Resident Evil Creator Unveils Creepiest Concept Art Ever

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Well, how creepy could it b-



That is some interesting artwork. Not sure what kind of a game they could make out of it

Why is he pissing into a bowl and having the other guy prod his shlong with a stick?

I loled when I read this.

OT: I think this should make for an interesting and possibly creepy as shit game, I'm looking forward to it.

Unbirth still beats this.

Maybe it's all the Berserk I've read, but this doesn't come off as anything too creepy to me.

I don't find this creepy...weird but not creepy.

...i'm scared...

Someone give me a hug ? O_O

I heard these thing like giving them out.

Hmm..this is clearly demented. I approve.

I second that approval.

Not creepy. Pitiful, lonesome, weird, deformed, but not creepy, scary or nightmare-inducing. Not at all.

Not creepy. Lonesome, deformed, weird, yes. But neither creepy or scary unless the lightning and general atmosphere are used well - but then again that can make everything scary.

So yeah, I'm underwhelmed after reading the thread title. Some people are easily impressed it seems.

It's weird looking but it's not that scary. We don't even know what the context of the game is people, these could just be creepy doodles someone did that might not even make it into the game.


Since when was Silent Hill renowned for its gameplay?

I honestly didn't even bat an eye as those images are not scary, just "misunderstood[1]." It's sort of like modern art I suppose.

[1] Weird and/or abnormal to everyone else

These things look fucking righteous. I love these kinds of concept drawings. I'll definitely get the game if this is indeed concept art for one.

I'd buy it...

It's good, but it's not quite a creepy-doll.

Wow creepy and sad.

thank you the week of nightmares ahead.

Let the surreality flow through you!

The second humanoid has a form closer to that of an alien, with skinny arms and a torso that is partially inside of a bowl.

Nice save over there

My reaction:

Well, that's not that cre- HOLY CHRIST THAT'S HIS STOMACH

Ehh. Interesting, yes, but not really creepy. If'n you want creepy, you should go look at the "scary thread" on the forums. Plenty of creepy there.

Still... the discomfort value of insects (and insect-like... things) has hardly at all been explored in video games....

Was kind of expecting it to be creepier... but I want to see these in a game. They remind me of that nightmare scene "You're Not Special" from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

You do see the human arms and head inside that square pool, right? It's actually "pouring" onto the half-skeletal head. See it?

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