MTV Rebooting Teen Wolf With TV Series

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MTV Rebooting Teen Wolf With TV Series

MTV's new Twilight Teen Wolf TV series is all about star-crossed lovers, supernatural battles, and lots of teen angst.

The network that's brought us such gems as Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and The Hills has revealed that it's got a new TV show in the works that's based on Teen Wolf, the 1985 werewolf comedy starring Michael J. Fox. If you're old enough to remember Teen Wolf, then you're probably not the target audience MTV is looking to capture with its new series. Based on the trailer, it looks like the show is based more on the how tough it is to be a supernatural teenager, as opposed to the fun one might have with some extra abilities/powers while going through high school.

Aside from the high school setting, it doesn't really look like MTV's version has much in common with either the movie or its spin-off cartoon series. Instead of inheriting his werewolf nature from his family, Scott McCall is bitten by a wolf and finds himself stronger, faster, and with heightened senses, which means he's suddenly attractive to women and a star lacrosse player (as opposed to how Michael J. Fox became his basketball team's MVP). Of course, Scott finds himself on the run from werewolf hunters; the hunters' leader is the father of Scott's love interest.


Honestly, the trailer (and accompanying promotional image) feel like pretty shameless rip-offs of Twilight, meaning that the show looks joyless and full of teenage angst. That's a shame, because the original movie - while not a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination - is goofy fun that is certainly capable of killing the time on a slow afternoon. As it stands, this looks like another hate crime against some of my fonder childhood memories.

Source: io9


Oh, for fuck's sake.

Don't we already have this in "The vampire dairies"? And to a lesser extent "True blood" and that other vampire show? (im sure there is one, it's hard to keep up with this pandering dross)

Wow, that's... a lot of Twilight in there. Oh well, glad I have never seen the original movie; I'd probably be filled with rage right now if I had.



If he's not all hairy and doing a triple-backflip on his way to dunk he's not Teen Wolf!

I happened upon the trailer and when I saw it I was dumbfounded. Calling it Teen Wolf is an insult to the original. It is even an insult to the less than great sequel. This is not Teen Wolf. This is just a show about a werewolf who happens to be a teenager that is trying to use an aptly named(although tonally and stylistically different) movie from the past to help promote this piece of garbage.

So its Twilight from the Furry perspective rather than the Porphyria sufferers?

[edit, damn you spellcheck]

But... I loved watching Teen Wolf when I was little...

Aaaugh. D:< Stop destroying everything I love, Twilight! First the English language, then Muse, then Battles, now this. Not to mention, Glee destroyed Singin' in the Rain last night...

Does anyone have a TARDIS? This is getting mighty frustrating and needs to be solved. Now where did I put that coat hanger?

did you hear that? that where a million twitards squeening in anticipation and a million vampire/werewolf fans groaning in dissapointment
PS I watched a part of the trailer (the response above is of the text part of the post) and what I got from it is that its twilight but with furries instead of wannabe-goths

I am filled with naught but unbridled rage at the very thought of this travesty - leave goofy 80s movies alone Hollywood! The mere fact that anyone would ever feel compelled to rip off Twilight for inspiration is something for which the perpetrators should feel horrible horrible shame, but for crying out loud, leave the 80s out of these travesties you inflict upon us.

I was going to say that I'm practically on tenterhooks waiting for this awfultastic Twilight craze to finally dissipate, but I just realized that whatever ultimately comes along to displace it is almost certain to be far, far worse. I weep for the future.

I'm Sorry, I Need To Smash My Head Against A Wall For 10 Minutes.

I saw the trailer for this on Bloody Disgusting yesterday. Well, between this and Red Riding Hood from Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, I'd say the "Twilight-fication" is only getting worse, spreading its angsty scourge on all that we genre nerds once held dear., Suddenly, Mr. Universe's words ring true in a depressing way:

"Can't stop the signal Mal. You can...never stop...the signal."

Isn't this like the third micheal j fox movie someone is trying spin into a modern day equivalent... that isn't equivalent in the slightest?

I rather like some remakes when they are done well and keep the essence of the original... this tho, it makes no sense.

Alright, it seems we have finally hit the bottom of the barrel.


Saved that to my favourites for future use.


What? He's right, we don't need werewolves sparkling in the moonlight.

Sigh.... :( It will never end...

This isn't Teen Wolf, this is Bullshit! Hell, I'd even go as far as to say this is madness! Teen Wolf doesn't play lacrosse, hes a basketball superstar everyone whos seen the film knows this.

This isn't Teen Wolf. Its just a dammed Twilight ripoff. MTV needs to get their priorities straight. They used to be good. I mean Beavis and Butthead, Jackass, all of them brilliant. Now they come out with this shit? What the hell!

Why would you be sad if you had super powers in high school? That would be fucking awesome! "Waaaa! Life is hard!" Shut up, you have super powers, enjoy yourself for fuck's sake.

For the love of fucking God, when will this Teen Angsty fake ass drama shit end?

They try to lift on the name of the movie I loved so much. Awesome fun and goofy, here they go and try to depress many people as they can. Also, MTV? It's practically the Devil.

While I want to break my skull against a wall for this actually existing, I guess it's possible that the show could be good. It's all in execution. Of course, this is coming from MTV, so I shouldn't be immediately expecting quality work here.

RIP childhood nostalgia.

This is the kind of thing that made the movie fun to watch - not whining drama. En español, for your enjoyment!

Yet another stupid idea from MTV.

However, kudos to them for giving some props to lacrosse (about bloody time it's not gridiron or basketball). But showcasing lacrosse doesn't make the show's concept any less hopeless.

Well guys, if this is what is actually considered "Cool" well then, I guess that's it! I'm going to kill myself. It was nice knowing you all.


What he said.

Wow, that's... a lot of Twilight in there. Oh well, glad I have never seen the original movie; I'd probably be filled with rage right now if I had.



That makes two of us.

OT: I've never seen Twilight, this looks like Twilight. I will never see this.

I loved how dramatic the shot of his ear turning Vulcan was.

Now, I'm no big fan of Teen Wolf, but it was still an 80's cult movie, which automatically gives it some charm. This show will inevitably be just another soulless carbon copy of Twilight. Thats only to be expected though, it is MTV after all. What worries me though, is that this is being done to a Michael j. Fox film. Its probably just paranoia, but I can't help thinking, what if they do this to Back to the Future? I loved that film.:(

No; just no.

No thank you.




Thats awesome.

OT: And i just recently reacquired a copy. well this will go 1 of 2 ways. 1 it will go horribly and be the worst thing since polio. 2 it will be good but be 1 season like clone high. Highly unlikely it would be anything like clone high.

Been done and better.

Oh this is going to be SO good.

Just like the rest of the Teen Wolf franchise was.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and bleach my eyes.

Been done and better.

I use to watch that show all the time when I lived in alaska..god damn this is a nostalgia trip.

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