Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Mercenaries 2 Bundle Up for Charity

Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Mercenaries 2 Bundle Up for Charity


Three hot PS3 games for one low price? That's the kind of charity that pretty much every gamer can get behind.

With the help of Sony, EA, and Square Enix, the ESA, parent organization of the America's videogame ratings board, the ESRB, has put together a new charity game bundle for the PlayStation 3.

For the low price of thirty bucks, PS3 owners can pick up the first Uncharted, Tomb Raider Underworld, and Mercenaries 2. Proceeds from the collection go to help the ESA Foundation, which will use the money raised to put together grants for various youth programs, as well as funding for scholarships for women and minority students.

It's a shame that there isn't a corresponding bundle for the Xbox 360, but for PS3 owners it's a win-win situation. Not only do you get some great games, you get to feel good about buying them. The multi-disc collection is available in stores now, and if you're in a charitable mood, why not stick a few bucks into the Desert Bus pot, too?

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Cool. Buy pack, give Tomb Raider and Mercenaries back/sell on craigslist. Everybody wins.

Since when are Tomb Raider: Underworld and Mercenaries 2 "hot" games? They weren't even hot when they got released... The first Uncharted is barely "hot" either. But it's a pretty good deal none the less, too bad I'm an Xbro who's got 2/3 of those games already as it is.

Hmmm...other than Uncharted and Tomb Raider, it's a good deal.

However, it seems like a publicity stunt cooked up by the ESA to help out the current video game case in the Supreme Court.

So basically, Uncharted, and two shitty games that sold poorly.

Yeah I guess that worth it.

I just played the Uncharted demo and I definitely want to pick the game up. If I got two other games, it would just sweeten the deal for me.

Mercenaries 2- a great game?
Not when I payed it, but since it's for charity, I guess that's alright.

1 question that I cannot find an answer to ANYWHERE...


Really you should get paid to take a copy of Mercenaries 2 off someone's hands...



Mercs 2...Crap in a box.

Still, if I didn't already have 2 of those, I'd buy it.


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