Michael Jackson: The Experience Comes With Sparkly Glove

Michael Jackson: The Experience Comes With Sparkly Glove


We're finally reaching the point where gamers can create entire outfits simply by using videogame pack-ins and pre-order bonuses.

Since the videogame pre-order bonus was first conceived, I've been compiling an outfit that consists solely of free videogame goods. This week, Ubisoft announced that the Wii version of Michael Jackson: The Experience will initially include a hand covering to add to that outfit in the form of Michael Jackson's sequined glove.

Michael Jackson's glove is just one piece in his iconic line of apparel that he wore through the years in his rise to become the King of Pop. It'll be in specially marked packages that will cost the same as the regular version of The Experience, but the glove is exclusive to the Wii and won't be packed with the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions. I would rather have the red leather jacket from Thriller, but you've got to start somewhere.

This glove is just another addition to the mass of videogame garments that publishers have been using in recent years to get us to want their products. The most common has been the t-shirt, often displaying horrifyingly ugly graphics and distributed in extra-large sizes only. Game retail employees have plenty of shirts to sleep in, let me tell you. Certain companies have been developing bonuses that cover other parts of the body, such as the Scribblenauts pre-order rooster hat and the Lucha Libre masks that were recalled so they wouldn't make kids die, but an entire half of the body has gone largely ignored.

What we really need now, videogame publishers, are pre-order garments that cover the lower halves of our bodies. I'm talking pants, socks, and underwear here. They don't have to be spectacularly made, but it'd be nice if people could dress in clothes that they only got at GameStop and Best Buy. Circuit City once offered free camouflage boxer shorts with the purchase of Conflict: Denied Ops, but we haven't seen nearly enough of this as we need to.

I'm not sure if I really want to wear Michael Jackson's sequined glove for fear that it'd be haunted and make me grab private areas in public, but it certainly goes well with the videogame pack-in outfit I've been composing. Now if Gearbox would just listen and give me those Duke Nukem Forever Wranglers I asked for.


Oh, well, now I'm definately getting it.

I'd sooner pay somebody to cover on ordinary glove with sequins.

You know... I think i would actually get it for the glove, give the game to my sister who's a huge MJ fan, and then just waer the glove on my pimp hand and smack the hell out of anyone stupid enough to actualy by this game.

Starting with myself of course. Plus it would come in handy for the twilighties when they come to see the movies when i'm at work.

Of course I'm joking (maybe), but i cant wait till the day in the future when we have games just sending full body suits to play. Though... Then it will probably be motion sensitive suits and we'll be close to full game Virtual Reality (kinda like the plot of "Gamer").

This marketing gimmick is supposed to get people to buy this game? I don't get it, let alone the timing for this game. Call me when they have an Elvis sing-a-long that comes with the sequined jumpsuit and porkchop sideburn accessories. THAT might be worth the extra money, not some cheap glove that probably will work as well as the Power Glove.

As someone said in a previous post: "Here! Use a cricket bat. It's much better for beating money out of Jackson's corpse."

Am I not the only person who found it hilarious it's rated E10 and up?

Honestly, just looks like more shovelware. Avoid like the plague.

I want to use the glove to play guitar or bass on Guitar Hero for the irony.

Argh! I just hurt my sinuses from holding in my laughter. =(

Personaly i like MJ ,but i would never buy this shitty game ,even if the would pay for my afterwards necessary medication.

If it's not his personal glove, I could care less.

I love stuff coming with my games - seriously, I sometimes buy the 'collectors' edition of games, just for one of the tiny trinkets, throwing away the bonus DVDs and such - but a glove?

C'mon! Really?


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