Resident Evil Creator Unveils Creepiest Concept Art Ever

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Resident Evil Creator Unveils Creepiest Concept Art Ever


The Resident Evil creator's new studio is either working on something very strange, or someone in the company just wanted to creep everybody out.

Shinji Mikami, the creator of Resident Evil, started up a new studio this year called Tango Gameworks that was recently acquired by Bethesda Softworks parent ZeniMax. Tango's first project is still under wraps, but a few images have popped up on the Tango Gameworks blog that may give us a hint towards what it could be.

If the images are concept art of some kind, it means that Tango is working on something extremely creepy. It's drawn by someone named O-sensei/teacher-O and isn't necessarily horrifying, but it still has a depraved style.

The first piece shows two humanoid creatures that definitely aren't actual humans. One of the humanoids is wearing a hood and dressed in all black, and he appears to be in a position of authority over the other humanoid. The second humanoid has a form closer to that of an alien, with skinny arms and a torso that is partially inside of a bowl. That bowl is being poured into what looks like a swimming pool. Like I said, extremely creepy.

The second image shows two different types of bugs. One appears to be a cockroach with a human face that looks like it has a nasty shiner. The other is a similarly dreary grasshopper that may be hiding something beneath its exterior wings. The image of the bugs is somewhat disturbing, but normal compared to the other piece.


Tango's upcoming projects webpage is still blank, so these two images are the only possible hints we have about what the studio is working on for now. They could be completely unrelated to a Tango Gameworks project, but they're too weird to ignore. Mikami is working on Shadows of the Damned for Grasshopper Manufacture, so the grasshopper could refer to that project somehow, but that's the only connection I'm able to make. Is Tango's first game going to be about filling a swimming pool as a strange alien and beating up cockroaches?

Source: Tango Gameworks Blog, via Siliconera


Thank you in advance for my new nightmares

very........ Interesting? I don't know if I'd play a game like this. Then again I played Dante's Inferno with Satan's penis flying around when I hit him

Ahh. Looks like some twisted game, especially with that foaming grasshopper, that creeped me out.

...i'm scared...

Someone give me a hug ? O_O

Hmm..this is clearly demented. I approve.

This looks to be a pretty...unique game, should this be actual concept art for a future project.

New Lovecraft-based game? I'm still kinda miffed by the cancellation of Mountain of Madness.

...i'm scared...

Someone give me a hug ? O_O

Only if you hug me back

....Well...someones been on the acid a lot.

*not phased* this is not creepy...maybe its all the Elfen Lied, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, and all the gory shit i have been exposed to but this doesn't scare me at all.

Yup those are creepy, I'll blame myself for viewing this page if I going to have nightmare with those things in it.

Well that looks very-
the game might ermm hmm..

Okay, colour me confused.

whats so creepy about that? o.o

Now excuse me while I go huddle in the corner scared to shit.

Though they do look cool and look like something different.

Creepy. Mostly. The bug with the human-ish face is more amusing than anything. Not sure why.

I was expecting something creepy. I am disappoint.

Now, I could be a dick and post something much, much creepier...but I won't. I'm that nice :3

The Cheezy One:

...i'm scared...

Someone give me a hug ? O_O

Only if you hug me back

I will! *Hugs*

I'm Scared! D:


Hm. Looks....fucking creepy. I'm intriguedand also scared

whats so creepy about that? o.o

A zombie that looks like it's pissing in bowl, then pouring into a pool is NOT creepy?

Are friggin serious! O_O

Looks like something from "Pan's Labyrinth". I'm no expert, and I don't really like the genre, but if ever there were a movie that could make a good survival horror game, that's the one. I'm gonna keep my eye on this one.

Its not scary, I lol'd.

I bet you actually meant: Creepy awesome.

Because, that what it is.

Why is he pissing into a bowl and having the other guy prod his shlong with a stick?

Ooh, it looks like Pink Floyd's "The Wall"!

I called it!

Oh God is that first picture creepy. I'll be seeing that in my nightmares.


I like that second one. It reminds me of Die Verwandlung by our beloved Franz Kafka.

If you think those are creepy, then you've never seen the stuff concept artists aren't allowed to include or use.

Thats not that creepy and I hate creey shit.

Hmmm, well I have mixed opinions on this. Truthfully I'm still a little disappointed with the results of the guys who did "Silent Hill" moving on to do games based off of the "Saw" franchise, the one that I played was lacking horribly. While I suppose they did the atmosophere right, the game itself was pretty bad with some of the worst combat I've ever seen (even for a horror game) and an over-reliance on timed puzzles. Pretty much they kept recycling the same things over and over again throughout the game and giving you increasingly small time frames to solve a sequence of the same puzzles you had been doing in rapid order.

Given my lack of abillity with the rotary pipe puzzle for whatever reason needless to say this caused me to give up after a while when the timers got too ridiculous.

To put it bluntly, if the guys from that team are going on to do new games, I think they should stick to what they know best: Zombie based survival horror, even if they wind up starting a new franchise. I'm not against innovation or people trying new things, but as I said, my experience with survival horror guys trying to change gears even within the same genere has been largely negative.

That said, while there is little in the way of a logical reason behind it, that artwork reminds me of "Rule Of Rose".

ewwwwww its creepy mummy

I don't know what the first picture is supposed to be, but I want to kill it with fire just in case. *arms flamethrower*

Ooh, it looks like Pink Floyd's "The Wall"!

I called it!

Holy shit, you're right! The style is super similar.

Looks like a Tool music video.

I kind of like the drawings, especially the first picture.

Just looks weird. not really creepy. just weird.

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