S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Studio Brings Chernobyl Couture to Life

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Studio Brings Chernobyl Couture to Life


GSC Game World is bringing haute couture to the irradiated Ukrainian wasteland with a line of official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. clothing that's currently in development.

Let's face it, t-shirts are dull and hoodies are passé. It takes something special to impress people with your impeccable sense of gamer style these days. Something like, say, a padded faux-bulletproof vest with quick-release buckles, Velcro shoulder pads, a detachable hood and, of course, a place to stash your Sig. That's what the gang at GSC Game World has in mind with its in-the-works lineup of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. gear ranging from snug-fitting shirts to heavy padded jackets.

Although still in the prototype stage, the planned S.T.A.L.K.E.R. clothing looks like something you might see being worn around the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Each piece has the heavy, dark and functional look you'd expect from pseudo-military gear, along with branding that's subtle enough to let you wear this stuff outside the house.

"We hired a team of young professional designers to work out a collection for us, based on the in-game character outfit and style," Oleg Yavorsky of GSG Game World explained. "They work in-house in close contact with the game developers, so the involvement is maximized and we'd like to make sure the clothing really fits the concept of the game, while being casual enough for day-to-day wear. Our current plan is to launch a small online store for that wear sometime soon. The idea is to offer the clothing to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. followers and general public worldwide."

I don't know if anyone will actually buy this stuff but it's fun to see a studio doing more with an apparel tie-in than just stamping a logo on a Fruit of the Loom and sending it out the door. No word yet on when it will actually go on sale or whether more designs are in the works, but for now you can check out GSC's current selection of zone-inspired duds at the official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Facebook page.


That doesn't look half bad.

A little late to the news but whatever. Still looks awesome and I'd be willing to purchase some things.


I've been wanting to get into cosplay and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is one of the best niche but not niche games to go as! :D

Hmm...that actually looks cool. I'm intrigued.

I wonder if there'll be a not-faux bulletproof vest variant?

Also needs attachments for a backback, rifle and artifact pouches.



Sweet fucking fuck this is so fucking coool ARRRGGGHHHH coooooool.

Hope they do a duty variant.

BTW you snitches reported on the coming STALKER TV show in russia?

I wonder if there'll be a not-faux bulletproof vest variant?

Also needs attachments for a backback, rifle and artifact pouches.

those cost extra rubbles, and you need to give the mechanic tool kits.

Now you too can look like an under-fed, highly radioactive Ukrainian scavenger.

As long as it is bulletproof >_>

cool outfit...now how much will it cost?

Huh. I'll be putting in an order for one of those as soon as I can. Question is, can I get it properly padded?

I want a fully working, bulletproof version in STALKER brown and i want it NOW. The rest of the stuff (backpacks, helmets, facemasks etc) i can adapt (and have actually looked into doing so) but the suits are something that always looked unatainable to me.

GSC Gameworld is expanding the crap out of the SALKER universe/ line and not in a george lucas way. The fact is that everything has been actually pretty useful/ awesome and has been driven by rabid fan demand. If you think STALKER inspires devotion in the english speaking world then you should really check out how insane it is in russia.

Also i would LOVE one of those STALKER lighters/ other merch that came in the russian special edittions but i simply can't find them at all.

That is actually really awesome... I can't imagine it being cheap at all, though.

Good looking gear. I'll be keeping a eye on this...

Unlike most other stuff like this, I can actually see myself wear this stuff. I think I'll buy one, if it's not expensive. Altough I doubt it'll be cheap.

Man, I would TOTALLY hit up that armor-styled jacket (and maybe those pants, too; can never have too many pockets). The shirts look nice, but... when you have a figure like mine, skintight clothing is not the best idea.

I was always wondering just how popular the game was/is in Russia itself. Well if they're doing all this stuff, then I guess that answers my question.

Hopefully these new suits will enable me to carry 40 bandage kits, 20 antirads, 2000 rounds of assorted ammo, 3 rifles various, 10+pies, oh yeah, a pistol, many grenades, plus lots of stuff what plugs onto guns like underslung nade launchers silencers scopes and whatever else.

In one go, of course.

Looking tight.
I want. Now.

Sexy jacket is Sexy
i want.....

Holy jumping mother o'God in a side-car with chocolate jimmies and a lobster bib!

I need! I NEED!!!

Oh baby~!

If that jacket were a woman, shed be mildly irradiated. If you catch my drift.

Talk to me when they make a real bulletproof model of this. While this is really cool looking I'm kinda worried about wearing this inside a airport or a bank.

This is probably a tie-in with the TV series in the Ukraine as much as the video game. But then, who cares, cool clothes.

Holy jesus, massive levels of want.


those cost extra rubbles, and you need to give the mechanic tool kits.

And vodka!

looks like a gay sci-fi soldier.

I'm definitely interested

Are we sure we want to walk around with a label that says STALKER?"

I would/will buy it, as long as it isn't outrageously expensive.

Are we sure we want to walk around with a label that says STALKER?"

When you look THAT badass why not?

You mean I can have in exchange for some money a Sunshine suit?

If anyone hears a high pitch whine this evening, don't worry, it's me going eeeeeeeee.
I wonder if they'll do them in Freedom/Duty/Monolith/Military/Bandit/Stalker designs or just the one.

Looks pretty damn awesome, especially that jacket. Now when are they coming out with the exoskeleton? XD

How many Artifact slots will they have? How radiation proof are they?

Damn, that's cool.
So much for saving up for an Xbox, I'm definitely buying some of that stuff.

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