Michael Bay Vigorously Denies Claims of 3D Problems on Next Transformers Movie

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Michael Bay Vigorously Denies Claims of 3D Problems on Next Transformers Movie


The Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon director claims that his movie pushes the boundaries of 3D film making.

Don't say anything bad about the 3D in the new Transformers movie, or else you might end up with an angry director breathing down your neck. Michael Bay has defended the 3D effects in Dark Side of the Moon, after a article claimed that they wouldn't be up to snuff.

According the insider sources, the article said, only 40 minutes or so of the movie were actually shot using 3D cameras, while the rest was shot with 2D cameras and converted in post production. The article also claimed that despite having some of the most talented 3D effects people around, Bay's trademark fast and shaky directing style had caused problems, as it didn't lend itself well to filming in 3D.

Bay refuted the article's claims, calling the writer an "idiot" and saying that not only did he film the whole thing in 3D, Dark Side of the Moon pushed the boundaries of 3D film making. Bay added that he loved shooting in 3D, and would provide a detailed account of the filming process in the week before the first trailer hit theaters next month. As a postscript to his denial, he said that moviegoers shouldn't watch the movie in 2D at all, because he made the movie for 3D.

It's a very strong denial, but Bay isn't about to hop onto his forums and say, "Yep, the 3D sucks, I should never have bothered with it." It may not matter whether the 3D is any good however, because, as the article suggests, it might be a mixed bag with Bay's directing style. The fight scenes between the Transformers, for example, are chaotic enough without having things coming out of the screen at you.

But whether Bay is being totally honest about the 3D or not, it seems very unlikely that the accusations of less-than-stellar 3D are going to hurt the movie at the box office. If the performance of the previous movie are anything to go by - $200 million in just five days, without 3D and having received some very negative reviews - then Dark Side of the Moon will pretty much just siphon cash straight out of people's wallets.

Transformer: Dark Side of the Moon opens in theaters on July 1st.

Source: via Coming Soon


Wait, there is another transformers movie? WHHHYYYYY :(

Wait, there is another transformers movie? WHHHYYYYY :(

That was my first reaction as well. Well, at least I know now where I won't be July 1st.

So, I get to see Transformers butchered in mediocre 3D now? awesome...

And apparently, he wanted to ruin my love of Pink Floyd, too, by associating the title of one of their best albums with this movie.

I think Micheal Bay is out to make me miserable. What's his next project? Maybe a crappy Dungeons and Dragons movie where the party consists of my ex-girlfriend, Ludacris, Mandy Moore, and Tyler Perry. And the music is provided by Justin Bieber covering punk rock classics...in 3D...screenplay by George Lucas.

I threw up a little bit just thinking about it.

Hmmm... After this films release, I seriously doubt that 3d will be the worst of his problems.

Baboom tish

I am really starting to dislike this guy. Well, the film will suck anyway, and I have no intention of watching it.

Give up Bay. I hope your tragic film bombs.

Great. Michael Bay has not only destroyed Transformers, but is starting to infect Pink Floyd...

Though I'm ashamed to say it, I'll probably go to see this in 3D.

I started losing brain cells when he called the writer an idiot. Who the hell does that guy think he is? (Bay, not the writer!)

His movies suck, his robots suck, he sucks! Why can't he just take his own titles advice and go to the dark side of the moon.


Wait, there is another transformers movie? WHHHYYYYY :(

That was my first reaction as well. Well, at least I know now where I won't be July 1st.

Money dear boy/girl. The others made an enormous profit. Transformers movies will keep getting green-lighted as long as they remain completely bankable, and right now, Optimus Prime is as bankable a star as some kind of unholy cross between Brad Pit, Harrison Ford, and Megan Fox.

Please stop pushing 3D on us, Hollywood! It sucks and serves no purpose. It's a gimmick that you're using to milk more money out of us, but it ads nothing to the experience. Making movies with good stories and compelling characters is more important than whether or not things look like they are going to hit me in the face. Leave 3D for really bad horror movies where it belongs.

As for this movie, I could probably live without it. No real opinion on it.

The only way I'd see this film in cinemas is if someone gave me a ticket for free. I refuse to pay money for this cinematic travesty and I would hope that people are starting to catch onto it now.

Somehow I doubt it though.

3D is the last thing you have to worry about when making a shitty movie

I can't wait to watch MovieBob's ragerant...erm...sorry - review on this. It'll be epic.

First, Dark Side of the Moon? Seriously, that subtitle sucks, and I'm pretty sure its just so people will associate the movie with something not worth a pile of shit.

Second, I thought Bay was vehemently anti-3D? Well I guess he'll sink to any depth when someone tells him that he can market his shit for an extra 2 bucks a ticket. Way to stick to your guns.

Third, Transformers in 3D would probably have sounded like a joke before I heard it was serious, because that's all we need, head-ache inducing 3 hour long incomprehensible bullshit with shitty comic relief, stupid sappy love subplots with un-relatable characters, a new Megan Fox doppelganger to sell the movie to guys going "man shes so hot, id hit that!", all whored out for product placement and slapped with a PG-13 so that Bay can make more money by marketing to children, all coming into the 3rd dimension from the American Uwe Bole.

if anyone pays to see this crap after 2 well i lose any slim hope in humanity i had left, i saw 2 for free when it was hbo preview weekend or something and i wanted the two hours of my life back even then.

bay should be shot for number 2 and why he got the go ahead to make the 3rd after the 2nd was savaged by critics and the fans, if hollywood thinks this movie is a lock for 200 mil i pray they are wrong and this movie does nothing.

I won't insult the 3D...I'll insult the movie itself.

Dark side of the moon? Really? You're Pink Floyd are you now Mr Bay? God damn.

After Shitformers 2 : Revenge of Linkin Park got out, Bay lost all credibility as a filmmaker.
His shooting style is too agressive and shakey for 3D. Great 3D needs LESS consecutive cuts so the human eye can adjust to the deph of the image, which is also something that Bay usually screws up.They should take time to get the story right first.

OT: It´s Transformers:The Dark of the Moon (stupid title,i know). The Dark Side of the Moon would enrage Pink Floyd Fans ;)

Baysplosions now in 3D

my got this is gonna suck.
and people will still watch the shit out of this shit

To paraphrase Linkara - MICHAEL BAY,


Don't see it in 2d? Fine, fine, I'll cave. I'll throw in no 3d as well, to show I'm a good sport.
Honestly, this sounds like a reaction more typical of Uwe Boll. It doesn't really matter though, if the 3d is Bay's biggest concern, I already know it's not going to be any more enjoyable than anything else I've seen by him.


OT: It´s Transformers:The Dark of the Moon (stupid title,i know). The Dark Side of the Moon would enrage Pink Floyd Fans ;)

"The Dark of the Moon"? That doesn't even make sense. You do appear to be correct though. At least "Revenge of the Fallen" made grammatical sense. "Dark of the Moon" sounds...ridiculous.

Onyx Oblivion:
I won't insult the 3D...I'll insult the movie itself.

When the movie is being touted for its 3D as much as it is, I would say that the 3D is part of the movie itself, and is this more than open to all criticism that could be levelled at it.

Of which I'm sure there will be lots.

I know I'll be watching.......in 2D.

Not gonna go spend 20 bucks on 3D tickets for what amounts to a UFC match with robots in place of people.

Meh. I'll wait and see if it's good based off of MovieBob, Spill.com, and Rotten Tomato's reviews/rating of it.

Only boundary I see Michael Bay pushing is the boundary of taste when he has bumblebee whip out his 3d robo penis to make some terrible knob gag.

So he's saying don't see it in 2D. So for those of us for who 3D doesn't work should we just not see it?

The action scenes in the last film in particular were a confused mess, adding 3D will make them totally incomprehensible. Aside from the painful writing and cringeworthy acting of the previous Bayformers, the character designs are one of the most frequently critised aspects - even for a fan it is difficult to tell the characters apart, especially the Decepticons. The Autobots fare a little better mainly due to their more varied colour schemes, 3D glasses leech colour from the image so if anything this problem is going to be even more severe.

Bay obviously doesn't listen to criticism and can't be bothered to adapt his style when it's not working (and given how much money gets generated from these movies thanks to the Transformers brand his backers aren't going to give him flack). It really wouldn't be difficult to fix most of the glaring problems with these films (i.e. Michael Bay finds a scene funny? Delete it/Don't film it).

So he's saying don't see it in 2D. So for those of us for who 3D doesn't work should we just not see it?

I think that's about the jist...though I don't think I'd see it anyways I think I will no longer pay for a film that has a 3d version.

bayfromers: good mobie in disguise

It's too bay Shia Labeouf (I'm 100% sure I spelled that wrong) is in this series, because I actually think he's a great actor, but these movies suck.


I kid really. Yeah this will probably be horrific waste of....everything...ever. Horrible and terrible on a brand new level.

I saw the first movie and thought it was barely passable. Totally skipped the second one, and you'd have to pay me to see this one.

The real question is why the heck is there another transformers movie?
This makes me sad. I need my waffles now. Good waffles. I am happy now.

You know, I heard if you play the soundtrack to the wizard of Oz with this movie, the pictures sync up.
But seriously, why the hell do we need another Michael Bay (let alone a transformers) movie?

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