Pokemon Calendar Sets Guinness World Record

Pokemon Calendar Sets Guinness World Record


Pokemon can apparently even make a calendar soar to great heights.

We all know that the Pokemon videogames sell lots of copies, but something else Pokemon related beat them out to set a Guinness world record. You may not believe it, but a Pokemon calendar is now listed in the record books as the most popular calendar ever.

In Japan, McDonalds has offered a yearly Pokemon calendar since 2006. Though it's sold over one million copies of the calendar's individual versions in the past, this year saw a record-breaking amount of sales. From November 6, 2009 to November 5, 2010, 1,476,442 people bought the 2010 version of McDonalds' Pokemon calendar.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, selling nearly 1.5 million copies of a calendar in a single year is the largest amount of sales any calendar has ever seen in that time frame. The boost could have been the result of Pokemon Black & White fever, which just released this year in Japan, or it could be that the calendar only costs around $3.50, so it's a must buy for anyone that happens to get a hankering for a Filet-O-Fish.

The McDonalds' Pokemon calendar features various scenes of Pokemon in action and cute little Pokemon icons that can be used to notate special days. The 2011 version will feature the new Pokemon from Black & White, so it may become even bigger than the 2010 version. How can other calendars expect to compete?

Source: JapanToday


Who the hell buys a 2010 calendar in november 2010?

Who the hell buys a 2010 calendar in november 2010?

It's pokemon, what can anyone say?

gotta catch em all (calendars)!

wait wait wait... There's a Pokemon CALANDER?!

I'd buy 'em. Get on it, US McDonalds.

Man if McDonalds in NA offered Pokemon Calenders I'd probably eat there a lot more instead of it being a last resort when Im dead hungry and want some Chicken Nuggets :P

D: I want a Pokemon calendar!

No export for us I guess...

Who the hell buys a 2010 calendar in november 2010?

I think it's a typo. The picture says 2011 twice...unless that's an unrelated picture of the newest...which would be weird.

Slap a pokermans on it and it prints money.
Pokemon is nintendos World of Warcraft.

First thing I heard of with "McDonalds" in Japan.

Ran Ran Ru indeed.

Frggin Pokey-mans, sells like hotcakes made of crack for goodness sake!

Know your memes, foo'!

Who the hell buys a 2010 calendar in november 2010?

I bought a 2003 Star Wars Calander... last month...<.<

Tom Goldman:
How can other calendars expect to compete?


I'll bet that if you add up the sales of all the 2010 calendars that feature cats and/or kittens, that number would dwarf any and all Pokemon calendars.


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