Is S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Coming to Prime-Time?

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I loved the book and the movie (as a pretentious movie lover) and the game scratched the itch I had. A movie would be awesome though (get the universal soldier regeneration guy to do it) I don't think it would make a good tv show It fits into a neat short narrative and there is a reason so many people on youtube do such a decent job. It's all about mood and athmosphere. You don't need the big monsters. It could be done on a low budget and be awesome.

Please sir, may i have some MOAR?!?

I think a STALKER show would be great. The Zone is nothing but full of conflict for the stalker. And what shows tend to be the best? The ones with conflict!

I can see it now. Shoot outs with bandits, running from packs of dogs, falling in love with a bloodsucker.

Ok. Maybe not that last one. But you get the idea.

I am a huge STALKER fan myself, I love the eerie, lonely feeling you get. I love the atmosphere of the game, and how easy you get sucked in. That being said from what I saw that trailer does no do the game justice. It seems too action oriented and the low budget shows making it seem like a SyFy channel movie. I'm not saying STALKER looked all that amazing itself (have you seen the size of their feet?) but it never seemed cheesy to me (except the feet). These are just my first impressions though, hopefully I am wrong.

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