Buy a Real Life Light Cycle for Only $55,000

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Buy a Real Life Light Cycle for Only $55,000

Parker Brothers Custom Choppers has created the ultimate treasure for the die-hard, deep-pocketed Tron fan: a real-life, street legal Light Cycle.

What was the coolest thing about Tron? If you said anything other than the Light Cycle races, you're wrong! Those screaming machines of hard-turning de-rezzification that gave the film its most intense sequence are where it's at, kids, and if you've got some spare cash lying around and time for a quick trip to Florida, you might be able to own one of your very own.

The Parker Brothers bike is actually modeled after the new-look Light Cycles in the upcoming Tron: Legacy rather than the covered classics from the original movie. Not that this is a "real" Light Cycle, since in reality they were virtual, but it sure does look the part. "We basically used the images we could get off the web in order to make the bike," said Jeff Halverson of Parker Brothers Choppers. "Keep in mind, no one ever made this bike before."

It doesn't look terribly comfortable, or terribly maneuverable for that matter, although Halverson claimed it rides like any sportbike. But who cares? It's cool as hell, in that unique Tron-chic style, with a steel frame and fiberglass body, a Suzuki TLR1000 V-Twin engine, custom-made drum brakes and a choice between standard gauges or an iPad dock that allows all the relevant info to be displayed on the iPad's screen. (Really, is there any choice there at all?)

It's also not cheap. If you want to be seen running down the highway on one of these babies, it'll cost you a cool 55 grand. But you better hurry, because price tag be damned, they're selling fast: Parker Brothers built ten of these beasts and at last count, only four were unclaimed.

Source: Jalopnik


Call me when it glows, because that would truly be a sight to behold.

I must have this. If I ever won the lottery, I would totally buy this. Zooooom!

I must have this. If I ever won the lottery, I would totally buy this. Zooooom!

My sentiments exactly. DO WANT!

thats really cool, id love to see it do a 90 degree turn without warning though.

Looks unwieldy and super uncomfortable.

I dunno, I'm fine with Tron being awesome but I personally just don't see the appeal. If it's good I'll see, probably on DVD.

Call me when it glows, because that would truly be a sight to behold.

Agreed. If it doesn't glow (and maybe even have an option to change the color at will), I'm not interested. Still pretty cool looking though.

I want to ride this I mean WOW.

WANT. In any event, adding the glowy bits would be the icing on the cake.

I'm sure it would end like this.

Still sweet though.

I would go out and get my drivers license just for this.

If i had that kinda cash lying around....

Damn it, can't access the video from my country, apparently. :(

Anyway, the fact that they actually built one of these is sweeeeeet.

Why would anyone want this? I mean, you'd be wanted for vehicular manslaughter and mass murder, what with that wall you leave behind as you travel.

How do the wheels work like that?

looks like it would be a bitch to control

$55000 for a motorcycle that is extremely uncomfortable? no thank you

Sorry but it looks far less cool in the real world compared to one that is glowing and neon. Plus I wonder how fast it goes, they didn't really give it the beans in the video at all and if you can't go super fast on it whats the point in having it?

That looks ridiculously uncomfortable, there's nothing supporting your legs.

$55000 for a motorcycle that is extremely uncomfortable? no thank you

But....but....Tron D:

very cool but looks slower and less manuverable than my bicycle

Looks cool, but it doesn't really sound like a lightcycle. I think they should have gone for a electrical engine instead of the combustion one they used.

Also, no daft punk in the vid, shame.

Well, looks like it's time to commit some serious fraud.

Whilst it looks (somewhat) nice it is a completely flawed designed to model a motorcycle on.

The seating position and fairing reduce the ability to utilise effective countersteering. Also the seating position, position of the handles as well as distribution of weight over the motorcycle means emergency braking is severly hampened.

Front brakes work best when you can apply as much downward pressure through the front of the bike as the vehicle undergoes a high level deceleration. The front tyre spread as well as pressure from the rider as energy is transformed into physical force upon the forks produces additional drag and creates greater friction between the rubber and the road.

Given that handle and fork configuration, no amount of pressure from the rider's during a high deceleration event will communicate in greater downward pressure on the forks, and as such, tyres.

It would be an unwieldly, uncomfortable, bulky, and inefficient vehicle .... some things belong solely in the realm of science fiction rather than finding transition into practical application.

I mean, I must congratulate them on their efforts, but it's an unsafe vehicle to operate ... as you could see from the video, all of them had trouble operating it.

No time do you put down *both* feet at an intersection unless you want to stand up to help get blood circulating through your right leg again during a long trip.

....And why is there no front brake? <.<

I'd like to see anyone go faster than maybe 15 MPH on it and see if it is even possible to turn the thing let alone stay on it on fast speeds. Still cool for the sake of being cool.


I rather buy a movie prop that glows and doesn't work then this ugly thing for that price.

How do the wheels work like that?

The front and back are basically made of 2 wheels joined together(its why there so thick) with a channel between them. in between the back wheel is where the drive belt is. After that you just put bearings around the inside where the spokes would be and the wheel will support the bike without anything in the center.

The novelty would wear off faster than this thing can go. You'll ride it 2 or 3 times then ask yourself why you bought this uncomfortable piece of shit. It'll stay nicely tucked in the garage for the rest of its days.

Holy crap, the guys that built these are based in my town, I pass their shop almost everyday.

I need to pay more attention to see if I can spot one.

Its soooo slow! and that thing looks a bit uncomfortable to sit on.

I cna only laugh if two people buy these and one wrecks into the other, trying the light path stunt you see in the movie that destroys the bike.

Still, thats cool, even if it doesnt light up.

but it would hurt ur arms in the mornin

The last thing anyone wants is for that thing to cut them off...

Why would anyone want this? I mean, you'd be wanted for vehicular manslaughter and mass murder, what with that wall you leave behind as you travel.

Plus it would lead them right to you. Unless you doubled back on them and trapped them within a square.

very impractical, really cool and I commend their effort for actually making it

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