Space Marines Rumored for Next Call of Duty

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Space Marines Rumored for Next Call of Duty


Industry sources are suggesting that the next Call of Duty game will dump the mostly realistic settings of previous installments in favor of something more futuristic.

When you think of the Call of Duty series, what comes to mind? Perhaps the infamous "No Russian" level in Modern Warfare 2, or the Nazi zombies of World at War? Maybe even your first glimpse of Captain Price's magnificent moustache in the very first Call of Duty. Whatever actually tops your list, it probably isn't space marines, but that's the direction that Activision is rumored to be taking for the next game.

This little tidbit comes by way of "industry sources," and,if true, would represent a significant shift away from the territory that Infinity Ward and Treyach have established with the last seven Call of Duty games. This isn't the first rumblings of a futuristic installment of Call of Duty however, as earlier in the year, Activision registered a number of domains with names like "Space Warfare" and "Future Warfare." It's hard to tell whether those domain names are just one piece of the "Call of Duty: Space Marine Combat" puzzle, or just Activision trying to prevent other games trading off the "Modern Warfare" name with a sound-alike title, but my money is on the latter.

A Call of Duty set in space could happen, and wouldn't be the first time that the series has radically changed its setting. But there's a heck of a lot of difference between going from a World War II setting to a non-specific, but still realistic Middle Eastern setting, and dumping the real world conflict in favor of something created from whole cloth.

Source: Gamasutra


Good. The more unrealistic the game, the better, in my opinion.


I'm sure Kotick will say something about how this new game will 'show great respect for our future space marines' or some other PR nonsense.

for the emporor lol

I'm all right with it as long as it isn't Call Of Duty 8, they should end the series with Black Ops. Call it something else.

That's like, so totally original.


Halo with IronSights?

So you're making fucking Halo now? Brilliant, for a second there I thought the game's industry had run out of ideas COMPLETELY

That might actually get me interested in this series again. Therefore it won't happen.

Because there totally aren't enough games with space marines yet.

Oh good. Lets completely kill the theme of the game in order to sell more copies to halo fanboys. I can just see how this game is being designed completely by Activision's marketing dept.
Not that I really care, though. For me, CoD ended with 4.

It could be good, not necessarily in space, but as a slightly futuristic shooter.
A decent level of realism in the story could work well with a near-future setting, let's say... Shattered Horizon + Battlefield 2142 + decent writing.

for the emporor lol

Unfortunately it wouldn't be 40k Space Marines, THQ has exclusive rights to the 40k franchise for video games. If anything it would be Starcraft marines.

I could see that working.
I could also see that failing miserably.
The concept is actually pretty feasible too. Its obvious they don't want to tread too many feet in the modern war settings. Its perfectly fine to rag on Nazis, but titles like 'Six Days in Fallujah' and even that new Medal of Honor game show that there are limits to what game developers can put in a modern setting game. The future always has that 'je ne sais quoi' appeal about it as well as an allowable ambiguity as to the factions involved. Besides, who doesn't love aliens and power-armor. I know I love aliens and power-armor... and mechs.




On a more serious note *shoots self*.

More power armour space marine orientated games? Can anyone else smell the stagnation?

Instead of crying about how "unoriginal" this rumor is, I'll choose to be optimistic. When you can invent weapons and gadgets from the ground up, balancing becomes less of an issue, since you don't have to worry about making a loose parallel to a real firearm. Personally, I'd love some frantic COD action in a Blade Runner-type setting. Or whatever futuristic setting they go with.

I just wonder if there'll be an obligatory bipedal 'mech/power armor segment.

So you're making fucking Halo now? Brilliant, for a second there I thought the game's industry had run out of ideas COMPLETELY

Don't bes silly, it'll have a COMPLETELY different name.... Pitchfork!
And it'll be set on a world shaped like a Blivet!
And, of course, the Russians have occupied it!
It's aaaaaaall original, you see!

I guess the game needed some righteous cleansing rage at some point.

I shotgun the Khorne Berzerker class!

Combining raccoon piss and stagnant water does not create beer. Sorry to break it to you MW

Didn't the new one come out yesterday? It's just a series of cash ins' at this point isn't it?


Ok, so CoD left WWII behind and went into MW to avoid the over crowded genre, and that was a good move.

But moving further into the future where it already is an overcrowded market... not such a good idea.

What do I reckon? Bring on the Great War and trench warfare :P

Loving this!

Two of my favorite things mixed together to form something totally awesome. I'd love to see Captain Price in power armor.

You know, I said awhile ago that the first modern warfare was a step in the right direction for CoD, for me. What I didn't expect is that Bungie would go from Halo to CoD when Activision bought them.

Anyways, haven't bought MW2, nor do I have plans for Black Ops, and I certainly won't be getting this one Unless of course I'm fighting space vampires while riding on a dragon accompanied by the Captain Price's gun wielding moustache who became animated after Price's death in order to save the world from RoboHitler. If this is made into a game, I will be in the line on the Monday night it comes out

I'm guessing Bungie's getting involved then. That would actually be pretty cool.

A CoD/Halo merging. Sounds alright.

for the emporor lol

Lol, that's what I thought. Gotta take out those dirty xenos.

Actually though, this could be really cool. I'm not well-versed on all the shooters out there, but the only really popular space-themed ones are games like Halo, Gears of War, or maybe Mass Effect (if you count that). I haven't really seen one take the MW2 route of using realistic weapons or quasi-realistic military stuff. They all just slap players in glowing power armor and let technology justify all the game mechanics. I wouldn't mind seeing one that handles extraterrestrial warfare more realistically, albeit with some suitably fancy new tech.

They're just saying "Future", right? So, it could be some sort of competitor to Ghost Recon, with feasible technologies, set in 2050 or something.

for the emporor lol

You, sir, have made my day. I'm still laughing hysterically as I type.


I'm guessing Bungie's getting involved then. That would actually be pretty cool.

A CoD/Halo merging. Sounds alright.

Maybe that's Bungie's next IP? To be quite honest I think it could be interesting. Sure, Halo is great and whacky, but a gritty Space Marine game (see: 40K-Space Marine) would be pretty damn awesome.

as long as its based on the Warhammer40K SpaceMarines :P

Tho i wouldnt mind playing a wave defense against the Zerg Horde in a FPS view :D Might give us a glimmer into what Starcraft Ghost could have been like! XD

Didn't the new one come out yesterday? It's just a series of cash ins' at this point isn't it?

The first sentence here is what came to mind when I saw this. Black Ops has just been released and some people are already thinking abut the next CoD game? Can't people just sit still for one moment?

If this game does a Battlefield 2142, I will be on it like... well insert your own metaphor, and it'll be like that.

Sooo apparently Halo is the only sci fi future people can come up with? Sheesh, forum is antagonistic today.

Sounds interesting. Could do with a change of atmosphere.

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