you talk to him.

While I give kudos to Blizz and the red shirt guy for catching them out, this sounds like something that could've been handled in a simple bug report.

Your in a Beta TEST. You TEST the product for problems and report them like everyone else should be doing. Why this kid did it at Blizzcon rather than just file a report i don't know.

Meanwhile the guy's sitting at home, "There's no way I would be carrying that loot, it doesn't fit into the timeline of my election to the position of Fact Checker."

This just in: Red Shirt Guy dies of massive nerdgasm.

Well, he has to die somehow, he's a red shirt. That's what they're for!

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