Final Fantasy's Moogles Play B-Ball in Mario Sports Mix

Final Fantasy's Moogles Play B-Ball in Mario Sports Mix

Nintendo is giving a huge nod to RPG fans in the Wii's upcoming Mario Sports Mix.

It's always a great feeling when you level up a Final Fantasy character to a really high level, acquire some sort of powerful spell or weapon, and destroy every foe in your path. On the other hand, it's also a really great feeling to slam dunk a basketball in Yoshi's face. Thanks to Nintendo's Mario Sports Mix, the archetypes from Final Fantasy will now know what it's like to do both.

This week, Nintendo's Japanese website for Mario Sports Mix revealed that the crew from the Mario games won't be the only group playing against each other in various sporting events. Joining Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Wario, Toad, Donkey Kong, the millionaire, and his wife, will be a Final Fantasy ninja, white mage, black mage, moogle, and cactaur.

In other words, the game just raised its awesome stat by 100. The accompanying video shows the characters in action, and they look deadly. You know, about as deadly as you can be while playing volleyball. The ninja creates illusions of himself to keep his basketball shots from getting blocked, the white mage casts holy spells to spike a volleyball, the black mage shrinks opponents, the cactaur shoots his trademark 1000 needles, and the moogle uses his oh-my-god power of cuteness to dominate in dodgeball.

It almost seems unfair, really. Mario simply jumps on enemies' heads or smashes them with his butt, while the weakest black mage attack will burn anything to a crisp. I'm thankful that Square Enix and Nintendo evidently came to an agreement to put the powerful and cute characters in Mario Mix, because now the world will see a moogle dunk. Edit: Apparently this has happened before in Mario Hoops 3 on 3, but it's still awesome.

Source: Andriasang


*cough this already happened cough Mario Hoops 3 on 3 cough*'s a compilation of Mario sports titles. That's kind of strange, but I get the feeling I'll end up buying it anyway.

Please have Wi-Fi. Please have Wi-Fi. Please have Wi-Fi so that Leonlethality and other people I know can play this

The black mage looks freakin awesome.

Almost a worthy purchase for the cactaur alone.

*cough this already happened cough Mario Hoops 3 on 3 cough*

Totally, minus the cactuar.

It'll be fun to play them in other games though. Here's hoping each sport is robust enough to stand on its own. I always like Mario sports games, so if these aren't just throwaway mini-games, could be fun.

The only way they can ensure that people would buy this is if they put in a character from a previous game made by Nintendo and Square.... possibly an RPG... with Mario... containing a certain supernatural do- oh screw it, GENO BETTER BE IN THIS GAME

I am not a fan of White Mage's look, and the ninja looks a bit too... 'round' for my taste...

I think I might have just died from the awesome I just saw. No offense, Miyamoto, but Moogles are by far more cute/awesome than anything that you could come up with. Just sayin'...

See I found this a bit strange because I always thought that Nintendo and Square weren't on the best of terms in these recent years, hence the Wii's lack of decent final fantasy games (besides the DS remakes of course)


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