Volunteers Needed for Charity D&D Event in LA!

Volunteers Needed for Charity D&D Event in LA!


Satine Phoenix from I Hit It With My Axe wants you to volunteer!

Satine is organizing a Celebrity Charity Dungeons and Dragons game to take place on Sunday, November 7th in Los Angeles, California. Celebrity guests will include Zak Smith, Mandy Morbid, and Kimberly Kane from I Hit It With My Axe; Dan Milano from Robot Chicken; Sandeep Parikh from The Guild; and more.

In order to make the event run smoothly, Satine is looking for volunteers from 1pm to 9pm on Sunday, November 7th. She'd love to have members of The Escapist community who live in the Los Angeles area volunteer to help with the event.

If you're interested, send an email to [email protected] with "Celebrity D&D Volunteer" in the Subject Line.

All of the proceeds from this event will benefit a life-changing L.A. non-profit called the JVS Literacy Network. Founded in 1931 to address workplace discrimination and to help refugees and others affected by the Great Depression, JVS is L.A.'s first and most experienced non-profit dedicated exclusively to employment services. Over the decades, the organization has provided hope and opportunity to hundreds of thousands of people from all faiths and backgrounds through job training, education and career guidance. JVS' clients include the long term unemployed, people with disabilities, refugees and at risk, foster and probation youth. To assist clients who lack the basic literacy skills to compete in today's job market, JVS recently acquired the Literacy Network and is developing a range of adult literacy programs to help clients achieve self-sufficiency. The November 7th event will benefit this critical program.

To learn more about the work of JVS, please visit www.jvsla.org. JVS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.


Hold one of these in Houston, Austin, or San Antonio and I'll be there in a heartbeat.

The Escapist Staff:
Satine Phoenix from I Hit It With My Axe wants you to volunteer!

And to entice us we get a raunchy picture. Good times. Can't see me going all the way to LA to help these charity folks though. Good luck with the whole nakedness for charity thing, but just remember to throw in a couple of lads for the ladies as well.

Sorry guys, too bloody far. If satine came to Montreal you can count me in. You can expect me to be a little too distracted by her plucking dice out of her top to notice though

Ooh, a charity D&D event... on the other side of the country. Darn, that sort of precludes my involvement.

I do not live in LA nor America in general and that is saddening.

I'd come...if I weren't here in Norway...A continent away...


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