Adam Sandler's Pixels Movie Gets a Familiar Writer

Adam Sandler's Pixels Movie Gets a Familiar Writer

A frequent Adam Sandler collaborator will write the script for a film based on a viral video short that's racked up over 300,000 YouTube views.

Earlier this year, Adam Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison, snapped up the rights to French filmmaker Patrick Jean's celebrated Pixels short. The short, which was filmed in New York City, was released in April 2010 and quickly went viral. The film project now has a writer attached: Tim Herlihy, a longtime friend and collaborator of Sandler's. The two go back as far as 1993, when they worked together on Saturday Night Live. Herlihy is perhaps more notable for his writing credits on Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer.

The original short, while incredible in its scope and technical prowess, doesn't have much of a plot beyond (spoiler alert) "pixels escape the confines of the television and literally take over the world." The production company, in keeping with the speed with which it is handling the project, is already beginning to address this issue. According to Geeks of Doom, Happy Madison "want to take a Ghostbusters action/comedy approach to their take."

It remains unclear at this point whether the pixels will be cast as protagonist or antagonist; while the 8-bit world might be a blast, the reduction of the earth into a single pixel might cramp our collective human style.

Source: Geeks of Doom


Man, I'd love to see a quality comedy spoofing 2012 style apocalypse movies. I mean comedy like Airplane!, not like those... things that have been coming out lately.

I don't dislike Adam Sandler but I don't think he has the style of comedy that fits a movie of this kind. Let's hope I'm wrong (and that the movie gets off the ground so I can find out).

Well, after all, you can make a good movie out of anything(tm), and admittedly a Ghostbusters-style approach seems like it could work. This is out of the blue. Hopefully the movie will be made, because I'd definitely be willing to pay to see something like that.

This all sounds like a mixed bag. I mean I'm all for this movie to be made and the "Ghostbusters approach" and stuff but Adam Sandler isn't my first choice on who I want to see fighting pixels and so forth.

Maybe it's because I just fucking know that Rob Scneider's head will be some sort of fucking pixel monster or some stupid shit like that.

Happy Madison has had a lot more misses than hits so I'm worried. But at least it'll be interesting, that much is a guarantee.

I... I.... They're making a movie out of that? It's two minutes and change of the exact same joke being repeated over and over with variations and a disturbingly malicious subtext. It's just one novel idea wrapped around a bunch of gaming in-jokes. There's nothing here to make a movie out of. You couldn't even extend it to five minutes without it getting boring.

"Want to take a Ghostbusters action/comedy approach"? Yeah, here we go. The pixels are already downgraded to about the 7th or 8th most important character in their own movie. Only way you could do it. Since the pixels in the script already sound interchangeable with ghosts or demons or aliens, is Sandler just trying to grab some press off the back of a viral video? Had Pixels not come along, would we see Double Rainbow: The Movie?

I'm thinking at best we'll see a version of Jumanji with video games. And it will be shit.

That video was bad ass.

Okay so that video was fucking awesome, especially for any old time gamers. But really? Adam Sandler? He is still drawing in oxygen and pumping out shit?
Look, Sandler is a relic of a time best left behind. I may have liked Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore but I watched Grown Ups recently and well, hes done. He is really just done.
You would not want to see Jim Carrey trying to make a come back would you? Or Pauley Shore.
This idea for a movie is so overwhelming chock full of potential that I do not want to see it wasted on someone like him.

When they said 'Adam Sandler' I lost all faith in this movie. This will not end well.


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