Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo Downloaded 2 Million Times

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo Downloaded 2 Million Times


The demo for EA's Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has had a strong reception since it debuted two weeks ago.

The latest Need for Speed had a great reception at this year's E3, garnering a lot of positive buzz and a bunch of awards for Best Racing Game of the convention. Since the demo was available for download on October 26th, EA reports that it has been downloaded 2 million times, making it the best performing demo since the series began in 1994. Such statistics bode well for a successful launch when Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit comes out November 16th in the U.S. and the 19th in the U.K. on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC.

NFS:HP introduces a lot of innovative features, including Autolog which allows you to connect easily with your friends for races and compare progress and Speed Wall where you can post your highest speeds to compare with the public. EA announced a bunch of interesting stats that it has compiled from the demo so far:

  • More than 700,000 posts to the Speed Wall
  • More than 5M Autolog Recommendations played between friends
  • 54M miles of road raced
  • 20M cop busts executed

The success of NFS:HP can only be problematic for the oft-delayed Gran Turismo 5. While NFS is definitely a lot more "arcadey" than the more strict simulation of Gran Turismo, I'm not sure how many racing fans will be purchasing two titles this season. Will Sony finally try to get GT5 out the door in time to compete with NFS on the PS3?


I only downloaded it because I had fond memories of the previous NFS: Hot Pursuit game released in 2002. In spite of my sense of nostalgia i was slightly disappointed. Wasn't bad or anything, just not my cup of tea

Game looked fun which is more then I can say about GT5. Granted simulators aren't aimed at me.

Oh well, I'm sure both games will make boat loads of money. Maybe even boats made out of money.

Except there is no PC demo. Thanks EA.

Yay for Criterion!

I enjoyed it, except that I never figured out how to add friends on Autolog, so I could only play one of the races.

Ahhhhhh, I have very fond memories of NFS III: hot pursuit. first and only racing game I ever really enjoyed beyond a couple of hours of play... This could only be a disapointment

i am soooooooo getting this game...1 because i love racing games and need4speed in particular and also because i'll need something to break the monotony of killing everyone on CoD: Black Ops and Halo Reach...

Except there is no PC demo. Thanks EA.

They yanked the demo from Xbox Live, too. Good job, EA!

Yea I just finished downloading the demo and it basically just told me to go %#@* myself

Is... Is that a Veyron Police Car?

I'm buying this game. I'm buying it HARD.

The Demo was really short. But gave plenty of action/experience to enjoy the game. Also, the licensed cars as well traffic cars make it for a highly entertaining and heart-pumping action. The previous Hot Pursuit was always my favourite in the franchise, bring it on!

Just prepurchased it yesterday, hopefully it will be here by my birthday :D


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