Leslie Nielsen Dies

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Awesome guy, he will be missed.

Didn't he show up in that Due South tv show a few years back too?


In looking over threads about Nielsen's death, every single one has someone giving the "Shirley" bit. How great is it to not only say something that leaves a legacy, but have it be funny, too.

He had a fascinating career, starting with serious roles and sci-fi, but saying he was always meant for comedy. Whether he really did believe that all his life or not, he surely proved it.

Damn it...He was in some films i really liked.

Rest in peace. I need to watch some Naked Gun to cheer me up.

may one of the best comedy actors of all time rest in peace. when I saw the news, I saw how part of my childhood fading away...

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." - Chuck Palahniuk

A truly sad day is upon us with Leslie's passing, like a dark cloud rolling in, but he will forever shine his ever present light to show people of all ages how to laugh and to smile in his legendary movies.

He will be missed.

Crazy old coot, I always had a soft spot for him. Rest in peace Mr. Nielsen you will be missed.

"What are you doing here and how did you get in?"

"I'm a locksmith and...I'm a locksmith."


NOOOOOOO! I loved that guy!
He was one of the most brilliant comedic actors of all time! :(

Rest in peace Secret Agent WD 40. You will be missed.

What kind of a cruel world is this where Leslie Nielsen dies, yet Kanye West still lives?

Requiescat in pace, Mister Nielsen.

The world just became a little less funny. =(

Damn that sucks wasn't a movie he was in that I didn't laugh. He even made Scary Movie 3 funny (that speaks volumes).



^ That. It perfectly describes how I remember him.

Damn...I was just watching a movie that had him in it only a couple of days ago. The world seems a little bleaker today. He will be missed.

oh man... RIP, with all my heart, i love his movies, his act and i have seen everything (funny) he´s ever done... he will me missed greatly among my friends, and i really wish i could go some day and present my respects to his grave, he was a thrully comedy man, never going "too far" clasic comedy, clean centric and interesting, too bad all we have now are fart/dick/shit/shock jokes with no intelectual value.

Another Legendary Saskatchewan dies? NOOOOO!!!!

RIP Leslie, you were hilarious.

I knew he was old...I figured he wouldn't have much time left but...this...I've actually shed a tear and I hardly ever cry.
Good night sweet prince, we loved you so. Requieste De Pace.

As I said when I first heard about this: Oh no, now who will play the crazy old man in every Canadian movie ever? Then I realized Gordon Pincent is still active.

At least he'll never have to deal with anyone calling him Shirley.

I actually remember him for Men With Brooms more then anything else, especially his epic lines like "You want an easy ride? Go play a bonspiel for the gutless. You want the Golden Broom, then find your spine." and (as he's getting his back straightened) "Where did you graduate from? The Saddam Hussein school of physiotherapy?"

Now many times did I watch Naked Gun as a kid? 20, 30 times? Every time Leslie Nielsen made me laugh. And he did something almost impossible. He made O.J. Simpson appear almost human, and pitiable.

RIP you brilliant man. You will be sorely missed.

Damn a comedic genius passing away makes the world a sadder place.

Another Legendary Saskatchewan dies? NOOOOO!!!!

RIP Leslie, you were hilarious.

Saskatchewanian? Saskatchewanite? Saskatchewaner? I'm from Regina and I don't even know the proper term.

O.T Dramatic actors with comedic chops are few and far between. His work will live on for years to come.

Damn it, I know he was old but he still had too much to give. Mr. Nielson, you will be missed.

Leslie Nielsen... DEAD!?

Suitable expression of feeling at this news.

Definatly agrree with the button he was a funny man

It feels really strange. He was one of those guys you never thought would die.
He basically won't because I believe the movies he were in will be shown even far in the future but it's really sad.
May he rest in peace!


Damn it. He was was one of the best deadpan serious straight actors ever.

The comedy world has lost one of the greats.

Think of it this way: In heaven, he can make movies with Billy Mays and Charlie Chaplin. The awesome will be awesome. RIP, Leslie.

So long Leslie, you will be missed.


i grew up with his movies! :(

Today is a sad day indeed the great Leslie Nielsen is gone and he will truly be missed.
All I can say is that this is definitely important right now. R.I.P and I will not call you Shirley.

I'm shocked and surprised. And now sad. :S

You'll be missed. No more Naked Gun sequels...

Sad sad day...... R.I.P

Its so wierd because I was just watching one of the naked gun movies last Tuesday and now he's gone!! RIP Leslie Nielsen

Let's not forget that he had a head full of the most awesome white hair. That hair will also be missed.

Rest In Peace man, your performance was legendary ;)

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