CD Projekt Nails Down Witcher 2 Release Date

CD Projekt Nails Down Witcher 2 Release Date


CD Projekt Red has finally slapped an official launch date on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and it's going to be just a wee bit later than fans were expecting.

The Witcher was a revelation when it came out near the end of 2007. It was deep, dark, violent, raunchy, funny and Polish, which I mention mainly because the English translation ran into a few walls along the way, and above all else it left RPG fans wanting more. We've known for awhile that we'd be getting more, and today CD Projekt Red finally got around to telling us when: May 17, 2011, to be precise.

"We've decided to move the launch date back a few weeks to afford us more time to polish the game," said Project Lead Adam Badowski. "We strongly believe that the extra time spent polishing the title will be well worth the wait."

CD Projekt Red has played their Witcher 2 cards pretty close to the vest thus far. The studio dropped the aged Aurora engine used in the first game in favor of brand-new technology that allows it to build the game on a "much larger scale," and has also overhauled the combat system. Geralt of Rivia will be front and center, of course, and his merry band of drunken, brawling oafs and disapproving ladyfolk will be along for the ride, but what they'll actually be up to is still a bit of a mystery.

The studio promised that more information would be revealed within the next few days, including details about DRM, a planned Collector's Edition and worldwide preorder information; release dates in some territories may vary and will be confirmed as the big day gets closer. For now, RPG lovers can keep up with Witcher 2 happenings at or on the official Witcher Facebook page.


The Witcher 2 is a birthday present for Norway! Yay!

awesome, I still wanted a console Witcher though.


Would've just finished my second year of Uni so it'll be this and sleep all summer!

Fucking eh, glad to see a release date now. But whats this about DRM, nothing hopefully.

I can't wait for this.

nice date, right before summer vacation. And yay for norway ;D

Hmm, Might be just enough time for me to put together a decent system to run this on and play it during vacation :D

See, I would have bought this game at launch anyways no matter what date they actually released it on, but now when I do it will be a (slightly) belated birthday present... to myself. Yay!

Now the hard part - the agonizing wait from now until then. Opposite of yay!

Can't wait for this already.
Originally I thought it would be somewhere around March 2011.

I hope I could go into hibernation now and reinstate on May 17, 2011. :-)

Andy Chalk:
[...]disapproving ladyfolk will be along for the ride, but what they'll actually be up to is still a bit of a mystery.

Disapproving ladyfolk? What is this, Dragon Age?

I should really get around to playing The Witcher, it looks cool, and the sequel seems to be turning out real awesome like.

Okay, now i have a definitive deadline to upgrade my graphics card an ram. >_>

Bet you the moral guardians will be up in arms about the misogyny again. Seriously, in the context of the setting, women discrimination makes sense.

Looking forward to this one.

Oh man, the moving back of the release day is actually good. For me anyway. It gives me time to save up for the game itself, and to wear down the missus in to agreeing to allowing me to get a new graphics card and or processor, as I seriously need both

Hope the DRM is nothing more than what the first Witcher had. I really don't want to have to give this game a pass due to limited activations.

Another reason why I must upgrade my graphics card, from the shitty ATI Radeon HD 4350 to the less awful ATI Radeon HD 5570. Just so many great PC games to look forward to and I've gotta make sure my PC can handle it.


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