Batmobile Staying in the Garage for Arkham City

Batmobile Staying in the Garage for Arkham City


No car, plane or boat is a patch on Batman, according to Batman: Arkham City director Sefton Hill.

If you were hoping that Arkham City might let you cruise the streets in a custom-built, high-performance, justice-bringing rocket car, then I'm afraid you're in for some disappointment. Batman will be leaving the keys to the Batmobile at home - and that goes for the Batboat and Batplane, too.

Speaking in the latest issue of British videogame magazine GamesTM, Hill made it clear that there would be no playable vehicles in the game. Rocksteady thought of Batman as the "ultimate vehicle," he said, and so the focus had been on his athletic prowess and getting around the city under his own power.

Considering the plot of Arkham City - the former warden of Arkham Asylum has walled off a section of Gotham City's slums and turned it into a giant prison, one where the prisoners are pretty much left to their own devices - it actually makes sense that there wouldn't be any vehicles. The Batplane and Batboat would likely be of limited use, and cruising around in the Batmobile would probably generate the wrong kind of attention. Better to go in quiet and undetected than advertise your presence with an ostentatious car.

Screenshots show that the glider cape and the line gun are making a return in Arkham City, and previous interviews have revealed tricks like smoke bomb escapes and combining the cape and grapnel for a kind of slingshot glide. Arkham Asylum did a great job of putting you in the Dark Knight's enormous, bulletproof boots, but leaping from rooftop to rooftop on the meanest Gotham streets around, sounds like a Batman experience plucked straight from the movies or comic books.

Batman: Arkham City comes out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in late 2011.

Source: Arkham City via CVG


Logan Westbrook:

Ostentatious :)

Sounds good to me though. As much as I would love an amazing open world Batman game, vehicles just wouldn't fit within the world they are creating for Arkham City.


Erhm...That makes sense but it still makes me quite sad not to be able drive the batmobile the most awesome car ever.

On the one hand, I'm kind of bummed. on the other, it probably didn't fit.

If it isn't going to be very open world, then there is no need for a transport vehicle.
Just make sure it exists when an open world Batman game does come out!

Good choice, I say. Batmobile would be overdoing it, in my opinion. In a real big sandbox-Batman-game, though...

I'm glad that they went this route...I can just hear all the GTA comparisons that they side-stepped slipping away.

There are far too many open-world games which failed to capture a real sense of freedom already...don't need to add Batman to the pile. That style of gameplay doesn't really fit with the Batman feel anyway, you know?

Having a good action game is better than having a lame racing or flight simulator.

Good, it wasn't needed in the first one, its not needed in the second.

After reading the a preview article a while back, I can safely say that I'll be kicking too many kinds of ass, loudly and silently, to worry about driving a car.

I hate fucking driving or using most vehicles in video games so this makes me happy. I think I even played a Batman game before that I enjoyed until I had some lame flying or driving section which turned me off the game.

At least there won't be a show-horned in driving section. Hopefully this means the core gameplay will be focused and tight.

At least there won't be a show-horned in driving section. Hopefully this means the core gameplay will be focused and tight.

My thoughts exactly.

I rather Rocksteady focus on what will work than experiment and fail on something they're not fully confident in implementing... yet.

Not like we needed it in a first place, would be kinda useless

Actually for this scenario I would think he'd break out the "Bat Monster Truck" with the fully automatic knockout dart guns, smash through the gates, and knock the people out en-masse. :P

For those that are wondering something very similar happened in "The Cult" (I think that was the storyline).

Where is he keeping the Bat Monster Truck nowadays anyway?

Fine by me, I won't be getting AC because I want a driving simulator. As long as they keep the important stuff done right, I won't even miss it.

You know what? I'm totally fine with this.
It probably would have given the world a very dull sandbox feel.

Good. I didn't think car was a good idea anyway.

That's great. They never get the driving right anyways, except in GTA IV, but that's a completely different story.

And if it had a batmobile, I'm sure it would contain some terrible driving missions/sections. Both driving the boat and the sand buggy -parts in HL2 were pure pain. If it weren't for those, I would have played it even more.

They make the city seem full of criminals and Batman is generally against mowing down scores of henchmen in the streets.

Disappointing, but at least understandable. Hopefully there will be another Batman game where I will chase the Joker in my Batmobile at Mach 10 through the streets of Gotham City while trying to escape his henchmen.

What?! I can dream, right?

"combining the cape and grapnel for a kind of slingshot glide"
A bit like Just Cause 2, eh? Sounds sweet.

I don't really care that they dropped the Batmobile. The driving would probably have sucked anyway.

Oh good. I would have been superfluous anyway.


At least there won't be a show-horned in driving section. Hopefully this means the core gameplay will be focused and tight.

My thoughts exactly.

I rather Rocksteady focus on what will work than experiment and fail on something they're not fully confident in implementing... yet.

Agreed. While driving the Batmobile around Gotham sounds like a Bat-nerds wet dream, and I'll admit it would be pretty cool, I'd rather they create a great game than a solid game with a crappy driving section that everyone hates. Especially, if it wouldn't fit in the story. I'm curious if this was a design choice or if this was made because they couldn't program it properly.

In any event, at least we can avoid collecting Bat-tokens for some unknown reason as we race through the city. For a little longer anyway.


I kinda figured that you wouldn't. I was expecting car chase missions or stuff like that, but not for normal sneaking style gameplay.

The Batmobile and Batplane only appeared in Arkham Assylum for Batman to get items from. Maybe they'll make similar appearances in this.

somehow this gives me impression the world map will be quite small. pity

What the hell guys!? What the f--k did we do to deserve getting stuck with the BatUnicycle!?

I'm disappointed, but it was probably for the best. Rocksteady know what they're doing.

DLC maybe? :P

They do what they gotta do. If it don't fit, don't put it in. Simple as that and its good to see a company realize that they don't need a gimmick like the Batmobile.

So not complaining, the car and plane are in the grand scheme of things rather superfluous to the experience of being Batman - when you boil it down those are just a means of transportation; if the action is taking place inside a walled in section of Arkham City then I really don't see why you'd even need those.

The way I look at it, tacking driving segments on to a game that already has a zip-line, grapnel, and cape gliding is like giving Spider-Man a car to drive around: Why the hell would you ever use that car when you could be web-slinging your way across the city instead? Unless the core mechanics of a title revolve around driving, it generally just ends up being a chore you perform to get to the next bit where you can actually do the stuff you're playing the game for, the "fun" bits which almost invariably require you to be on foot. And considering how damn entertaining Batman's means of transportation when he's on foot are, I really can't see driving segments being anything but a detraction from the core experience (no matter how much nerd glee you might derive from driving the Batmobile around).

I'm glad they decided against putting it in. I can't imagine how it'd fit.

I just hope this doesn't mean that the world will be too small because of this though...

Driving around you'd be bound into crashing and killing some meanies.
I just hope that these meanies would keep appearing in areas even after you clear it.

thank god. putting the batmobile in the game would have been horrible for two reasons. 1 you wouldnt be able to run over people cause that dc wouldnt want to have batman kill. 2 it would get boring cause you have to keep backtracking to find your car.


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