Buying Rock Band Developer Harmonix Like Catching a Falling Knife, Says EA

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Eureka! I have it!
Comming Soon: Philharmonic Orchestra: MOTSART!

This sound like one amazing idea, actually. Just picture it, you'd get to pick between all sort of instruments to play. And when you fail playing your part in the song, then everything fails epically. Though I wonder how they could make a handy gigantic plastic cello...

Flying Dagger:

lotr rocks 0:

Flying Dagger:
Maybe their sales would be better if they didn't release a hundred identical games a year...

They've released TWO games this year.... TWO... And they are very different in feel, art style, music, and in game features. Rock Band 3 is a completely overhauled game where even some of the core mechanics got changed, and all got expanded upon.

You must be incredibly ignorant to make this statement if you're serious.

as someone who doesn't have much interest in these music titles, I can barely tell the difference between each guitar band and rock hero. but between those, the other titles and things like DJ hero, it just seems a long series of putting out exactly the same game with very slight changes.

What other game could get away with putting out the same gameplay, with the same story and just changing the soundtrack? (other then sports titles, which is another game type that I think release too many titles)
Two iterations in a year sounds too much to me anyway, how can they possibly change much when working on those timeframes?
But then I'm not the chump that paid full price for the same game twice, so maybe it's just something I wouldn't understand.

Umm, lets see. Sports games, racing games, rpg's (particularly turn based), fps's, real time strategy games. These games all typically have virtually identical or only slightly tweaked gameplay mechanics with every iteration. Multiplayer focused FPS's (you know who I'm talking about) in particular are just basically the same game with 10 new maps since the stories are just as bad or worse than any forgettable music game story. With music games, particularly Rock Band, the music IS the story, so changing that does make every game unique, and if you don't like music, you shouldn't be playing music games.

Also, with HMX's music game, you really get potentially dozens of games worth of content in one disk since you can import RB1 RB2 RB:Lego RB:ACDC RB:Green Day, all the track packs, and over 2000 DLC and RBNsongs. No game EVER has had even close to this amount of title support over a three year period, and RB3 was completely redesigned from the ground up and is not at all similar to its predecessor in any aspect other than the most basic gameplay. The menus are completely new and way more user friendly, there's a new intrument and pro modes/harmonies for every instrument, new trainers and career systems and tons of other new things. It's far from perfect, but it's ANYTHING BUT stagnant and un-innovative.

Rock Band 3 is in my opinion, the most innovative sequel of any game franchise of this decade, it just changed so many of its core features.

On the guitar hero side though, I agree with you completely. GH:WOR was basically GH5 with a silly story and a weird setlist, and could easily have just been DLC. Rock Band 3 though has enough new things to be well worth buying a new disk for, espescially since Rock Band 2 is now over two years old and is starting to show its age with slower load times and downloads due ot the staggeringly large catalog.

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