Shift 2: Unleashed Dev Attacks Rivals Over "Irrelevant" Cars

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Wait. So he admits that players want to have at least one (if not more) car in their virtual garage that they've really owned, and then dismisses the games as including hundreds of "irrelevant" cars?

Yes, most of those hundreds of cars are "irrelevant" to most users-- except for the one or two cars they've owned in real life that they wanted to play in the game. If you don't put hundreds of cars into the game, then lots of users won't have that one car that is special to them.

For a program that is supposed to give you the experience of driving a virtual version of a car you'll never touch in real life, you need a baseline-- you need to drive a virtual version of a car you do know do provide a basis for comparison. That means including lots of ordinary cars, too-- and that means they aren't irrelevant.

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