Terrible Mario Movie's King Koopa Costume Up for Sale

Terrible Mario Movie's King Koopa Costume Up for Sale


If you're dying to look like King-Koopa-a-la-Dennis-Hopper from the awful Super Mario Bros. movie for some strange reason, here's your chance.

I'm just going to get this out of the way: I loved the live-action Super Mario Bros. movie. Not because it was good or anything - it wasn't - but because I was a kid when I saw it, and kids are pretty damn stupid.

That said, if you have a hankering to look like the film's interpretation of King Koopa - who was not an evil fire-breathing turtle like the Bowser we know and love but rather a sleazy-looking business type in a snakeskin suit - you can now live out those wildest childhood dreams. Movie memorabilia auctioneer Julien's Live has one of the costumes worn by actor Dennis Hopper - and his stunt doubles - up for grabs to the highest bidder.

A charcoal colored two-piece faux snakeskin distressed costume worn by Dennis Hopper in the production of the motion picture Super Mario Bros. (Allied Filmmakers, 1993). Hopper played the character King Koopa in this live action film version of the Nintendo video game. The top is marked "Stunt" in silver ink, while the pants are marked "Hero". Costume is in fragile condition. Accompanied by a copy of the film. Acquired from Rob Burman, the prosthetic makeup designer on the film.

As if the costume itself weren't hideous enough, it seems that Julien's has chosen to sweeten (?) the deal by throwing in a copy of the movie, too.

The suit is expected to sell for $400-$600. That's a small price to pay for owning a piece of videogame-based movies' terrible, terrible history.

(Julien's Live, via Kotaku)


Holy shit that suit is BEAT UP!

Just for the fact that you get a copy of the movie wit hthe suit, I'm turned off this completely

Hey, I liked that movie too! Terrible film in retrospect, but bad enough to be entertaining.

As for the suit...damn fine price. If I had the money, I'd bid on that. It's from a bad source, but noteworthy nonetheless...would be like buying Hitler's moustache.

Even if someone would actually want to own that costume, what's the point? It looks like it just narrowly escaped a lawnmower by crawling into a blender filled with scissors.

Well I too liked the movie ...at the time. It's only in retrospect that I realize how terrible it was.

As for this suit, I don't really think it's worth that price.

If the suit was still in... 'not tore to shit' condition, I'd consider getting it (if I had the money) but only if it DID NOT come with the movie.

I seriously do not want to relive that.

The only person I can think of who is willing to buy it is the type of people who will use it in a C-Z rated movies.

id rather have the koopa suits the 2 koopas are wearing behind him

I'm guessing this one in particular was worn by a stunt double. Either that or all the zippers and buttons got stuck at once and he needed to take it off rapidly. Either way it got machine dried with cinder-blocks. That's just not good at all! Couldn't they find one in a condition other than "three torn seems from a heap of unidentifiable scrap fabric"?

Dennis Hopper's response to everyone's reaction of the costume's condition

Not gonna even bother trying to embed it anymore...

Thanks... Like I wanted to be reminded this movie existed =(

Hur-hur, look at me, so cool cause I'm dissing the Mario bros movie.

Movie is good, get over it. May not be Mario running through an hour-long montage of castles and koopalings to save toads, but its still a decent movie, and I will say that now, just like I said it when i was ten and bought the vhs off a friend.

Saying that, damn is that costume beat up. You'll get 2-300 if you're lucky as hell, and even if it was pristine I wouldn't get it. Not the type to waste huge chunks of cash on that kind of stuff.


If only that suit wasn't "in fragile condition", I'd cosplay as King Koopa for a year...

I just wanted to stop by and clarify that the suit isn't damaged. It was designed and made that way. Koopa (Hopper) wears is in the climax of the film while being de-evolved into a T. rex by Mario and Luigi. His character is then hit with a bomb and projected into a cement mixer hung over the street. So the suit is supposed to look that way and worth every penny because of it.


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