VVVVVV Guy Joins the Super Meat Boy Cast

VVVVVV Guy Joins the Super Meat Boy Cast


Gravity will no longer matter when you play as the latest addition to Super Meat Boy.

Super Meat Boy is becoming like the bar where all the indie cool kids hang out. The game already features secret playable characters from independent titles such as Braid and Gish, but future versions will inflate that indie roster even more. The Minecraft guy was recently confirmed for the Super Meat Boy roster on the PC, and now the main character from VVVVVV is planned as well.

Team Meat tweeted this week that Captain Viridian from VVVVVV will be gracing the PC version of Super Meat Boy when it's released later this year. The indie duo of developers accompanied the announcement with the image of Viridian's unlock art that'll be used in the game. Aw, he looks so sad.

Viridian might be one of the coolest additions to the Super Meat Boy roster simply because of his powers. Super Meat Boy's secret characters aren't just skins, they also retain some of their unique special powers for use during gameplay. For example, Gish can stick to walls, while Super Meat Boy himself cannot. In VVVVVV, Viridian has the ability to switch the direction of his own gravity to stick to the ceiling, or vice versa, at will.

Because of Viridian's potential to easily bypass portions of Super Meat Boy's levels, Team Meat later tweeted that he'll only be unlocked after players collect a "ton" of bandages, collectible items found in most levels. I really like how Super Meat Boy doesn't simply alter the main character's powers, and instead highlights other independent games worth taking a look at while giving people new ways to tackle the game's levels. I've been enjoying the Xbox 360 version of Super Meat Boy, but I'm starting to think I'll have to buy the game again on the PC just for the planned level editor and the ability to play as my favorite frown-faced gravity bender.


God, I wish I had money for Super Meat Boy. I really do. :-(

He looks like an 8-bit sackboy.

So who else are we going to see? A castle crasher? The Limbo kid? Apple Jack?

For some odd reason, this makes me want to shout "INDIE FTW, MOFOS!!!" and then perform an awesome electric guitar riff. Is this a bad thing?

FREAKING DOUBLE-POST!!! *Performs an electric guitar riff.*

Hell yeah, VVVVVV! I love it. I just hope Viridian's expressions change appropriately, his sadface was actually fairly infrequent.


Wish I had Super Meat Boy... and access to an Xbox 360 again.

Dude, they kept the gravity thing from Viridian in Super Meat Boy? That's awesome, definitely getting the PC version of this game.

I loved VVVVVV.

May buy the PC version but generally due to lack of funds I'll probably stick with the 360 version.

They should make a SSB-style fighting game with all of these indie characters. Would be ace.

Hell yeah, VVVVVV! I love it. I just hope Viridian's expressions change appropriately, his sadface was actually fairly infrequent.

Fairly infrequent? His sad face shows up every time you die! And unless you are some sort of gaming diety, that was not infrequent in VVVVVV.

I was already excited for SMB on PC, this announcement just fuels the fire. I wish a date would be set for release already. Steam just tells me "November 2010." It is November!

as I game on the 360 no idea who these characters are butttt it's cool of Team Meat to do all this :]

but oh man, think I saw this above...CASTLE CRASHERS (indie devs unite)

i heard from an interview with team meat that they used the indie characters in their game without permission on the basis that the indie devs wouldnt touch them with the law due to how expensive it would be
if its true then they are kinda douchebags even if it is a cool game plus they do seem to act like twats whenever i see them interviewed or anything so...


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