"Dimwit" Defies Death to Work On LittleBigPlanet 2

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Well done, Mr. Beech!


Life's a Beech, then you nearly die... and then Media Molecule hire you for your awesome LittleBigPlanet maps.


(Also, see what I did there?)

(I am the pinnacle of witty puns.)

To paraphrase Woody Allen, 80% of success is showing up to the interview in your beat up van, the other 20% being your PS3 loaded with a dynamite demo.

That's awesome. I worked construction once upon a time and have seen many a man die and or be crippled. A price many pay to build rich folks mansions that no one ever hears about. Good for him!

*sniff* That was awesome Good luck John.

Talk about a modern Rags to Riches tale.

Lucky guy, safe to say this cheered me up quite a bit.

That's an awesome result. I'm glad for him.

What a great story, I'm happy for him.

Lol I saw your avatar, and I read your post in Darth Vader's voice. I rofl'd

That's really good, this has made me happy.
Also all you guys on about 'his girlfriend's a bitch' should consider that games aren't everything.

"Nevertheless, Beech is an example of the fact that anyone can break into the videogame industry if they try."

More like anyone can break into the video game industry if they have real talent. Still, what a great story!

Dawww I hope he dose well and enjoys his job.

Media Molecule is a nice company. With him on the job, think how much awesome idea he added to LBP 2.

WHOO! Go Beech!
Take that, disapproving girlfriend!
Good luck to you, man.

Good, it's lovely to see nice things like this happening to people :)

That's a great story. It sounds like it belongs in some feel-good movie.

Wow. That really made me feel good. Great for you man, Great for you.

A wonderful story, it warms my heart to read about acts of kindness like this... I don't even own a PS3, and I have to say media molecule and John Beech, you just gained +1000 respect and encouragement.

Cool story, good luck to him!

We need more stories like this.

Good for this guy, and it's pretty awesome what games can do for people. Also kudos to the team behind Little Big Planet for making stuff like this possible. As they say give people a set of pretty good tools and some people will build amazing things.

Great for him.

This just made my day.


What a great story, I'm happy for him.

Lol I saw your avatar, and I read your post in Darth Vader's voice. I rofl'd

Now you made me do it!

That makes me happy :)

Glad to see he finally got a break.

And it wasn't his back...

Nice!! Plus the fact that he's working on Little Big Planet...

T-t-t-totally DUUUUUUUUUUDE!

Woooo Media Molecule
Woooo John
Woooo Happy story!

Sounds like an interesting but overall so-so Drama movie plot. Reminds me of that Will Smith movie...the name escapes me at the moment.

But congrats to the guy, goes to show that luck and attitude are huge factors in the world today.

Aww, that put a smile on my face.

You can suck my dick you lucky son of bitch! >O

Link removed. -Mod

Winning at school and having good self learning skills =/= true talent and creativity.

I'm happy for the guy, LBP along with Minecraft are the perfect example of games whose ambition and creativity is not only from the publishers' but extends to the players too.

And now I am happy for the rest of the week.

Lol someone should make a movie out of this. It certainly help with visualizing the near death experience.

Tom Goldman:

Beech showed up in a beat-up van, sweating profusely and lugging a PlayStation 3 that held his unpublished future creations within it.

I honestly imagined him, slow motion, walking out of the van with the Top Gun anthem playing in the background. Know what? He deserves it. This guy cannot be considered anything but epic.

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