Ghostbusters Get Slimed Again in Online Co-op Brawler

Ghostbusters Get Slimed Again in Online Co-op Brawler


The Ghostbusters are coming back for a new videogame in 2011, but it's very different from their last one.

Atari is trying something new with the sequel to its third-person Ghostbusters shooter developed by Terminal Reality that came out in 2009. For the Ghostbusters' next adventure in the current videogame generation, they're going downloadable in a online co-op brawler called Ghostbusters: Sanctum of the Slime.

USA Today got an exclusive first look at the game, which is a strong departure from Terminal Reality's take on the ghost hunting foursome. While Terminal Reality basically made the third Ghostbusters movie, featuring a story written by the films' original authors along with voices from its original cast, Sanctum of the Slime is looking to capitalize purely on the fun that is blasting ghosts with friends.

Players will once again take on the role of Terminal Reality's Ghostbusters rookie, but veteran XBLA studio Wanako has taken the reins and raised Sanctum of the Slime's camera so it plays with a top-down perspective. Just as you'd expect from a Ghostbusters game, Sanctum of the Slime will still feature the use of proton packs, in addition to a plasma inductor and the "fermion shock" to capture supernatural horrors.

Sanctum of the Slime's coolest feature so far is its inclusion of four-player co-op both locally and online, and the game promises mega-bosses that will require teamwork to defeat. An early screenshot also shows all of the Ghostbusters riding around in an Ecto-Jeep, with three blasting and apparently one driving, which looks fun. USA Today says the Ghostbusters cast is not going to be in the game, but it isn't clear if you'll still take on their personalities or if everyone will play as rookies.


Sanctum appears to be an example of the shift in game development that consolidates larger franchises into smaller, downloadable titles that don't cost as much and require less risk, similar to what Square Enix did with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Sanctum of the Slime will be released on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, and PC as a download in spring 2011.

Source: USA Today


It's actually interesting (and probably good) that this happened, mainly because, as cool as it was to have the entire ghostbusters team together, it seems it's not always easy to realize that (as Extra Credits so eloquently put) writing for games is simply not the same as writing for movies. Sure, there was potential and some good ideas in the game, but I have a feeling that this new one will be a lot more fun. I personally am rather excited to see this, and hope it turns out as excellent as the Tomb Raider game did (or preferably better since I have a lot more nostalgia invested in Ghostbusters).

It looks quite good.

Just please... no damn glitches!

Wanako did Assault Heroes 1 and 2 and Arkadian Warriors.

Anyone except me who smells that a movie is incomming soon? <.<

Anyone except me who smells that a movie is incomming soon? <.<

I heard they're thinking about one

Tom Goldman:

and the game promises mega-bosses that will require teamwork to defeat.

I don't buy games that REQUIRE me to play with someone else.. surely they are cutting out a fair portion of potential customers?

I'm worried that this is going to be to the last game what "The Real Ghostbusters" was to the original movie. Cute, funny, popular, and watering down some of the darker elements that were loud in their absense from GB2.

I really, really, hope I'm wrong. I love those guys.

Anyone except me who smells that a movie is incomming soon? <.<

Listen, can you smell something?

Anyone except me who smells that a movie is incomming soon? <.<

They've been pitching it for a while. I'm seriously hoping it happens.

In any case, more titles for the GB franchise will certainly be a good thing.

It'd probly' be easier to make the storyline simpler(And therefore get better gameplay out the gate.) if they just went with the "After Credits Ending" to Ghostbusters:TVG and just said the rookie left and hired on some more new rookies and they all went out to hunt ghosts.

So yea, I'd buy it.

Meh. I don't particularly fancy co-op, online, or brawlers - so what this announcement tells me is that I should probably just take a pass on this. Which is too bad, as I really liked the last Ghostbusters game - it was frankly rather awesome to play through what amounted to the 3rd Ghostbusters film. Oh well.

I may change my tune if the existence of a story with real narrative heft if revealed, but from the tone of this article I get the sense that the sequel is definitely moving in a direction that story snobs like myself will find unsatisfying.

You had me at Wanako.

Loved their previous work. Still need to buy Assault Heroes 2, though. The first was great, and Arkadian Warriors was a solid little hack n slash console RPG while it lasted.

Even if the Archer was overpowered...

Sorry, but I can't see myself getting into this. I loved the last game to bits (which in the end inspired me & my older bro to go as Ghostbusters for that year's Village Halloween Parade), but this just seems silly to me (but isn't that the point?).

I'm already on board!

If it's as much fun as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, I'm in.

Love that isometric view.

Seems like good source material to adapt into a Magicka/Diablo style top down game. Gotta wonder about character options, if they have the original cast as playable characters they might go full out and get the ones from the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon too.


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