Disney Giving Iron Man Director Jon Favreau Keys to The Magic Kingdom

Disney Giving Iron Man Director Jon Favreau Keys to The Magic Kingdom


Jon Favreau will be directing the A Night At The Museum- inspired film, which will presumably feature fewer dinosaurs and more mice.

Disney is taking its cinematic re-imagining of its attractions one step further, and is developing a movie about Orlando's Magic Kingdom at large. Tentatively titled The Magic Kingdom, the film is described as a Night at the Museum- type action-adventure romp. HitFix is reporting the Jon Favreau has been signed to direct; Favreau's previous directorial ventures include Iron Man and Iron Man 2, Elf, and the upcoming Cowboys and Aliens.

Besides filming the absolute best dream I ever had, Disney obviously stands to gain a ridiculous amount in cross-promotion here. It is, however, bound to hit a roadblock of their own manufacture: cross-branding. With films of attractions such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, The Haunted Mansion, and The Enchanted Tiki Room either already made or scheduled to be, Disney runs the risk of over-saturating its franchises.

This does bode well, however, for attractions based on classic animated films, such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Peter Pan's Flight; I would love to see some two-dimensional Who Framed Roger Rabbit? characters featured in the film. The only thing we know for certain is that there will be some frightening sequences; there's no other way to tackle It's a Small World.

Source: HitFix


Having never been to Disneyworld and only hearing about the "It's a small world" ride from reactions posted in forums like this, it seems to me that it would be like the tunnel scene in the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka film. That sounds a little mindbending.

So either Mickey and Minnie are going to get it on in "Small World", someone will slip on Dumbo's droppings, Chip and Dale spend their whole time hitting on, let's say Amy Adams, or we get to see the whole Briar Rabbit gang again.

But I know Jon is going to have a fun cameo.

Kid: The castle should be safe.
Jon: Screw that, there's something I've always needed to do.
Kid: Where are you going?
Jon: Pirates ride, I'm gonna punch Johny Depp in the face.
Kid: Wouldn't his gun be real?
Jon: So we're going to the castle are we?

This movie does not sit well with me. Disney has done some very obvious cash-ins on their IP's lately but this is probably the worst. If anything it sounds like some corny theme-park add like what they would produce in the late 80's in 90's starring the muppets or some other celebrity.

I wish I could say this would turn out as a decent movie, but I can't in good conscience say so.

The Magic Kingdom was a book before this. It's interesting, but I doubt it's good enough to be a film.

This is at once the most nakedly movie-as-a-commercial idea ever, yet also probably the BEST movie-as-a-commercial idea ever. I eagerly await seeing scenes from it re-edited into "Kingdom Hearts" fan-trailers on youtube :)

Actually, come to think of it... if at some point of this they had Mickey nonchalantly bust out a Keyblade... that'd be pretty epic. AND it'd probably help with the boxoffice in Japan.

(sings) "When you wish upon a...kill a desert cave dwelling terrorist that's not an American...." Nope, that's not gonna work. Disney went /creepy after the teen audience, now it's after violence. Director = lead company in a direction. Someone's got issues in upper management, idk.

So, Disney is openly admitting to ripping-off "Night at the Museum"? Well, I guess it comes as no surprise. Disney's been digging at the bottom of the idea barrel for years anyway, so why should it?


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