The Week in Review: Legal Wrangling and Code Cracking

The Week in Review: Legal Wrangling and Code Cracking

On this week's edition, Gran Turismo 5 slows to a crawl thanks to a congested internet, and Call of Duty: Black Ops is lauded and loathed in equal measure.


Lawyers Turn on Each Other in Copyright Dispute

A dispute over filesharing has taken a turn for the weird. Lawyers for the U.S. Copyright Group have filed a suit against another lawyer who offered a cheap bundle of legal documents to people who had supposedly downloaded movies like The Hurt Locker and Far Cry to enable them to mount a defense, without having to fork out for a lawyer of their own. The lawyer in question, Graham Syfert, has called the suit "insane," and has filed a counter suit against his accusers. (Link)


Online Play Slams the Brakes on Gran Turismo 5 Single Player

If your game of Gran Turismo 5 is feeling a little sluggish, your internet connection might be to blame. Polyphony Digital wove connectivity throughout the game, so when GT5's servers got congested, it sent out ripples that caused the single player game to slow down too. Sony is advising that players disconnect their consoles from the the internet while it seeks a more permanent solution to the problem. (Link)


Petition Calls For Black Ops Refund

An internet petition is calling for PS3 owners to come together and show their dissatisfaction over what it says is a lackluster version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The petition says that the PS3 version is an inferior product when compared to the 360 version, and that Activision shouldn't have charged the same price for it. The petition wants a full refund for everyone who bought the game on the PS3. Doesn't seem likely to work, but it can't hurt to try, right? (Link)


Black Ops Code Discovered, Cracked

A Call of Duty: Black Ops fan, calling himself "Maverick10" claims to have discovered a secret code hidden in the mission briefing screens in the single player campaign. What's more, he says he's cracked the code, and that it contains stunning - and spoiler packed - revelations. The code itself isn't all that hard to crack, but the real trick seems to have been noticing that it was there in the first place. Hit the link for a video. (Link)


Bryant Bashed for Call of Duty Ad

ESPN commentators have criticised basketball player Kobe Bryant for his recent appearance in a Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial. One called the ad, which features Bryant using an assault rifle and grenade launcher, "one of the most irresponsible messages in the history of advertising," while another suggested that the game itself was "problematic and destructive." Despite these criticisms, the ad has been almost universally well received, and the game has sold millions of copies. (Link)


ir probably wasnt really news, but i'm kinda surprised the woman who "owns" the sun wasnt here.

anyway, i think Kobe is being treated unfairly. I mean, its not like he had sex with a ton of women (tiger) or beat his wife even though he's a devout christian (james harrison of the steelers. yeah, bet you didnt think people remember that, did you) or is just a complete douche (ovechkin. yeah.. I dont really know any controversial Hockey Stars). All he did was.. Oh wait, remembered another. Its not like he took steroids for years (Bonds, McGuire, Manny Ramiraz). Oka, I'm done now.

BUt seriously. he's in a game advertisement, with Jimmy Kimmel. And children. And a guy who at the end meets Most of Fox Networks stereotypical qualifications to be a terrorist. I mean, Lebron was in an ad eating donuts wearing his gear, and childhood obesity is a much worse problem then kids seeing Kobe playing a game they all play. Oh well, maybe its just me. I'm one of the vocal few who thinks Ben Roethlisberger didnt do what he was accused of in Georgia.

Oh, and on the GT5 thing, Hilarius!! XD. It appears over 1K cars was too much. well, oka, I know thats not really wats causing it, but still, its kinda funny all the same.

i loved the COD commercial, i dont see why kobe being in it is such a problem. what about all the other people who were in it?


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