Super Meat Boy Dev Lashes Out at Episodic Games

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Rock on. I like this stance. Time to cut the bullshit or at least call out towards the bullshit.

What happened to expansion packs? Seriously? I thought it worked perfectly well before, if a game rocks and the developer plans to release a continuation of the first story they could just release the expansion pack for a reduced price that increases the appeal and longevity of the game. Good games got expanded, bad games didn't, so you didn't have to pay way too much for DLC or sequels which at the very most seem to be cosmetic and superficial with 1/3rd of the content at 2x the price. You got 2 complete games at the price of 1.5, but now you can expect 1/4 of a game every 2 years at the same cost as a full priced title.

Games industry, straighten up. We didn't put up with this shit back then, and were not going to put up with it now.

Well.. as the modern founder of "Episodic Gaming", Valve really dropped the ball with Halflife 2.

They kind of poisoned the idea of it.

But turning a game that's already complete into an episodic game is just silly. Games like the Penny Arcade games, which are episodic, are designed that way, and they show that it's a legitimate way of making games on a smaller budget. If they have a publisher that'll publish super meat boy as a boxed game, I say they should definitely do that. While they're at it, once they have all of their extra characters sorted out, they should release them all on all systems.. I shouldn't have to buy the game on two different systems to get to play as all the characters. I want to play as both Headcrab AND a Castle Crasher!

I think "Exclusive Content" for either system is just another way for game makers to gouge their loyalest fans. Sure, it gives each version of the game it's own style, and includes memes that are largely exclusive to each platform, but real gamers will appreciate the different memes from the various versions, and I for one will be sad if I can't get Tofu Boy on the 360 :/

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