Rumor: Evil Ryu and More Evil Akuma Coming to Super Street Fighter IV

Rumor: Evil Ryu and More Evil Akuma Coming to Super Street Fighter IV

Leaked screenshots hint that a level of martial arts villainy as yet unseen on a modern console may be on its way to Super Street Fighter IV.

Sources suggest that Capcom's plans for SSFIV DLC might extend beyond snazzy new threads for all the fighters. In fact, Capcom may be adding new fighters to the roster - and then presumably selling us snazzy new threads for them as well.

The rumors spring from a series of leaked screenshots, seemingly related to the rumored Arcade Edition DLC and showing new achievements for the Xbox 360 version of Super Street Fighter IV. The screenshots show pictures of Street Fighter III characters Yun and Yang - both of whom will appear in the arcade version of SSFIV - and Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma, suggesting that Capcom is adding at least four new character into the game, although the latter pair may only appear as bosses or could be hard to unlock like Akuma and Gouken in the original Street Fighter IV.

Evil Ryu is, as the name suggest, an evil version of the series' main character. This version of Ryu has given into the dark power that gnaws away at him, urging him to be the very best at any cost, even going so far as to kill his opponents. Oni Akuma, on the other hand, has not only given in to this dark power, but has mastered it, using it to its fullest potential. Both Evil Ryu and Oni Akuma - also known as Shin Akuma - first made an appearance in the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Twin fighters Yun and Yang first appeared in the original Street Fighter III. In the first version they shared a selection frame and were essentially different models for the same character, but starting in SFIII: Second Impact, they became seperate characters and their fighting styles started to differ from each other.

The pictures look fairly genuine, but there seems to be four new achievements for doing the same thing - beating the game on medium difficulty without using a continue. It's possible, however, that the text for the achievements is unfinished, which is why this discrepancy exists, especially if you consider that if someone had faked the screens, that kind of mistake seems like the kind of thing he or she would avoid.

We are talking about leaked screens from unannounced DLC here though, so even though it seems pretty likely that Capcom will release some kind of Arcade Edition update for SSFIV, these should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism. The arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV comes out in December, so maybe we'll learn more then.

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Can't say I'm interested in the "new" characters (though I'll probably spend some time with Yang), but I do want to know about the Arcade Edition tweaks. I wonder if they will be released as an update patch for the game or if they'll be sold in a bundle with the characters.. which, knowing Capcom and their love of overly expensive SF4 DLC, would be more likely.

I thought the whole purpose of akuma was to have an evil ryu in the roster

You're really letting me down Capcom. In the event they are playable there's two wasted slots. Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma? Give me Elena and Q and then we'll talk.

You're really letting me down Capcom. In the event they are playable there's two wasted slots. Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma? Give me Elena and Q and then we'll talk.

Swap out Q for Necro :)

But yeah, Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu are a bit of a waste when there are so many other characters in the series. Still, new characters are new character, as long as they aren't some super-buffed versions of Regular Ryu and Akuma. That'd just make the originals worthless.

Enough fucking Shoto characters!

What? It's totally true, and you know it is.

Evil Homer would kick both their butts!


Capcom are still adding characters to this game? Good think I decided not to buy this game.

Yeah, no. Sorry Capcom, but there's little you guys can do to get me interested in S/SF4 again.

Although both (all three?) iterations are just mostly just to appease the mountainous amounts of fanwank, why not throw in Satsu no Hadou Sakura as well and make her canon? Might make some of the mythos actually worth shit again.

Ah, who am I kidding? This is Capcom I'm talking about. Like Yahtzee said, they make good stories like a tumble dryer makes good potato salad. Ah well... back to patiently waiting for MvC3 and the re-release of SF3.

still no alex.

W. T. F.

insted of addin more characters... How about a create-a-character?

I was originally excited about all the characters capcom planned to include in its new game, but now that capcom's decided to sell characters via dlc the whole thing just seems like a money scam. Im boycotting this game as a form of protest against unneccesary dlc.

I've already been converted to BlazBlue because SF4 seemed so tame in comparison. SF3 seems a load of fun, but it's not on XBL far as I know.

Yun and Yang seemed fun in SF3, but why are they wasting slots on super versions of Akuma and Ryu? They're probably gonna be freakishly overpowered and nobody will want to play against them. The people who do play as them will be looked down on. The world knows we don't need more Shoto characters either.


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