Shogun 2: Total War Receives Less Awkward Name

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I thought they changed it into Shotgun 2: Total War and tried to rip-off Call of Duty.

I can't describe how facepalm-inducingly stupid that sounds, unless it's a joke. Do you have any idea how long these people have been making Total War games?

You REALLY can't tell he was joking?

I was hoping, now I don't have to. :D

Saying something like that in the context of Call of Duty makes me want to smash things, because I've heard people say things like that seriously. I've heard halo fans say that Dawn of War II won't sell at all because it coincided with the release of Halo Wars.

Meh I liked the first one better. How about Shogun Total War2loo. Could add some units from napoleon and have your general change into an angry frenchman when you complete prestige mode.

I liked the old naming. This is my excuse for not getting Shogun 2:TW...

And I shall still refer to it as "Shogun 2"

I don't care. I'm still calling it Shogun 2: Total War. Really the Total war should be a subtitle not part of the actual title. That would fix everything by itself and the name remains the same. Not like anyone actually says "Im gonna go play me some Medieval 2: Total War later...", it's always "I'm gonna play Medieval 2..."

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